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Gorgeous Tinselkins

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Well, I might as well try. smile.gif


Have: Third gen tinselkin.


Want: Different third gen tinselkin, any prize (except from that inappropriate-coded one), any mate. I don't really like all-CAPS names, which is the reason I'm trading it. Nice names only, please. (unnameds in first generation accepted)

Other offers will be considered.


Hoping for a quick trade, and please offer here!


Edit: someone hatched it. >_> New link.

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Are we allowed to trade here? Or only gift?

This was set up to show off the Tinselkin babies, breeding posibilities for these lines, and to offer gifts of eggs that were often otherwise abandoned. Trading is not a part of this thread, and has never been intended as part of the original agreement with the mod who approved the thread. smile.gif


(Was it _Z_ or Sock? The early posts in the thread were cleaned, as well as the original poll, so I don't remember who approved it anymore. It may not be as active now, but for its first couple of years, it was usually in the top five of the Breeding Forum. <3)


ETA: @ Nalyua - that is a beautiful egg, and if I weren't scroll-locked, I'd love to have it. It would have a great home with Tawanda, though! <3

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Nebula Tinselkin from silver tinsel spiral (decendant from Penk)


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


White stripe tinselkin from silver tinsel even gen (4rth gen).


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


and last but not least, Nebula from gold tinsel stairstep


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


(locked now so maybe later i will put up some more new eggies)


If you claim and decide you do not want them please regift them here.

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