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Dragon Cave Community Notice Board, Departures.

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Thanks Maylin, I snagged the little Gaia! :>


I'm leaving behind a 2g Tinselkin from an Anagallis - I don't want to see this egg harmed in any way, and please no freezing. :> Here it is!


Take me home!


Please leave a dummy egg so I can see who it goes to. :>


Enjoy Taeldra! <3

Thank you a lot!

I hope it won't refuse this perfect mate! biggrin.gif

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3G Pyro from m Gold x f Pyro checker (has name-like code? (gMEYa))!

Gone! Thanks for letting me know, seaplash! biggrin.gif enjoy~

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Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


Please take care of it and don't bite, neglecting, zombie fodder it or post it for trade. Regifting to someone who makes the same lineage is ok.

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2G Kingcrowne from Alt Mistletoe


Please don't trade!!! Offer a dummy so I know where it goes!


Please, no need to post that you offered! I will let this sit for a few minutes then choose a random offer! smile.gif



Gone! I let this sit a liiittle longer than planned. There were quite a few offers! (25 to be exact!) I used Google's random number generator to choose a winner. Enjoy lucky number 4! wink.gif


Sorry to those that didnt get the egg! Keep an eye on this thread, hopefully, next week to get another chance! Have a great day everyone!!!

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Thals w/ Interesting Code

Took one of the Tals & have a friend who will give it a lovely home for a lovely pretty adult! Thanks!


Also Give Back, One of favorite White Lineage Spriters Alts of Mine:

4PB White Egg from both Spriters Alts Blue Radiant Angels & Wrap Wings in Base, very pretty, please let grow to adult and/or regift to someone who will do same:

Claim my eggs/hatchlings!

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