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250 Book Challenge 2011

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Are we still alowwed to sign up? Or is it to late  sad.gif

You can sign up anytime during the year. smile.gif


Aaaaand I finished another book:


Book Number: 21

Number Of Pages: 421

Book Title: Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret

Author: Obert Skye

Summary: Having arrived in Foo and destroyed the gateway to Reality, Leven is quickly targeted by the dark powers in Foo. Separated from his friends and on the run, things only get worse when Leven unearths one of the darkest secrets in all of Foo--a secret that could get his loyal sycophant Clover killed.

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Book Number: 20

Number Of Pages:

Book Title: Cry No More

Author: Linda Howard

Summary: A woman's infant is kidnapped and placed into the black market. She dedicates her life to finding the lost. I love Linda Howard books, and this one made me cry. Wonderful.


Book Number: 21

Number Of Words: 44,648

Book Title: Draco's Hero

Author: kissfromaliss

Summary: One year after Hogwarts, Harry is an Auror and his newest mission is to find the past Death Eater, Draco Malfoy, and send him to Azkaban. However, new feelings come into play and Harry leads towards an entire new adventure... Eventual HP/DM Rated: T


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Book Number: 5

Number Of Pages: 109

Book Title: Øyet i steinen

Author: Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

Summary: Jared Grace ignores the warning he gets about getting rid of his great-great-uncle's book about supernatural creatures, resulting in said creatures beginning to visit his house. His brother get's captured by some of these creatures, and it's up to Jared and his sister Mallory to save him.


Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 109

Book Title:Lucinda's hemmelighet

Author:Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

Summary: The Grace children go to visit their great-aunt Lucinda, looking for answers regarding Arthur Spiderwick's book about mythological creatures. Wanting to show her the book, they discover it's missing and set out on a fairly complicated journey to find it again.

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I have two weeks of vacation - translation lots of reading. This is what I've read for one week.


book number 4

number of pages. 435

book title The Tale of The Body Thief

Author Anne Rice

Summary The vampire Lestat, is approached by a mortal named Ratlag James. James has the ability to take over someone else's body and has/is living in another person's body when he comes to Lestat. He convinces Lestat to trade bodies with him, assuring the vampire that for a certain amount of money given to him, on return of the body that there is no way he'd leave that sort of money behind. Of course James also admits to being a thief and a liar. Once in Lestat's body he has no intention of giving it back.

Lestat in a mortal body teams up with a mortal friend to try and get back his vampire body from James. When doing so, Lestat's friend David is taken over by James. Lestat learns that ' David' is not himself and leaves David's body mortally wounded. David who had an old body, is quite happy to enjoy life in the youthful body that had been James.


book number5

number of pages 376

book title Storm Of the Century

Author Stephen King

Summary A massive snow/wind storm crashes into a small island town. A stranger enters the town and kills an old lady, and during the storm seems to puppetter the other island residents to chaos, and murder. The island residents realize he isn't human and he insists he will go away when he gets what he wants. He wants one of their children to take and raise to bring up as his successor, or all the island residents will die.


book number 6

number of pages 309

book title Behind the Dolphins smile

Author Richard O'Barry

Summary the man who helped capture and train many dolphins, including the training of the TV show dolphin who played Flipper, tells about how he taught some of the tricks, his work and life with dolphins. When one of his favourite dolphins die, he begins work on freeing captive dolphins and returning them to freedom.


book number 7

number of pages 438

book title Black Lightning

Author John Saul

Summary A reporter, Anne, who has followed and reported on the muders of a serial killer watches the convicted criminal die in the electric chair. Her husband Glen, has a major heart attack while at work one day, en route to the hospital he actually dies but is revived. After returning home he exhibits strange black outs and other behaviour that is uncharcteristic for him. When similar deaths, death much like that of the condemned serial killer, start to happen people wonder if the real killer was laying low. All of the new deaths seem to center very near Anne, and Glen recalls dream like images of doing terrible things during his black out.


book number 8

number of pages 320

book title Born to Bark

Author Stanley Coren

Summary A cairn terrier comes into Stanley's life and he tells stories about how Flint came, irritated his wife to no end and was worked into being a champion show dog among other things.


book number 9

number of pages 428 ( not including an excerpt of another book which would bring it higher.)

book title But I trusted you and other true cases

Author Ann Rule

Summary A few true cases of murder, these ones done by people who for the most part knew their victims well.


book number 10

number of pages 233

book title Woman who kill viciously

Author Mike James

Summary Another true crime book, this one involving stories centered around female murderers.


book number 11

number of pages 483

book title The Slap

Author Christos Tsiolkas

Summary While at a barbeque, a man slaps an unruly spoiled four year old child that is not his own. The parents of the child decide to press charges, how it effects their lives and the lives of others who were at the BBQ is the basis of the story.


