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Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

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user posted image » Gen 4 Dusk Thuwed Silver » Teleport » Lineage




user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

» CB only

» Eggs or females only

» I only need the green and brown ones


If I have not declined your offer I am considering it or I have not yet seen it. smile.gif

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Well, today I caught a Thuwed in the abandoned area. It's an Icicle Dragon and I was just incredibly happy and excited that I finally got one.


After a couple of hours, I decided to check it's lineage. Its mother has 'Thuwed' in her name and I guess a small part of me was hoping that perhaps my hatchling could actually be related to a Thuwed. While exploring its ancestry, I was clicking on random dragons to view their pages when suddenly, I found a dragon that I suspected to be one of TJ09's Thuweds. When I checked the Thuwed page, I was right! My hatchling is a Thuwed descendant. Then, what shocked me even more was that it's part of the Dorkface lineage too.


I felt pretty lucky.


...That is until I checked and found out it was inbred...

But I'd say I'm still pretty happy.


Here it is: http://dragcave.net/view/Ai1zB

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Picked up this interesting little Thuwed tinsel in the ap the other day. In order to see its full lineage check out the Zombie grandparent's surprisingly clean ancestry: http://dragcave.net/lineage/9HZ1S


I will be breeding her when she grows up, probably to this guy. P.M. me if you're interested in receiving an egg.


She is a Dusk too as well as maybe some other notable lineages. There were a few in there that looked familiar...

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Here's my main list of Thuweds that I can always breed for people (free) upon request. I just tried almost every pairing today and released the eggs into the AP then thought afterwards why don't I see if anyone wants one on here, lol



Ayame Thuwed (2nd gen even stripe) Available for (pure)even gen/stair breedings

Vestaya Thuwed (3rd gen even stripe) Available for even gen breedings

Merrill Thuwed(3rd gen even stripe) Available for (pure)same patterned even gen breedings

Takeo Thuwed(3rd gen even stripe)Available for even gen breedings



Kirv Thuwed usually paired with Lily Luminati Thuwed to produce 4th gen double Thuwed eggs (stripe eggs seem to always be black) *example baby*

Azurite Hex Thuwed usually paired for even gen matched breedings *example baby*

Sovereign Thuwed usually with Arya Luminati Thuwed to produce 5th gen quad Thuwed eggs *example baby*

Muhalie Christmas Thuwed usually with Win Thuwed to produce 4th gen double Thuwed eggs*example baby*

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thanks so much!


also have one of my own if someone wants it


shallow water+++


please let me know if you take it. no killing and please name.

Thanks a lot! I'm being view-bombed right now, so I'll have to take extra care of it.

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