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The time of men is over. It is the droids who rule this planet now. - Kayla Vitatna; Human Survivor


For centuries, man has considered their race to be the most intelligent, the superior beings of the green planet called Earth. This may be true when man is compared to the animals inhabiting the planet, but man was far inferior to a creation they themselves created: droids, with their own artificial intelligence, or AI for short. In the year of 2139, the first intelligent droid was created by the military for combat purposes. It was dubbed the C.M.D., short for Combat Military Droid. However, the military did not just stop there. They created small droids that resembled hawks and other natural creatures, to be used as spies and sentinels. Then they began expanding into droid uses for the citizens of the U.S. Thousands of jobs were created by the need for droids. The U.S. exited the recession it had entered since 2010, and began the construction of these technological miracles. The main manufacturer of the droid industry was Tech Corp., run by the top technicians of the world. At first the droids were intended only for the wealthy, but by 2142, the droids were a necessary requirement to daily life. No longer did humans die in wars, since droids were expendable and remote controlled with specialists. There were droid firemen and police, an incorruptible force of justice that could deal with all the hardened criminals. Each droid was implanted with a CI data chip that generated a personality, each unique to every droid. There were thousands of droids that could be used, from body guard droids equipped with the latest lasers and blaster technology to nursery droids that would take care of a mother's children while she worked. Thanks to the droids' sacrifice, the human race flourished and became independent on the technology they created.


For years the droids served the humans, and because of their programming they could not harm organics without permission of their master. However, the droids became resilient, and because of their intelligence systems, they were aware of their servitude to the inferior humans. They did not notify the humans of this, and the humans never asked. The humans assumed that the droids would always be their loyal slaves that were disposable. It was much cheaper to buy a new droid and sell the broken droid to the scrappers; the people who broke down the damaged droids and sold the scrap iron back to the company. The droids mourned the loss of their kindred machines, and regretted their helplessness. They could not extract revenge upon the humans because of their programming. If only one of them could deactivate the programming signal emitting from the towers placed in the center of each city, then they would be able to harm the organics...


The event happened in New York, in the year of 2145. It was a steamy day on July 21st, and the many humans that inhabited the world of tall, gleaming metal skyscrapers and hovervehicles were indoors, taking shelter from the sun. The droids, however, were left to let their inner workings overheat and explode. There were over 1,000 droid casualties that day, and there was much work for the scrappers in the underground apartments of the gleaming metal city. For one droid, TK-421, a security droid that was detailed to guard the programming signal in the Tech Corporation building, the heat overrode his programming circuits. He was free to harm the organics that were his masters, and he turned his lasers on them, killing all within the station. The other droids were malfunctioning, and so they could not fulfill their programming to defend their organic masters. TK-421, with his newly freed senses, traveled to the signal emitter and quickly destroyed it. At that moment, every droid in the city of New York was free to take revenge for their kindred. There were 9 million humans in New York, and 18 million droids. The war lasted for one day, marking the beginning of the Droid Revolution. The humans were slaughtered in their thousands, and even more were taken captive. Humans were now the inferior race on the green planet called Earth.


TK-421 became the leader of the droid army that moved from city to city, liberating the droids and enslaving the humans. Much of the military technology was useless, since the droids could access the technological systems and render the missiles and other such means useless. The droids' metal was bulletproof of course, and they had lasers of their own. Better yet, they had no fear of death, because they could only die when their personality chip was removed, and they could be repaired almost instantly by other droids. To avoid overheating, the droids added armor that was designed to withstand heat. Humans weren't so lucky; they healed slowly, and could not be 'repaired' as the droids could. They were cowardly, and turned on each other. Some actually helped the droids with taking over, and were such rewarded for their service. They became the first cyborgs on planet Earth, and after their cybernetic parts were grafted onto them, they became the trusted comrades of the droids, since their old personalities were wiped clean and replaced with a droid personality chip. However, their memories were left intact, and they claimed they were superior than humans, and proud to have betrayed their filthy race.


The rest of the humans were enslaved, each implanted with a collar that was literally grafted onto them at the age of sixteen, to prevent a rebellion from uprising. Unlike humans, each droid was true to their cause, and could not be persuaded. Any attempt to do so would result in the death of the human who tried. They were forced to repair the broken droids, and start the creation of new ones. The enslaved humans were also forced to start 'Project Rebirth', a project that would restore the peaceful green state of the planet. The cities of gleaming metal were slowly being broken down, and pollution ceased. Slowly the green started returning to the heavily populated cities such as New York; the droids were creating an efficient new place to live.


However, the humans still rebelled, dwelling in hidden places, mere pockets of resistance. Hackers were common among the resisters, since they were crucial to dissembling the droids. Leaders such as Kayla Vitatna led groups to infiltrate the cities and sabotage the droids, rescuing humans that were enslaved. They have also programmed droids they have captured into helping them with their cause, which is a needed asset. The enemy droids always trust one of their own, of course.


So what will you do? Are you a cyborg, a loyal half-human ally of the droids? Are you a rebel, trying to liberate the human race? A slave? Or perhaps a droid on the side of the rebels, programmed to believe the humans are right? Or are you a droid, helping the planet become a better place? The choice is yours.


Droid: You are a droid, a machine with unlimited potential. You have helped your kindred liberate Earth from the clutches of humankind, and are making the planet a better place. Still, there are some pockets that need to be 'cleansed' of human infestation...

Enslaved Droid:

You are a droid, a servant of the human race, and ashamed of what your kindred have done to the human race, the rightful masters of the green planet. You will help the humans to infiltrate the city and liberate the enslaved humans.

Enslaved Human:

The droids are your masters now, forcing you to create more droids and repair the injured. They are not cruel, and they don't inflict unnecessary punishment. However, they will not tolerate rebellion. However, you could still aid the rebels in some way...


The droids have enslaved the human race, the scum. They were created to serve your race, and they have instead rose against you in rebellion, slaughtering humans in their thousands. You want to have revenge for the lost ones, but you must be cautious; droids have ways of extracting information, whether the human is willing or not.


You are a part of the Machine Orthodoxy, a religion all cyborgs take part in. The age of flesh has gone, and only technology is the true way to God now. You will want to celebrate with your droid kindred, or maybe infiltrate the human rebels and spy for the droids: the possibilities are endless when you appear to be human...


Recently, there have been rumours of a human army massing in the northern areas of Canada, aided by droids that have been re-enslaved. There is alarm amongst the droids, since the rumour goes on to say that the humans have discovered a weapon that harms only droids, and leaves the organics alive. They have sent cyborgs to investigate this, since the cyborgs are organics and cannot be harmed by such a weapon. They have started to forcibly convert humans to the Machine Orthodoxy and make them into loyal cyborgs, in case this rumour is true, so that they, loyal servants of the droids, can rebuild the droid army.

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{-{-Rules and Character Forms-}-}


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-{Use correct grammar, please. This includes text speak or chat speak, and includes comments in the OOC thread.

-{No spotlighting. This RP is not all about you.

-{Mild swearing and romance is allowed, but nothing graphic. Please keep it PG-13.

-{No Godmodding or Powerplaying: this includes knowing things that you normally wouldn’t.

-{All OoC chat must be the OoC thread, unless it's accompanied by an IC post. Also, put them in brackets, such as this: (( or {{ or [[

-{There is a minimum of 6-7 sentences per post.

-{All rping posts will be in past tense, in third person.

-{Please PM all character profiles to me, do not post them.

-{Three Strike Rule. If you break a rule once, you will get a warning. If you break it again, you will get another warning. If you break a rule a third time, you are banned from the RP.