Other info: The Slap does have a lot of swearing and other content to make it for mature readers, it's characters remind me far more of a soap opera feeling then any real events and I think the author could have done more by staying away from so much of that.

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Book Number:13

Number Of Pages:188

Book Title:Myth Directions

Author:Robert Asprin

Summary:Skeeve once again gets into trouble across the dimensions. This time he gets suckered into stealing the ugliest object he's ever seen.


Book Number:14

Number Of Pages:141

Book Title:Hit or Myth

Author:Robert Asprin

Summary:The King of Possiltum wants a vacation, and leaves Skeeve in charge. Unfortunately, he's left with more than just a day on the throne.


Book Number:15

Number Of Pages:165

Book Title:Myth-ing Persons

Author:Robert Asprin

Summary:Skeeve's partner has gone missing while searching for a couple of crooks. Now Skeeve hast to seek him out in the home dimension of the original nights children.


Book Number:16

Number Of Pages:162

Book Title:Little Myth Marker

Author:Robert Asprin

Summary:Skeeve bluffs his way through a high stakes poker game. Not only does he win a bundle, but he also gets and IOU...named Markie.


Book Number:17

Number Of Pages:150

Book Title:M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link

Author:Robert Asprin

Summary:Skeeve and the gang have formed into a reputable business. Of course, that doesn't keep any of the out of trouble.


Book Number:18

Number Of Pages:180

Book Title:Myth-Nomers and Im-Prevections

Author:Robert Asprin

Summary:Skeeve's partner leaves for home in a huff. Unfortunately, it's one of if not the nastiest dimensions around. And that's right where Skeeve goes to look for him.













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Book Number: 4

Number Of Pages: 236

Book Title: The Vampire Diaries, Dark Reunion (4th book)

Author: L. J. Smith

Summary: A few months after Elena's gone, Bonnie starts to see her in her dreams. Elena tells her that there is an evil force in Fell's Church and she needs to summon Stefan and Damon and ask them for help to defeat it. The brothers come and together with Bonnie, Meredith and Matt they fight for the safety of the town and for Elena.

Rating: 5/5



Book Number: 5

Number Of Pages: 222

Book Title: The Graveyard Book

Author: Neil Gaiman

Summary: The book tells the story of Nobody Owens, a normal boy living in a graveyard. When he is a baby his parents are killed by a murderer named Jack, and the baby is adopted by a ghost family. While he's growing up he is not allowed to leave the graveyard because the killer is still looking for him. Nevertheless Nobody has the perfect childhood filled with adventures, witches, goblins, vampires and of course a lot of ghosts smile.gif

Rating: 5/5 - even if it is categorized as а children's book I loved it!!



P.S. All the books I've listed so far (all 5 of them) are Bulgarian editions, so the number of pages may be different than the English editions. Sorry I didn't write it in my previous posts but I forgot. biggrin.gif

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Lots of reading during the past month!



Book Number: 1

Number Of Pages: 365

Book Title: The Hobbit

Author: JRR Tolkien

Summary: Hobbit Bilbo Baggins is whisked off on an adventure, along with thirteen dwarves and a wizard, setting off to defeat Smaug the Magnificent, a dragon of the Lonely Mountain.

Rating: 10/10


Book Number: 2

Number Of Pages: 343

Book Title: Escape Velocity

Author: Mark Walden

Summary: When the headmaster of the Higher Institute of Villanous Education mysteriously disappears, it's up to Otto Malpense and his friends to find him, even if it means breaking into M16, something that no villain has done before.

Rating: 9/10


Book Number: 3

Number Of Pages: 298

Book Title: Dreadnought

Author: Mark Walden

Summary: Otto Malpense, young evil genius, along with his friends, headmaster, and the deadliest assassin in the world, is accidentally caught up in a rogue ex-Gobal League of Villanous Enterprises member's plot to destroy the world.

Rating: 8/10


Book Number: 4

Number Of Pages: 352

Book Title: How Hard Can It Be? (The World According to Clarkson, Volume IV)

Author: Jeremy Clarkson

Summary: Jeremy Clarkson, one of the presenters of BBC 2 motoring show Top Gear, shares his opinions on many topics, from Winnie-The-Pooh to rentable dogs.

Rating: 10/10


Book Number: 5

Number Of Pages: 416

Book Title: Going Postal

Author: Terry Pratchett

Summary: Moist von Lipwig, ex-con artist, is given a chance to redeem himself by bringing Ankh-Morpork's run-down postal service back to life.

Rating: 10/10


I've read way more, post the rest later.

