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Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

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I'm in the process of getting a Thuwed ready for breeding.


I have a female pink, second gen, from Wahc Fadb Thuwed and Hot Thuwed. I've bred a similar line for a red. I plan to breed the red once it hatches and matures with the pink offspring.


If anyone would like to offspring of the egg, PM me so that I know who you are. The egg is at 6d9h, but I figured it's best to alert beforehand.


So yeah, if you'd like it PM me. First will get it, but I'll keep a list of who else wants offspring. Only going up to three (3) The reason for that is because I will forget who wants what and I'll forget to breed, so I'll go up to three and will post the list on my profile. Please don't request what breed you want. I'll give you the choice when the egg is bred, you can choose to wait or take it, but as far as requesting, I'd prefer if you don't.


[also if this doesn't follow what the thread is about please let me know =)]

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3rd gen Flamingo PB Thuwed


two way 'port just so I know where it goes

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I have a red Thuwed looking for a new home. Lineage.

Please name and I would like to know who claims it.

Thank you so much for the beautiful red wub.gif

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I've given a home to the horse Thuwed, Amberose. Thanks. I'll take good care of it. I've influenced it female, I've got enough cave born male Sunsets to continue that lineage for several generations. smile.gif

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