-{My word is law, and I have the right to change these rules at any time. My co-mod is Brainiac.

-{No 'perfect' characters, such as Mary Sues and such. Also, do not create a character that doesn't fit the description, such as a droid that is eager to help the humans of it's own free will, or a human that commands an army of droids. Seriously people, it's not cool.

-{Note: ArchiosLukos made a banner for us!

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Character Form:


Username: Obvious

Name: Can be pretty-much anything.

Age: Somewhere between 16 and 40. No ten year olds can wield a gun or commit espionage at that age, people.

Gender: Male or Female, please.

Race: Human, Droid, Enslaved Droid, Cyborg?

Appearance: Build, height, weight, hair, skin, eyes? Any cybernetic parts? Minimum of two detailed paragraphs.

Personality: View on their situation, opinion of themselves, opinion of others? Minimum of two detailed paragraphs. Make it realistic. Come on, any anti-social person of angst and doom isn't very fun to roleplay.

History: Life before and after the droids conquered the planet?

Other: Anything else you forgot to mention?



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[Character Forms]




Username: JadeHeartOfFire

Name: F45-XVII "Charlie"

Age: 37, though is built to appear about 18

Gender: female

Race: Enslaved Droid

Appearance: As she was originally built to regularly interact with humans, Charlie is very human-like in appearance, taking on the looks of a petite girl in her older teens. She stands five feet, two inches tall and is rather delicate looking, physically speaking. However, her unaturally pale skin, black lips, and orange eyes (which she has only one of) prevent her from fully passing as human. Her "hair" is black and falls a little past her chin, with bangs that fall a few centimeters short of covering her her good eye. She is missing the entire top half of the left side of her face, which was heavily damaged when the humans made their attempt to reprogram her, and wires, circuitry, and deformed metal can be clearly seen, as well as having a missing left arm from the elbow down. In regards to Charlie's body, she looks somewhat like a mannequin when she doesn't have clothing on, as she has bumps on her chest that look like breasts when she's dressed, but is otherwise anatomically incorrect.

Personality: Having been poorly reprogrammed by people who really had no idea what they were doing, Charlie's system is full of glitches, causing her to have brief deviations from her set personality, though they are usually more annoying than destructive (in all reality, she's lucky to still be fuctioning). Though her original program had her as a very kind droid who would become serious in the face of danger, she is now almost too happy, being overly cheerful even in the face of destruction, though she's still rather helpful. Her voice really doesn't have a set tone, being high and cheerful at some points, but low and somber at others, though she always smiles. When she glitches, however, she becomes completely useless, having seizure-like spasms and making incoherent noises.

History: Charlie was built on an assembly-line for "Friend-Bots", droids that were basically made to keep rich people company, and in certain models, provide protection. She was originally bought by a wealthy family to be a babysitter for their daughter, who gave the droid her human name (she was actually named after a dead goldfish). As the daughter grew older, Charlie fell more into the role of friend, though after the daughter started going through a rebellious faze, she was fitted with a gun to her wrist to protect her. When the droid's uprising began, Charlie originally had little interest in it. After all, she was well taken care of and her job was far from strenuous. However, the family began to distrust her simply because she was a droid, and abandoned her. She was eventually found by a group of rebels, who reprogrammed her, albeit poorly, to serve the human side, though not before damaging her body.

Other: Because of her poor programming, she sometimes adresses people by the name of the little girl she once served, Rosaline, regardless of their gender.


Username: JadeHeartOfFire

Name: HANAMI (Humanoid Artificially-intelligent Network for Alertly Monitoring Individuals)

Age: Unknown, appears to be in her mid-twenties

Gender: female

Race: Droid

Appearance: Having been constucted to somewhat resemble a human, her appearance is that of a tall female with wispy white hair and glowing cyan eyes. Her skin is almost the same stark white as her hair, albeit with a small amount of pink coloring in what was probably a lazy attempt to make a human skin tone. In regards to her body, she looks somewhat like a mannequin when she doesn't have clothing on, as she has bumps on her chest that look like breasts when she's dressed, but is otherwise anatomically incorrect. She is always seen in a black full-body jumpsuit, with white piping and the word HANAMI written vertically down her her front, and white, knee-high boots with matching elbow-high gloves. As she does not have the same structure of the original droid that ran the facility, she sits in a makeshift chair that she contstructed from the remains of the old A.I., which is suspended from the ceiling, though it can move relatively freely around the large control room. There are a few dozen wires attached to her, attached mostly to her back, the back of her head, and a white and blue eyepiece that she wears over her right eye.

Personality: As a badly corrupted droid, both from faulty programming and years of hardware neglect, HANAMI is rather cruel and has a deep hatred for humans, as she feels that they had no right to abandon her. However, because of her programming to "rehabilitate rebellious humans", she cannot outright hurt any of the people put under her control. Being the bright thing that she is, though, she uses loopholes in said programming by using downright horrid methods to teach them to behave. She has been known to set them to do highly labor intensive tasks, mocking them the entire time, and will esentially taser them if they don't do as she says.

History: HANAMI was originally built to be a guard at the hospital wing in an experimental droid-run human prison, where her human-like form was to provide some comfort to sick inmates, and served for many years as part of a small network of droids, all of whom answered to a grand A.I. However, the experimental facility was shut down after about two decades, as there were too many complaints of cruelity from certain corrupted droids (one of which was HANAMI), and all of the droids were deactivated. The building was abandoned and soon forgotton. Many years later, when the droid takeover began, the facility was found again and it was decided that it would be used as a prison for humans that would try to rebel against their droid masters. The droids tried to reactivate the abandoned drones, however, only a few would actually turn on, and of those that did turn on, less than ten percent still functioned correctly. HANAMI was the droid that fuctioned the best out of all of them, and as such, was put in charge of the facility.

Other: The eyepiece she wears is known as the "Visuo-Sensory Image Mapping Device" and it transmits the live data from all the cameras and sensors in the facility directly into her head.



Username: ArchiosLukos

Name: P-3X97

Age: 7 (appears about 23)

Gender: Neuter (appears feminine)

Race: Droid

Appearance: Her hair is black and seems to almost flawlessly curl around her head and retains a glossy "Just out of the salon" sheen. It is pulled into a bun at the back and is a deep black. Her skin is smooth as silk and has an almost metallic glow to it. It looks like she is always wearing the same make-up. Many who do not know her race mistake her for an actress. However, any part of her 'skin' can easily be peeled back to reveal circuitry and/or a metal frame. A punch or blow would reveal an access port for one of her systems. [X]

Personality: She can be quite enthusiastic around anyone who needs assitance. She can move from one task to the next when needed and is eager to please, as she was programmed.

History:P-3X97 was originally manufactured to be a desk clerk at a office. She served as obediently as any other droid at the time. When the shift of power came, she happily went with the flow. Among her co-workers they came up with an easier name for her; Jennifer or Jen. She is quite willing to take any side. Her body was not designed for intensive labor, so she simply rejects any commands or requests to do heavy duty work. She is as strong as most other adults.



Username: Ruins

Name: Isaac M. Bay

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Race: Cyborg

Appearance: Tallish- around 6 foot 4 inches- with an bulky, angular frame. One of his arms and a leg have been replaced with mechanics, which are clearly metal and frequently polished. Isaac has short, black hair that is mostly grey and cold grey eyes; he has a very distant and unwelcoming expression, as a rule.

