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Little olive egg, 2g from cavern lurker and 6d6hrs

Claim my egg!


(Just realized now that it is rather Sleepy Hollow themed - the Tim Burton movie, not the TV show or the story.) https://dragcave.net/lineage/SK0ap smile.gif


Gone to nice new home!

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3rd even gen Ultraviolet


It's a succesful breeding test and this egg is really important to me, but unfortunately I can't keep it. Please offer a dummy so I know where it goes. Please don't attempt to get it if it won't stay on your scroll or it won't become an adult.


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can you untangle this egg from the vines surrounding it?


edit: it's gone, you're welcome pluviophilia smile.gif

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2 gen. Pyralspite egg with Red Copper Mother



I took this egg. Thanks. It will be loved, and when I get caught up on naming, it will be named. :-)

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