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Book Number: 4

Number Of Pages: 261

Book Title: Divine Comedy: Inferno

Author: Dante

Summary: I'm sorry, but I refuse to do a summary for this book >.<

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I don't expect to reach 250, but this year I do have to spend 1.5hrs on the bus to and from work, as well as duties etc, so I should make a fair dent (up until I start cycling to work). So we'll see.


Book Number - 1

Book - Star Trek New Earth 1: Wagon Train to the Stars

Pages - 352

Author - Diane Carey



Book Number - 2

Book - Star Trek New Earth 2: Belle Terre

Pages - 237

Author - Diane Carey and Dean Wesley Smith



Book Number - 3

Book - Star Trek New Earth 3: Rough Trails

Pages - 360

Author - L. A. Graf



Book Number - 4

Book - Star Trek New Earth 4: The Flaming Arrow

Pages - 283

Author - Kathy and Jerry Olton

Personally I thought this was the weakest of the group, as it contravened so much of the established canon and bypassed difficulties across the board.


Book Number - 5

Book - Star Trek New Earth 5: Thin Air

Pages - 293

Author - Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch



Book Number - 6

Book - Star Trek New Earth 6: Challenger

Pages - 396

Author - Diane Carey

A great ending to an amazing series, but sadly it was never picked up as the pilot for a new series based on the titular starship.



Book Number - 7

Book - Doctor Who: Forever Autumn

Pages - 244

Author - Mark Morris



Book Number - 8

Book - Doctor Who: Peacemaker

Pages - 238

Author - James Swallow



Book Number - 9

Book - Doctor Who: The Deviant Strain

Pages - 253

Author - Justin Richards

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Just a little one to start off with -


Book Number: 1

Number Of Pages: 156

Book Title: The Adventures of Pinocchio

Author: Carlo Collodi

Summary: A piece of wood that can laugh and cry like a baby is discovered by Mr. Cherry, the carpenter. He gives it to his friend Gepetto who makes the block of wood into a naughty marionette he names Pinocchio.


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Book Number: 5

Number Of Pages: 300

Book Title: The Tin Star ~R~

Author: J. L. Langely

Summary: A cowboy tells his father he is gay and gets kick out only to move in, and fall in love, with his older brother's best friend.




Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 302

Book Title: Ransom ~R~

Author: Lee Rowan

Summary: In the 1700's, three English Navy officers get kidnapped and one of them is abused by the kidnapper in order to save the other two from being mutilated.

Review: I love this book. I do not like book 2 or book 3 but I love this one. I was in a frantic search for it and I was relieved when I found it in my closet.


Book Number: 7

Number Of Pages: 250

Book Title: Immoral Darkness

Author: Miya Matsuda

Summary: A high school student is ignored by his family and so then falls in love with a teacher who repeatedly rapes him.

Review: I did not like this one bit. It made no sense.


Book Number: 8

Number Of Pages: 448

Book Title: The Husband (Audio)

Author: Dean Koontz

Summary: A gardener's wife is kidnapped and he has to make his brother give him the 2 million dollars the kidnappers demand.

Review: I did enjoy this. It was very, very fast paced and I got a lot of knitting done.

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I'd like to sign up~ C:


Starting out with -


Book Number: 1

Number Of Pages: 165

Book Title: Farenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury

Summary: Set in the future United States, a fireman who's job is to burn books, meets a young girl who inspires him to think for himself, and he ends up having to make hard decisions to fight for what he believes in.

Edited by Winged-Kitty

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All the books below have been re-read.


Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 784

Book Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Author: J.K. Rowling

Summary: Harry, Hermione, and Ron set off on a quest to find and destroy all the horcruxes.


Book Number: 7

Number Of Pages: 756

Book Title: Breaking Dawn

Author: Stephanie Meyer

Summary: Bella is confronted with a challenge, far beyond all the others she has ever faced before. Because the thing she loves, is killing her.


Book Number: 8

Number Of Pages: 544

Book Title: Eragon

Author: Christopher Paolini

Summary: When Eragon, a farm boy, finds a mysterious stone in the Spine, his simple life is turned upsidedown.


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Book Number: 4

Number Of Pages: 192

Book Title: Motoring Verses (in Bulgarian: "Моторни песни", translit: "Motorni pesni")

Author: Nikola Vaptsarov

Summary: A book of poems from the Bulgarian author Nikola Vaptsarov. The poems identify problems of the socialist community in Bulgaria in the first half of the twentieth century - war, disease, personal issues of the ordinary man.

Rating: 5/5

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Book Number: 5

Number Of Pages: 274

Book Title: Radiant Darkness

Author: Emily Whitman

Summary: This is a retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth in which Demeter's stifling of her daughter leads to Persephone choosing Hades for her own independence.