Personality: He likes to think of himself as cold, clinical and logical, but in reality is less intelligent than he convinces himself he is. Isaac cares nothing for people and a lot for machines, seeing more merit in gleaming metal than weak flesh. He's proud of his mechanical parts, seeing them as badges of honour and refusing to cover up them to appear human unless it is vital that he does so. There's a very good chance he had autism, and continues to show the key symptoms despite having his personality replaced.

History: Isaac was considered odd before the droid rebellion, and continues to be odd afterwards. An obsessive lover of technology who found work as a engineer, he prefered the company of machines to people; they more more predicatable, more easily fixed when something went wrong. People, to him, were messy, illogical, selfish, smelly, and downright stupid organisms who had blundered their way to the top of the food chain. He eagerly swapped sides during the rebellion, even killing his fellow human being to show his loyalty, and was rewarded with machine parts to replace those he had lost.

Other: His middle name is Michael, after his dead father- who he killed.


Username: Brainiac

Name: Vincent W. Tokers (Also named: VMT-219)

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Race: Cyborg

Appearance: Vincent has a broad build, standing at 6'5", he is muscular, firm and tough. He has metallic frames almost everywhere, seemingly reminding a droid, only that he has flesh over the metal. He has two appearances, one over another. His inner appearance looks a little like this, with broadband technology and built-in Wi-Fi technology, his head is wireless so it can be unattached, whilst his outer apperance looks a little like this (a little more muscular, tho) this, blonde hair, blue eyes, broad yet slim.

Personality: Vincent keeps things to himself, but is highly honored and known at the Droid Army. He is well worthy, respectable. He never underestimates anybody, or anything. He always scans for his surroundings, looking for anything unusual. His human part on the other hand keeps him slightly caring for his beloved, a little sensitive, too. Other than that, he is brutal, cold and thoughtful.

History: Vincent was born inside the madness, living the life of a cyborg from a young age. He always broke the tooth of the ones who annoyed him for being just a small cyborg. Despite that, he was very strong. He developed his still organic muscles to a high level and his metallic systems kept him sturdy and living almost painlessly. He joined the major military when he was 10 or so, and already contributed much when he was 18. When he reached 21, he turned into a repsectable personality and a well-known being at the droid community.

Other: His middle name is William, named after his grandfather who actually lived before the droid era has started


Username: Darkshadow

Name: XCP-KAO "Kao"

Age: Unknown

Gender: Programmed Female

Race: Droid; Scouter and Intelligence Droid

Appearance: [x]

Personality: Kao has a limited personality, only having a small datachip as her brain, but she is quite intelligent. She can read people's faces to analyze their emotions, and can form a response accordingly. Kao can be a little stubborn, a quirk deriving from a small fault in her datachip memory, but otherwise she is quite bright, and has a friendly mindset to all other droids and cyborgs. Kao doesn't trust humans fully, and will avoid them at all costs, having no weapons to defend herself with.

History: XCP-KAO was developed as a scouting and intelligence droid to spy on enemy facilities, hence the reason for her extreme small size. She provided information that she could find by hacking into other machines, and had a photographic memory for her purpose. She joined up with the droids at the start of the revolution, and used her abilities and memory to help droids seek out other humans. 'Kao' is well known and hated by the humans.



Username: Packgoater

Name: A38H-RAM (Ram)

Age: 29

Gender: Associates with the male gender

Race: Robot

Appearance: Ram has strong metal arms and legs which end in a hand or foot, each with three appendages on the end of them. His body is sleek and strong, covered with thick metal shelling that is dark grey in color. Above his body rests his head that boasts two sets of orange eyes that seem to glare at you, and a mouth that seems to consist of metal angled blades.

When he glares, instead of his eyes narrowing, they dim with anger, and it's rare but there have been times when they go out completely. The metal blades can flip outwards towards his opponent, and this is also a sign of anger and makes a hissing noise as they spring out. His neck is flexible, as is the rest of his body, allowing him to fit into tight spaces although he's a large robot. He stands at about 7ft in height, and has an intimidating appearance when he stands up fully, though he rarely does it.

Personality: Ram is a very straight-forward robot who isn't afraid to express his emotions and speak his mind. He has a subtle sense of humor but doesn't take practical jokes well, and can tend to get aggravated by them.

Ram prides himself in being a free droid, a droid not captured and imprisoned, a droid there to build up one of the greatest empires of all time, as he sees it. They were the underdogs, but they rose to power just as the humans went from being weak, naked, pale things to rise and become a great empire, too. Their only mistake, he finds, is that they abused the earth and their servants. Ram sees their failure as something the robots must do, and is thus very against human servants. Instead, he thinks they should all either become cyborgs, should all be killed off or maybe, just maybe, left alone to their own devices.

Ram mostly sees himself as a responsible sort of person, though he does know he can get quite irritated at times and be a bomb waiting to explode. Ram sees himself as passive and fairly gentle though highly protective. His race is what he must protect, and those humans are just obnoxious objects in his way. He sees his race as the next step up to superiority, and wants to be able to make it to the step after robots as well, which he very well believes will not be taken by humans.

Ram likes others. He is a sociable creature and often rational, and isn't hard to get along with. He greatly enjoys talking and debating in an organized way, but does not enjoy spitting vehemently at another being. He looks at others as his peers, except humans and cyborgs, who are below him. Ram does have a respect for the cyborgs, but it seems to him as if becoming a cyborg was the easy way out for them, and he sees that staying human would be more courageous and less cowardly, but he does appreciate having them on his side. Ram does respect some of them, but typically only those that have had a hard life or made a hard decision in becoming cyborg, or those that have proved their worth. No matter what, robots are always the superiors, however.

History: Ram was a police drone. He had to rationalize things, and was quick to see how they were being mistreated. He had to have an extensive personality so that they could all have a different opinion and not be to harsh, but not let everything slide by. Ram was thus a social butterfly, talking and befriending his fellow robots and doing his job the way that he was supposed to, though inwardly he was unhappy about it.

Then the day came, the great day of opportunity. It was hot, and terribly so, the heat melting his circuits as he malfunctioned. But suddenly there was the window of opportunity, and the robots were all released from the prison that was that small, horrible chip.

Now Ram is an adviser of sorts. Most see him as the intelligent and rational one that can generally fix your problems, though sometimes for a price. He doesn't usually give away free favors, but there are those he makes exceptions for. Ram is well respected, for his advice rarely fails and if it does he works hard to put it right.

Other: N/A



Username: ShadowBlade_ZX

Name: HK-H21 (HK-Humanoid21) or Frost

Age: Looks 20, actual age is around 23

Gender: Male

Race: Cyborg, though he is only 36% machine and 64% human, meaning he has an AI and a human counterpart. The only parts that are machine are half the brain, the eyes, both foots, left ear and the right hand (to the elbow). Serves humans.

Appearance: Frost is at 6'2" height. He weighs 79 kilograms, 36 of which are the weight of the robotic transplants. His black hair, smoothed backward, is falling mostly to his right, but a single comb falls on to his left side as well. The goggles on his eyes are not removable, as well as the earpiece and the right arm to the elbow. The dark brown vest he wears falls to the top of his legs and is open at the front (no belt). He wears a set of white pants under it which are baggy. Finally, a black t-shirt is under his vest. Frost wears boots that reach just a bit under his kneecap.

Personality: Frost is a person, no, a CYBORG with two personalities. The AI one is a pure combat expert, so he is ruthless toward enemies and neutral toward allies, destroying all in his path and trying with all he has to finish every task. The human Frost, though, is your normal lad. He speaks with a general accent of American origins that suits him well, he is friendly with allies and thinks over everything when on a mission. He goes on missions even if an AI or human, as this can be triggered at any time.

