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Dragon Cave Community Notice Board, Departures.

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Chrono with arrow/checker with gold: https://dragcave.net/teleport/83c7a4c60d70e...5808b1fcf648dd1


PB Red Egg 3rd Gen stairstep:



2g PB Aeon:



And there goes my last teleport! Please post back if you take.

Grabbed the Aeon, thanks!

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3rd gen Checker on 2 way i want to know where it goes rolleyes.gif


place a dummy

Adding another was going to do one way then seen it was a Z code someone may want unsure.gif


3rd Gen Prize


Both gone thank You smile.gif

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user posted imageCB. Please take care of this little one. wub.gif


user posted image Glad it went to a good home, Pippyspot!

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