Rating: 5/5

Review: This is a lovely book and I recommend it to anyone that likes the Greek myths or tales of finding your own independence.


Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 285

Book Title: Wacky Laws, Weird Decisions, and Strange Statutes

Author: Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts, K. R. Hobbie, Ted LeValliant, and Marcel Theroux

Summary: This is a nonfiction collection of real laws, lawsuits, cases of government expenditure, courtroom incidents, and a test invloving real cases that are either hilarious or puzzling.

Rating: 5/5

Review: One of the funniest books ever! Everyone enjoyed hearing about the strange laws and could not stop laughing.

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Book Number: 2

Number Of Pages: 384

Book Title: The Renegades of Pern

Author: Anne McCaffrey

Summary: Continuing the story of Pern. Thella is a renegade intent on starting her own hold by recruiting other holdless to her band, when she hears of a girl who can hear dragons she desperately wants to take her for her own use. Meanwhile Toric is worrying about Southern Hold and the oldtimers, Jayge a trader is dealing with his life travelling with his caravan during threadfall and Piemur is mapping the rest of the Southern continent on Toric and Masterharper Robinton's request.

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Updated up to here.


@mackie0501- Comic books can count but you'd have to follow the same rule as with manga and read more than 500 pages


@Kestra15- Did you sign up earlier? I can't seem to find you. If you didn't how did you manage to read some many books in so little amount of time, just curious.

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~Edit to above post by different mod.


Kestra has been joined since start.


Dis count what they said to kestra smile.gif


@ mackie More than 500 pages or 30K words smile.gif


~Edit to my own post. she was updatein so I didn't want to break her connection by signing in xd.png

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Book Number: 9

Number Of Pages: 615

Book Title: Ghost Story

Author: Jim Butcher

Summary: Harry has been shot, but instead of moving on, he is informed that there is an irregularity concerning his death, and he is sent back to solve his own murder

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@Kestra15- Did you sign up earlier? I can't seem to find you. If you didn't how did you manage to read some many books in so little amount of time, just curious.

I spend nearly 2hrs a day on the bus, and I have always been a very fast reader.


Book Number - 10

Book - Star Trek: Doctor's Orders

Pages - 291

Author - Diane Duane

Review - Hmm...a bit odd that Doc McCoy ends up unable to be relieved of command, but I suppose it works. That aside, it was a great book.


Book Number - 11

Book - Star Trek The Next Generation: Chains of Command

Pages - 278

Author - Bill McCay and Eloise Flood

Review - I felt Riker was a little out of character, more hot-headed than usual, and they ignored that Picard was a heck of a climber. But otherwise I enjoyed it.

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Book Number:19

Number Of Pages:186

Book Title:M.Y.T.H. Inc. In Action

Author:Robert Asprin

Summary:While Skeeve is away on Prev, the rest of the gang helps out in Skeeve's old kingdom. But whether or not it's a good thing is yet to be seen.


Book Number:20

Number Of Pages:171

Book Title:Sweet Myth-Tery of Life

Author:Robert Asprin

Summary:Skeeve's back on his home turf, but he doesn't quite get the welcome he was hoping for.


Book Number:21

Number Of Pages:181

Book Title:Something M.Y.T.H. Inc.

Author:Robert Asprin

Summary:A parallel tale to Sweet Myth-Tery of Life. Covers the events during and somewhat after. Told from Guido's point of view for most of it before it switches back to Skeeve.


Book Number:22

Number Of Pages:219

Book Title:Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The Capture~~re-read

Author:Kathryn Lasky

Summary:Soren is xaptured and taken to a dark and terrible place. It's there that he met Gylfie, another young owl who wishes to be free. Together they must learn to fly if they are to ever make it out alive.

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Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 678 (Bulgarian edition)

Book Title: The Host

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Summary: The alien race Souls takes over the Earth by replacing people's minds with their own, trying to make the planet a better place for living. The book focuses on the life a woman-host, refusing to disappear from her body and trying to co-exist with the Soul there.

Rating: 5/5

Review: I read it in less than 2 days. It's one of the most interesting books I've ever read and I highly recommend it! It has nothing to do with Twilight (which I also like, btw), although It's from the same author.


Book Number: 7

Number Of Pages: 718 (Bulgarian edition)

Book Title: The Passage

Author: Justin Cronin

Summary: The story takes us in the future, where vampire-like creatures are trying to kill the last few remaining real humans and only one little girl can save them.

(It's far more complicated than that but I can't explain it without spoilers :/ )

Rating: 3/5

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Book Number - 12

Book - Doctor Who - Only Human

Pages - 254

Author - Gareth Roberts

Review - Not so sure about how the proto-humans are portrayed, but not too bad.

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