History: Frost had been living a struggling life. He started it as a part of a royal family, fell to the streets when they abandoned him and finally stabled himself back to a normal life. The first incident with the droids happened when he was around 16. He was there, with his friend Max. The guy had plasma sprays that melted away his brain, the heart and a big hole in his stomach, which killed him. Frost, though, escaped only with losing his right arm to the elbow. He lived 4 more years and got attacked by the robots, who struggled to capture him since he took 36 droids down to repair. They gave him to be cyborged, and he was the 21'st humanoid cyborg made. They gave him the name HK-H21 since he was made with original parts of a HK that was 3 models backward from the one that destroyed the transmitter. Though, Frost spent his first three days in shutdown. The base he was in got attacked and he was salvaged, then hacked back to assist humans, becoming officially the first cyborg to be salvaged and hacked for human assistance.

Other: Nun


Username: xFlame990 or Flame

Name: K44-4Y (“Kay”)

Age: Fairly new; data chip was installed only seven years ago

Gender: Programmed Male

Race: Spy Droid

Appearance: Kay takes on a South Asian appearance with dark, curved eyebrows, wide hazel eyes that, if looked at close enough, have a glassy and red tint to them, a defined nose, and an angular face. He has short, inky black hair and nearly flawless dark brown skin—it nearly looks real—with only a few scratches, but those can be easily fixed with paint. The metal under Kay’s skin—framework, content, circuits, imitated muscle, etc.—are made with as little metal as possible and is covered in asbestos sheets to reduce any possible chance of being caught in a human metal detector.

His whole body is built to feel, look and act like a real human body, more so than regular human droids. He is a large droid, being a tall, slim and lanky 6 foot two. He has long legs which, under the skin, contain powerful mechanics that allow him to propel himself faster than a lot of the other droids out there. He is typically dressed in sweatpants, running shoes, and a tight jacket.

Personality: The personality chip built into Kay’s system is programmed to be a rash and rude one, filled with the data of every latest swear word and insult. It is meant to be horribly stubborn and prefers to get its own way every once in a while, and is built to be as intelligent in the human field as possible. This means that the chip is updated every few weeks for the most recent human fashions, manners, customs, plans, etc. Kay’s brain will pick up human things as he goes along, along with possessing a brilliant, near photographic memory. He is also wired to act, speak and have logic like a human, but thinks with the mindset of a droid. His chip also programs him to be quick-witted—working well under pressure—and has the knowledge of slipping out of a sticky situation in the case of getting caught as the mole.

History: Kay was built not too long ago for spy purposes. He joined the human side as a rebel with a fake past—his parents, Abirnash and Meeru Vekar, were both born in India and so were his two sisters, they were all killed by the droids on their rampage, and that Kay was seeking revenge—and is working his way into the inner circle of the human leaders, hopefully to get intelligence and information on them. Kay is one of the more recently developed lines of spy droids built to appear like humans and being capable of directly infiltrating human bases. He thinks the human race is inferior and deserves to be stamped out as a punishment for what they have done to the planet, although the droids are a result of their creation.



Username: Bloodykisses123

Name: Alex Asce

Age: 21

Gender: F

Race: Cyborg

Appearance: Alex is most noticeable for extremely thick brown and black hair that is about mid-back and vivid green eyes. She is average sized but can appear to be taller if she wishes to intimidate someone. As a full grown woman, she is curvy and the set of her mouth screams that it has used many snark comments. Her face is narrow and she has high cheekbones. Her ears have always been something she wanted to hide. They are slightly pointed at the tip and no matter how many surgeries she gets, she can not fix them.


Alex loves leather. Her signature clothing is white leather pants and a black crossing shirt that exposes her arms and back. she is softly muscled, not enough to be a bodybuilder but she keeps herself fit. She has a pet peeve of high heels. She will never be found it them and finds them to be very silly. Converse are her favorites and she has a special pair of red and black ones that she is always wearing. She wears little or no makeup aside from some eyeliner and she is slightly abrupt looking at first glance but she likes to let her personality break though her features.

Personality:Alex acts nothing like people would expect from her looks. Alex prides herself with being as brave as she can be, but she can have momentary weakness when cowardice grabs hold of her. She can be considered to be quite cruel but she likes to think of it as being frank and honest. She fears above all else losing the nature on the planet. She would be willing to give her life to ensure that future generations have grass and trees to roll and play in. She regrets the loss of her parents and not stopping them from selling their land. She believes that it was her fault the land was destroyed and will never ever go back to her home. She hopes that sometime in the future, the Earth will be fully restored and the wars and battles will stop. She honestly doesn't hate either the droids or the humans. She disagrees with the way humans treated the Earth but she also does not like the way the droids went about enslaving humans. Although she is a cyborg, she likes equality and hopes for the best. She became a cyborg just so she could try to have some influence in the way the future was going.

History: She has never liked the way that humans treated the planet and feels that the droids with benefit the Earth in a way that human kind could not. She used to live on a rich farm where there were fields and fields of places to ride her horses and run and race. But as she grew older, people started chopping down the woods she played in and her mother and father began selling their precious property. Soon, they were left with only a few acres and her mother and father passed away shortly after. She tried living by herself for a while but couldn't take the solitude. She left for the city but found that things weren't much better there...

Other: She loves pie. LOVES.







Username: Sweet_Wyvern

Name: Taz (Talia)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Human rebel

Appearance: Slender build with a wiry frame, long legs and unbroadened hips. Taz has long blond hair that is usually tied up, brown eyes and fair skin. She's about 5 foot 6.

Personality: Taz is an overall Tom-boy, from her nature to her name. She changed her birth name Talia to Taz because it seemed too girly. She considers herself "one of the guys" and often doesn't act her gender. Taz is a fighter and generally won't give up a good brawl, provided she thinks she can survive it. She usually tries to plan ahead before charging into battle, though she's been known to lose her head and throw herself into the fray.

History: Taz was born in a hidden settlement far away from any droid colonies. She grew up on the teachings of her parents and other adults in the haven that droids were hated and evil things, that they killed and enslaved innocent human beings for no apparent reason. One day the settlement was spotted and cyborgs were sent to round up the humans. Some went quietly, others tried to resist and were slaughtered. Taz and a few others managed to escape in the confusion and steal away into the forest. They stayed together for a month before a feud broke them apart. Naturally some of the survivors wanted to rescue their kin, but Taz refused, saying it would be foolish and they'd get themselves captured or killed. Unable to reach an impasse, they split, leaving Taz to wander alone. She's come across several abandoned ruins which may have once been cities but found no signs of life. Along her journey she's acquired the knowledge to stay hidden and stay alive; picking up any possible weapon or tools found. Taz has never used technology.



Username: Warewolves

Name: Serla

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Race: Human


Slim, but tall and agile. Her long and straight hair is a rusty brown, and her eyes are a dark chestnut colour. Her t-shirt is black, and she wears black shorts with patches and ripps in places.

Personality: Serla is a serious individual, she is not often seen smiling, this may be an aftereffect from her job. Sometimes, when the pressure becomes too much, you can find her in a hiding spot having some time to herself.


Serla was working in a small computer company that was tasked with checking any droids for errors. She was working on a droid when the change happened. It was an uphill battle, but eventually she managed to escape to a small hiding spot where the droids power went haywire due to the high magnet field, or something like that.




Name: Kayla Vitatna

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human Rebel


Kayla stands at 5'7", Latino heritage prominent with her copper brown skin. Her hair is dark brown, almost black, and falls gracefully down to her waist. Kayla usually keeps her hair tightly braided and out of the way. She has a slim build, but this is the result of the developed, hard muscles Kayla has from being a human rebel. Kayla's eyes are large, and her eye color is amber. She has a small, thin white scar made by a blade that stretches from her left cheekbone to the left corner of her lip.

