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Biomes effect on Rarity

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I like the biomes even if they make me slightly insane at the hourly drop mark because I panic and jump through all of them to try to see what comes in each...also if you pay attention to the wiki it really helps for figuring out where a specific dragon is going to show, like the stripes vs the spitfire, each show up in different biomes from each other so you know you're picking up one or the other...if you move fast enough*sigh, bangs head against slow internets*

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I like the biomes. Because there are fewer people in each biome than setting in a single cave, the chance to grab those rare and uncommon eggs is better. I recently got my first CB Black, and I had not even seen one of those for many months. So, the rares are stil rare, but having the better chance to catch them is great.

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