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Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

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Another Thuwed in search of a home. 


(Gone, enjoy)

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Hello! So, i'm working on a claw. So, if someone would be so generous, I'm looking for some specific lineages. I'm looking for 3 stairs. 1 male led, 2 female led. Looking to build a partner for https://dragcave.net/lineage/OpIKD


at the moment I am here: https://dragcave.net/view/9WOhN


In short I'm looking for 1 https://dragcave.net/lineage/LaCAQ   and 2 https://dragcave.net/lineage/9rlbk of none of the lineages I already have. Which are:


purplextan ridge
pink x albino
bbw x terrae

terrae x harvest


3rd/4th gen preferred, if possible.


I'm happy to trade if you'd like to take a look through my scroll!

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H: 5G PB EG Thuwed

W: See wishlist (on forum profile).



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Whelp, just realized that while I thought I bred an even fourth gen Thuwed, it turns out to be a lopsided fifth gen so it is up for grabs for free. Feel free to freeze, bite, or other experimenting, please just don't toss it into the AP.

Claim this 5th gen pure Thuwed!


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