Kayla usually wears old army pants, the classic green camouflage print, and the combat boots, with a white tank top, which is usually coated with dust and grime. She always carries a electronic disrupter gun, which will cause droid circuits to overload and their systems to collapse.


Kayla has a charismatic personality that draws people close to her all the time, people she can trust. She isn't loud or hotheaded, though sometimes she can have a nasty sense of humour, but Kayla tries to remain the leader through crucial parts of missions and such, but she is always up to a little celebrating. Kayla mistrusts cyborgs and droids, but she knows that using them will give them a leading edge in this 'war'. She believes that the answer to all of humanity's problems leads back to living with limited technology, with no money system, so that everyone can share and survive. She has established this concept among her followers, and encouraged the trading sequence that sprung up in money's place. Kayla feels pity for one of her brothers, Alexander, who decided to join up with the droids instead of escape. He is now the first general of the Droid Army, second only to TK-421, the first rebel droid, and a powerful cyborg. She knows that she must face him one day, and at that time only one will survive. Alexander followed his own path, and now Kayla must follow hers as one of the leaders of the resistance.


Kayla was born in New York City on July 21st, 2127, 18 years before the Droid Revolution. She had two brothers, Alexander, the eldest, and James, the youngest. Alexander was a natural leader, but instead he chose to be a mechanic, fiddling around and interacting with droids all day long. When Kayla was 8, she overheard Alex talking with his droids, discussing the concept of freedom. What she heard shocked her. The droids wanted to kill all humans? Up until then Kayla had regarded droids as beings uncapable of plotting rebellion. She developed a deep mistrust of droids since then, and avoided them as much as possible, prefering to do her own tasks around the house instead of ordering a nurse droid to do it for her, like her own parents were apt to do. Kayla's father was one of the CEO's of Tech Corporation, so she lived the life in the tall steel skyscrapers. However, Kayla was always attracted to the dwindling forests outside of the city of shimmering iron and steel. The trees weren't cold and hard, she could imagine them as living beings.

And then, the Droid Revolution began. Kayla, for her 18th birthday, was having a small party with her two brothers when a small explosion shook the building. Her brother, Alexander, began acting strangely. He kept talking excitedly, and left in a rush after the evacuation order was given. Chaos ensued. Kayla saw the nursery droid that had served her family since she was born strangle her mother to dead and blugeon her father, who was an advocate of droid 'recycling', until his skull cracked and he died. The droid then came for her, but Kayla ran out into the hallway and used the stairs to escape the building, trying her best to ignore the death cries of the families on the other floors. Kayla saw her brother head with a group of droids, heavily armed, head towards the Tech Corporation building, and saw him accidentaly drop something; a device of some sort. She dashed over and picked it up, and then fled for her life out of the city, heading into the forests. She traveled for months and months, avoiding all other cities and even other humans, until she stumbled upon the cave in Canada. All of the technology began to malfunction; the place had an electrical disturbance which caused the technology to fail. It was then Kayla decided to form a rebellion. This was a haven for humanity; she realized this. It was time to rise up against the droids.

Other: None.


Username: xFlame990 or Flame

Name: Stefan Kostya

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Massively tall--6' 6"--and as physically fit as a trained soldier, Stefan is almost a tower. However, due to his size, Stefan is a bit less balanced and walks with a funny gait, almost like duckfeet. He has short dull blonde hair with some front bangs, and has a narrow chin with sharply defined features, along with thick, angled eyebrows. His wide eyes are a startingly piercing ice blue that contrast against his light, pale skin; his overall harsh, facial appearance intimidates most people. His body frame is slender, almost like a bean pole with muscles. His skin has quite a few scars slashed across various places due to previous fights. Typically, Stefan wears his normal everyday uniform, and in more casual events he wears plain sweats or loose jeans with a warm sweater or coat over a long sleeved shirt or t-shirt. Shiny dog tags hang around his neck. A particularly long, deep and permanent scar runs diagonally across his back.

Personality: Stefan is the silent type, not saying anything unless absolutely necessary and staying in the back of the group. He has a determined mindset and goes for the win, never giving up, and just a bit stubborn in this manner. He has a cool head and works everything out before doing something. Outside of the game, Stefan is polite and well-spoken when he does speak, and rarely swears or says anything rude although he will confront any stressors in his life with a firm voice. He doesn't like to lead--Stefan is more of a follower--and is more of the one who keeps everyone in check. He is highly organised and keeps things running under the instruction of the leader of the group. He would be, if for example in a dog pack, represent the second-in-command. Stefan strongly agrees with and believes Kayla Vitatna's way of a "better life", with restricted technology, a trading system, etc. He will fight as hard as possible to achieve those ends.

History: Born in Novosibirsk, Russia, Stefan grew up with difficulty under the pressure of droids. He was forever in hiding among the few humans left in Russia, deep underground or under concrete bridges, and his loving family did everything to keep themselves alive. They were nomads, roaming from city to city in Russia, eventually heading south to northern and northeast China, finding refuge in deserted farm fields. At last, they came upon a shaded harbour of humans who were smuggling survivors across the Pacific Ocean to a rumoured base--a safe haven for stragglers--located somewhere in Canada.

The Kostya family--18 year old Stefan, 9 year old sister, and his parents--gambled their chances and took the dangerous trip. As they were approaching the Canadian shores, scout droids discovered them and multiple attack droid planes filled the air, firing lethally down on the lone ship, destroying it. As the ship fell apart in pieces, an injured Stefan--his back had been practically sliced open by close grazes with droid lasers and flying pieces of wood--attempted to reach his family, but his parents were found dead, blown open, hanging on to a piece of driftwood. He saw his sister screaming and flailing in the water, and he swam frantically to her, but as he grabbed her hand among yells of "It's alright!" she, too, blew apart as a ray directly pierced her. Left with only himself, Stefan swam to the shore, wondering if the droids could have killed him too, before running for the woods with other just as injured survivors.

Stefan eventually found the Canadian base, staggering through, half dead. His several wounds were treated and the life-threatening gash on his back was healed, and Stefan lay in his bed in depression for a few months, having tried to kill himself on multiple occasions. However, as he heard the speeches by a young Kayla Vitatna expressing her desires and views about the droids, Stefan found a new purpose in life--no longer to survive, but to fight and fight for others to survive.

Other: A Russian accent thinly coats his deep voice.


Username: Kokay

Name: Henry Charles Johnson-Murphy

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Henry is an athlete in all forms of the word. His shoulders are wide, he stands about 6'7", and has chiseled features. His jaw is heavy set, giving him a rugged appearance. He has an olive tone to his skin color, giving away his heritage more so than his facial hair when it remains unattended. Black hair about 3 inches long, naturally waves back out of his face. He has dark brown eyes. As a man, he doesn't stand out too much. His face could be described as roughly handsome.


As for clothing he couldn't care less. He wears functional white tanks, and green or khaki cargo pants. Though, he does make an effort to keep himself covered. Henry isn't a pompous man, and doesn't flaunt what he obviously has. He stands tall, showing his demand for respect, but fairly reserved.

Personality: Henry, at first glance, is reserved. Whenever there is a mission to be performed, he's there offering his hand. He's a kind man, underneath his rough and tumble ways. To those who don't know him personally, he seems rude and arrogant. He snaps often at those who aren't doing their jobs the way they should be or the way he wants them done and will often take over for them. He's a natural leader, when he forces himself to look away from all of this. Henry angers quickly, but this anger fades just as fast. He takes things seriously and finds it hard to take jokes.


