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Please take this 3rd gen heartstealing from aegis checker. I love everything about it, except the parent's names. They drive me nuts, so it must go.


But it's so pretty. It deserves love.

Lol! I was about to grab it..if not for the names as well, then saw what you wrote x)


Here's a low-ish time (incu) sweetling stair! https://dragcave.net/teleport/125572c58caa0...d9b4a9071112e94

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Z coded sth


will Ap in a few minutes if no one claims


ok AP'd

Edited by IOU

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This valentine 09 has ALL possible sweetling sprites in base, plus two spriter alt wrapping wings, plus 4 Snowangels, plus two Rosebud spriter alts,


Claim my egg!


Thanks for posting kjym16! Enjoy!

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2g Heartseeker egg from Val09 mother:


Claim my egg! Gone. Enjoy smile.gif

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