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Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

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Does anyone remember when the last time TJ bred was? I need to stalk this thread better so I at least have a teensy chance at getting on a list. rolleyes.gif

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Thanks Merozein!


My son Roekerd was so kind to catch your purple for me and that was the first thing he told me, when I just came home.


And he just bred this red Pygmy for the thread:




Enjoy the present and Please don't freeze or kill it.


ETA: it is gone!

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4G perfect waterhorse/waterwalker spiral, free to a good home!


lineage, teleport

got it thanks! couldn't resist the thuwed + Z code

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Up for grabs:

* 4th EG Ember x Hellfire Checker


~> Teleport me home :3


Enjoy Lilagrubb smile.gif

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I have given that one a home, Belisar. Will take good care of it, thanks smile.gif

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Got it.


Thanks, oddsoxdi!

Thanks for letting me know! Hope you enjoy it!

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