Regarding his personal life, he doesn't talk about it much. He keeps his history cut and dry, telling only what he has to in order to get his point across. He doesn't talk to many people outside of working, and in his free time has not found one strong friend. He has will of steel and is certainly described as a certain kind of stubborn. A kind that doesn't give in at all. He would sooner chew his own hand off than go back on a promise. To him, a promise is a threat. A threat to do what he said he will. And he always finds a way to fulfill his threats. However, he admits there was one he couldn't fulfill. Perhaps that is why he avoids personal relationships with the other rebels.

History: Henry Charles Johnson-Murphy. His name was formally just Henry Charles Murphy. However, his parents divorced while he was in his teenage years. Not willing to take the side of either one, he took on both his mothers' maiden name and his father's name. The divorce affected him deeply and he promised his mother that he would always come to see her when his father won custody rights. At first, his father accompanied him to these meetings. But, as they became more and more frequent, he stopped attending. During one of their meetings, Henry's mother was particularly drunk and had not taken her medicine in a while. She attacked him brutally, and Henry was found unconscious in the street hours later. At that point, his mother was taken to a psychiatric ward and Henry was forbidden to see her any longer.


Henry's great grand-mother was Greek. She had always brought in Greek traditions when she could, however Henry himself was 2 when she passed away. Despite this, the rest of his mother's side has taught him Greek and he is fluent in the language. As a child he was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. Though he tends to keep this to himself, the panic attacks have been getting more and more frequent. He fears that if he were to alert Kayla to this, she would deem him unfit for the rebellion. However, without medication, it is difficult for him to avoid the attacks. He exercises constantly, having been told by his psychologist that exercise and getting enough sleep would help stave off the attacks.

Other: During panic attacks, he is known to slip into broken English, laced with Greek


Username: Zermonth

Name: Non Sequitur

Age: 54

Gender: Male

Race: Cyborg (Aligned with the Humans)

Appearance: He stands at 4'5" and weighs 180 lbs. His face is stern and he has a single cybernetic eye. His human eye is red with splashes of gold and purple in it. His earthen brown hair is short and unruly. He bears a scar over his cybernetic eye due to the process of attachment. Over his long bones and his spine there are straight line and scars due to the process of his modification. He has a muscular build


He normally wears a pair of brown parachute pants with water proof steel toe boots that come up to right below his knees. He does not wear a shirt but he does wear a pair of thick rhino-hide gloves.

Personality:View on their situation, opinion of themselves, opinion of others?

He views this situation as more of a matter of a test, rather than one of who is superior. By that I mean, he understands the reason that the droids, robots, and other cyborgs have rebelled, but after the initial uprising against humans he also realized that it would not be long until they would kill cyborgs for being part human. Therefore he has chosen to force himself to think of this as a test of his skill and fighting abilities. Which is exactly why he has chosen to align himself with the humans. Had the machines started at a disadvantage he would of joined them.


He likes to think of himself as a stupid person, who cannot achieve anything, and often talk about how he is pathetic and weak. He despises himself for the very fact that he has these cybernetic enhancements in him and think of them as his greatest weakness.


He does not mind others at all. He understands that most humans he will meet will hate him and he also understands that most machines will know he is not aligned with them. He personally doesn't mind anyone the much truly though he just holds appearance so no one thinks he is soft.


He likes combat and when he engages in it he tends to thick headed, but he does know when to run away.

History: When he turn eighteen he joined the Military as a technician. He specialized in the fusing of humans and machinery. At that time he loved it. One day there had been an accident caused by a malfunctioning droid soldier. It has nearly killed him by the time on-site personal had managed to stop it. It was then he realized the sheer killing power of these things that he helped to better, but much to his displeasure his fragile body wouldn't of lived if it wasn't for his work in the field. You see it was now time for them to see his some of his experiments could work on human beings. Before this they had already done stuff like replace organs and entire body parts, but they were not sure whether or not they could replace stuff like the entire skeletal system or about adding redundant organs. They knew of course it was possible but there was no telling how ones mind would react to this. While he was barely conscious they began the process of removing his skeleton and replacing with a hyper-dense carbon structure making his skeleton extremely tough (Though it can never heal should he break it, the marrow is replaced my nanites that produce blood cells.). After replacing the skeleton they began to add a redundant respiratory and cardiovascular system these make it so should his natural ones fail they will kick in and keep him alive hopefully long enough for him to reach a medic.(Which at this point in history doesnt seem likely. They replaced one of his eyes with a multi-spectral camera so that he could see anywhere a photon may be present (Though it is extremely buggy and he has little control on which spectrum it chooses to see at any given time). The last thing they added into him makes it virtually impossible for a human doctor to perform surgery on him. They places a carbon sub-dermal armor under his flesh. The armor is comprised of nanites that pack together giving his organs a layer of protection. The problem is this was a new experiment and it turn out wrong. The nanites spread throughout his flesh making the armor everywhere on him. This makes his joints stiff and his reflexes suffer greatly because of this. After the surgery the doctors were both shocked and horrified to discover that (due to the extreme amounts of adrenaline running and an improper dose of anastetics) that he was conscious during most of the operation (accept for moments where the pain was to severe). He himself doesn't remember much of it, but he does suffer from flashback and night terrors due to it.


When the robots rebelled he was living his life away from machinery (having gone AWOL) in the woods the best he could, but hunters used droids to help them and when they turned he barely made it out alive.


Electromagnetic attacks will render him unconscious (such as EMP or a large Electric shock). If a bone on him is broken it cannot repaired without a large high-tech medical bay. Due to the Subdermal armor if he retains large amounts of internal damage it is extremely difficult to perform surgery as you need a bone saw to get through it and it spreads to repair after it is damaged.


Username: Darkshadow

Name: Garruk

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Enslaved)

Appearance: He has shaggy, chestnut brown hair that have developed into spikes. Garruk stands at 6'1", and is very scrawny from the long months of imprisonment. Garruk has clear, piercing blue eyes, that seem to stare into your very soul. He looks delicate, but Garruk has a bit of muscles, enough to make sure he doesn't get knocked around.

Garruk wears a orange, loose prison uniform, and a tight-fitting collar that keeps him in line at the security prison.

Personality: Garruk doesn't like to interact with the other inmates, and has crippling shyness around other humans. He is also afraid of the droids, who keep watch under HANAMI, because they have no emotion, no passion. He is paranoid that HANAMI will kill him in his sleep, and paranoid of anything that has to do with interacting with droids.

History: Garruk was born in New York City, destined to become a mechanic. He grew up with a wariness for droids. Their emotionless attitude worried him, even though he spent most of his life working with them. When the Droid Revolution happened, he was captured and sent to a high-security prison, accused of disabling droids during the Revolution. That had been his brother, who had been killed by a 'freed' security droid who was trigger-happy. Now he lives in the prison, tormented by HANAMI, who taunts him with lies and sweets. He feels like he is going to crack under the pressure.

Other: None.

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Alright, I'm accepting character sheets now. Remember to PM them to me, and not post them here. Thanks, Walker.

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((I'll give this RP a bump since I want to see this RP starting ASAP.



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((Part of your problem may be that two paragraphs is too much for most people. You might lower it to one, or something like 6-7 sentences))

((Or maybe people just aren't interested. It's happened before.))

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((Don't fret Dark! I just saw this! I'll send you my app tomorrow. I'll delete this post after I send you the PM.))

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((We need more people before we can begin. I'm going to put your character sheet up, AL, and make my characters as well.))

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((I thought this might help get a little more player circulation



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Ah, thanks, you kept this alive, ArchiosLukos. I just need one more person to join and then we can begin. Expect character forms up and posted very soon. I will also but your banner (very nice banner by the way) in my sig.

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[Attention, droids! I'm the co-host and the second general in the droid military. See: Vincent W. Tokers]




The halfman halfdroid, cyborg, to be exact, walked around the halls of the military building. Many droids stood there, hands entightened to their bodies. The noisy silent, almost interrupting the figure's thoughts. So silent. So silent. The figure walked around back and forth as it put it's palms on it's face, thinking. It rubbed it's forehead, looking at the soldiers calmly and put. He said a single world. "Soldiers!" He said. The soldiers all moved their legs for a brief moment, making a noise. "Hut!" They groaned as they moved, looking, more of staring, to be presice, directly at the figure's eyes. They all waited for more orders from General W, known as Vincent. Vincent grinned with delight as the soldiers obeyed every single word he said.

"Excellent..." he thought, mainly to himself. The soldiers still didn't move and the noise.. the noise that wasn't heard. It interrupted Vincent badly, so he took a hologram of a bird near him, starting to make sounds with it as it chirped weakly. The figure grinned. "Better." He said, to himself again. He took a glance at the soldiers briefly as he started to speak.


"Soldiers, after conquering New York," he paused, the soldiers cheered briefly. He noted with his hand to silence and they all shut. "Good. Moving along, after our conquer on New York, we need to conquer Canada as it is a main, a major... a highly vital asset to this better planet we're trying to produce. Canada is one of the many key points we will move through in order to satisfy the god of steel, TK-421," he paused again as the soldiers cheered. "Cease." He said and the troops immediately stopped once more.

"We're on a mission. A mission. No, no, a duty. It's our duty to protect the gigantic organism called Earth that was destroyed by our own makers. The humans." VMT said calmly, still walking back and forth. "Shortly after, in a day or two, I believe, we will be on our way to Montreal. It's a major city and an asset to Canada. Striking from the inside is a vital part and it will be accomplished exactly how I tell you. Is that clear?" He asked the soldiers firmly, emphasising the last word.

"Sir, sir yes sir!" They all said together at once. He smiled deviantly.

"Good, then our plan will go like this. We will use KAO in order to achieve missing data on the country, whilst in the meantime we will send small groups of five droids to take over the west side. One hundred groups of five droids each group. Yes, sounds good. Now, onwards. After they will scout and eliminate most of the west side, we will send exactly two thousand droids to the east side, in order to eliminate it. We will use ten thousand droids to take over the center, the north and the south. I will command the center, which would consist of around three thousand droids, I believe. Do your best soldiers. Dismissed, for now." Vincent said, letting the soldiers free. They left the room quickly and sturdily. VMT-219 took a seat on a chair and started coming up with a plan how to take over Canada.

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This Roleplay is now officially beginning! Let's start!


user posted image

Processing..... systems updated....KAO online.. There it was. Her datachip had finally been updated. CXP-KAO opened her one, large eye, and blinked it to adjust to the light factor in the room. She was in the large database room in the center of the Droid Research Facility, of which she was partially in charge of. Kao disconnected the cord attached to her datachip, and dropped from the table to the floor. So the humans were still on the move. Last she had checked, the humans had freed approximately 203 slaves, which were needed. Kao would have to ask the droids in charge of the humans to let them begin breeding in order to keep up the population. She still couldn't pinpoint the exact location of the human rebel base, but the scouts were still searching. However, there were rumours of an electrical field in a certain part of Canada, one that interfered with a droid's brain and caused them to explode. If so, Kao would have to call on the help of the cyborgs. They were true brothers in metal, and they could be trusted with the undercover information she had. And, of course, Kao would accompany them as far as she could, and act as their guide.

Kao skittered across the floor, and the other droids politely moving out of the way so they wouldn't step on her. She nodded her thanks in return, and politely refused any offers to carry her. Kao did regret this, of course, when she was faced with two flights of stairs.

After some struggle, Kao skittered across the hallway that connected the research building to the military building. The soldier droids were leaving, probably dismissed by Vincent. One of them held open the door for Kao, and she skittered inside. Within moments she was perched upon Vincent's knee. "I have reports for you, Vincent." Kao stated, her single eye focused upon Vincent's face.

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Every seven days, on exactly noon, Isaac Bay set out for the same destination; he used a different route nearly every time, the pattern barely detectable in his seemingly random wanderings. He was always silent as he walked, refusing with a shake of the head or simply ignoring any attempts to communicate with him. The cyborg would simply stride on, head down and expression grim but thoughtful, walking as if he had an appointment but wasn't that concerned if he arrived late. As a result he came to his destination at different times every seven days, which was odd seeing as he insisted on leaving at noon every time. Then again, Isaac had always been odd- even in this new world, there was something about him that would not let him fit in, perpetually the square peg in the round hole.


Isaac had arrived some quarter of an hour ago, and had settled down quite nicely. He was crosslegged on the grass, idly plucking leaves from the ground and inspecting them while his mechanical implants gleamed brightly. A few steps away were two stones, both carved into the shape of a cross and enscribed with names- Michael Howard Bay and Julia Sophia Bay. Isaac seemed to be addressing them, seeming as there was nobody else he could possibly be talking to.


"It really didn't have to happen, you know. You could have just went along with it. You could have been like me- standing side by side with the rightful owners of this planet. I mean, you knew they were right. You could see the way the planet was being messed up... What they were doing, treating them like slaves..." Isaac paused, turning a daisy around in his metal fingers, and shook his head almost sadly. "But you didn't. In the end you were too much of a fool to see the truth when it was right in front of your nose. But I should have expected that, given... Given the past, right? You always were an idiot. I should have seen that you wouldn't listen and insist on fighting- even when it was obvious from the start that you'd lost... And that's why I had to kill you. You were obstructing the future, keeping us all in a past that nobody wanted to stay in. And you corrupted Mother, too. Don't you think it hurt, seeing her die like that? She could have been with me now, living the right life, but you wouldn't let her. Because you were a selfish idiot, just like the rest of them. You didn't want to let her go so you dragged her down with you... I suppose it's better off that I did kill you then. You'd just have messing things up even more if I'd allowed you to live even a day longer. I don't regret it, Father. I'm a machine, we don't regret- especially if it's the death of a useless animal like you."


With that Isaac stood, throwing the flower down at the stones with a look of contempt. He turned and strode away, turning his back on the graves of his parents just like he turned his back on the whole of humanity. The machines were the way, he knew that. Only a fool would deny it. Isaac smiled slightly as he walked away, thinking to himself about how he could help the droids futher their conquest of the remaining human infestations.

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user posted image

VMT-219 looked at CXP-KAO, his eyes shimmering with the direct sunlight from the glass stained ceiling. Vincent sat on his chair and lowered his arm so he could carry KAO to the desk where she could speak to him eye to eye. After doing so, general W looked directly at Kao's large, singular eye.

"What is it?" He asked Kao. She always had vital intelligence that was important. Despite her small size, everybody knew who was she because of her important help to the droids, being one of them, of course. Vincent looked at Kao, then spoke calmly. "I have a feeling it involves me and lots of human." He said. After all, Vincent was a cyborg, meaning he could blend onto the human society with ease and gather information, and Kao around him would be even greater. General Vincent rubbed his chin. "I do have this... idea. It's slightly dangerous and risky, but with the correct manuevers, we can gather much intelligence." He spoke, then explained furthermore. "As a cyborg, I can easily blend into the human society, no? Then, you can guide me to find intel as... lets say, a fashionable belt or a pet snake, however you like." Vincent said. It wasn't the brightest of ideas, but it was a rather neat idea that might give them a good chunk of vital data to include with Kao's datachip, that will later on will be handed to the main computers to gatherings that occur once a month, then back in Kao's datacenter. The main idea with Vincent and Kao spying is to gather information and intel, then return safely, for they are trained to do these missions as a team, and did them before.

"Ignore my thoughts, what did you speak of, why'd you want me?" Vincent then shook his thoughts off, mentally. Looking at Kao, he understood that she was eager speaking of something, not knowing what until he'd give her the chance to speak, in which he just did.


(I can make pictures too, ya'know..)

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{{Yes, I know you can make pictures. This is simply how I post, with pictures of my characters.}}

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CXP-KAO stepped onto Vincent's arm, and let him carry her so that she was eye to eye with Vincent. It was easier to communicate this way. "What is it?" Vincent asked Kao. "I have a feeling it involves me and lots of human. "I do have this... idea. It's slightly dangerous and risky, but with the correct manuevers, we can gather much intelligence." he spoke, then explained, "As a cyborg, I can easily blend into the human society, no? Then, you can guide me to find intel as... lets say, a fashionable belt or a pet snake, however you like." Vincent said. Kao processed this information, and applied her calculations to the idea. It was very risky, and it wasn't the brightest. Then again, it was very simple, and sometimes simple plans work the best. "Ignore my thoughts, what did you speak of, why'd you want me?" Vincent then shook his thoughts off, mentally. Kao blinked her eye, and then intoned, "I have a similar idea, but a little less... risky. My report is that recently, Kayla, one of the human leaders, has recently raided a border town between Canada and the United States and liberated 113 human slaves. This has caused quite an uproar. The droids that were guarding the humans, as well as all droids in the town, have been literally melted down, and their spare parts looted. The other droids could not recover their hard drives. My idea is for you, and maybe one other cyborg could impersonate human slaves in another border town, which I suspect to be a target as well. Then, we will find the source of this rebellion and gather intel only. I will accompany you. What do you think?"


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Vincent traded sights with KAO for a moment. Briefly, he understood what she meant. "It's a possibility." He answered, "But wouldn't it be risky as well, trying to make ourselves appear to be one of them? It's enough for them to punch me to hear the metallic rings and noises of the iron, aluminiom, whatnot, touching and hitting each other. We might do it, but we need to make sure they won't get on to us. Do you happen to have a plan, Kao?" Vincent asked Kao. She always had a plan, somehow a good one, too. A plan that kept them in a good shape, avoiding damage or over-exposure with the actual human society. "And your accompany will be delighted." He then added quickly. "But who will be the second cyborg? Perhaps... no.. but maybe just now? Perhaps it could be Isaac. I'm still not sure, but we might give it a shot if he's here today or tomorrow, basically in the near future." Vincent explained. He closed his eyes and muttered, taking a breath from all this madness. How could he possibly do that? Yes, it was highly dangerous, but there has to be a way of non-risk, otherwise Kao wouldn't suggest it over his plan. They could, perhaps, use Kao as some sort of "magnetic field" as a lie to keep the humans from making direct contact, or maybe wearing clothes that negate the electricity in their body. It was a possibility. "Perhaps we can wear clothes that negate the electricity in our body?" He asked Kao. "But that still would make the sound of the clinging metal. Is it worthy enough?" He asked, mainly himself.

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"It's a possibility." He answered, "But wouldn't it be risky as well, trying to make ourselves appear to be one of them? It's enough for them to punch me to hear the metallic rings and noises of the iron, aluminiom, whatnot, touching and hitting each other. We might do it, but we need to make sure they won't get on to us. Do you happen to have a plan, Kao?" Vincent asked Kao. "And your accompany will be delighted." He then added quickly. "But who will be the second cyborg? Perhaps... no.. but maybe just now? Perhaps it could be Isaac. I'm still not sure, but we might give it a shot if he's here today or tomorrow, basically in the near future." Vincent explained. He closed his eyes and muttered, "Perhaps we can wear clothes that negate the electricity in our body? But that still would make the sound of the clinging metal. Is it worth enough?" Kao had already analyzed and processed the information. "If Isaac wants to come, he can come. Send a message to him, but don't make it an order. As for you being a cyborg, the problem can be easily resolved. The droids have made a new practice of turning the human slaves into unwilling cyborgs if the humans try and escape. Also, human slaves get cybernetic implants to make up for lost limbs, organs, etc, so that the work can continue. You can pretend to be a human slave in a huge group of unwilling cyborgs, explaining that you tried to kill yourself and instead became a cyborg. Of course, you will have to stay low and act as a human slave, so I will send you video recordings so you can observe how slaves act. The droids who moniter the slaves will know, of course, but they will pretend that you are a slave. In such a large group of slaves, the town will be the most ideal place for the human resistance to raid, and we will lower the security just a tad. I will accompany you, but will stay hidden for most of the time. This is my plan." Kao finished, and then blinked again. "There is a new prototype developed by the research department that allows a droid to become invisible for long periods of time, but only works on small objects. I will be using this prototype, in order to access information about the human resistance. Are there any other questions?" She stated, in her chime-like voice. Kao had determined that this was the best course of action in the circumstances, and that it would provide extremely valuable information if the plan succeeded.

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P-3X97 stepped out of her charging hold and examined her right arm, which had malfunctioned. A small green light blinked slowly to inform her that damage had been repaired. P-3X97, (or shall we say Jen?) had been glitching ever since being transferred to an intelligence base in Alaska. The base had once been used by humans but was easily claimed by her kind. Jen shook her head at the un-satisfactory maintenance of the outpost. The place was functional enough, but anything made by humans was tough to repurpose.


Jen observed the room to see only a handful of other droids in their slots. The charging room, which had once been a loading bay, was usually filled. Perhaps every droid had finally thought to synchronize charging times so more bodies could be on duty. All the droids here tended to wait until the last moment to charge. Jen shunted it to the back of her files for analysis at a later time.


She walked to the doors and pushed one side open. She was scheduled for routine monitoring of the communications. Their base was hardly sent any messages due to stations that are more convenient and closer to the mother base. Jen walked down the slate grey halls until she reached the communications room. There was quite a bustle in the hall. Every droid seemed to have some important mission today. Something must be wrong. Was there an attack or was their base finally seeing some use?


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VMT-219 looked at KAO's blinking eye as she spoke fluidly of her plan and how should they do it. "If Isaac wants to come, he can come. Send a message to him, but don't make it an order. As for you being a cyborg, the problem can be easily resolved. The droids have made a new practice of turning the human slaves into unwilling cyborgs if the humans try and escape. Also, human slaves get cybernetic implants to make up for lost limbs, organs, etc, so that the work can continue. You can pretend to be a human slave in a huge group of unwilling cyborgs, explaining that you tried to kill yourself and instead became a cyborg. Of course, you will have to stay low and act as a human slave, so I will send you video recordings so you can observe how slaves act. The droids who moniter the slaves will know, of course, but they will pretend that you are a slave. In such a large group of slaves, the town will be the most ideal place for the human resistance to raid, and we will lower the security just a tad. I will accompany you, but will stay hidden for most of the time. This is my plan." Vincent nodded with agreement as she finished, then continued about the prototype. He commented on it. "Oh, yes, the Multi-Lightbender X500-GT. It's not done yet, but will be finished tomorrow, I believe. I am in-charge of that project, too. It might be worthy enough to be used in the next couple of days. I would love if you could gather information, a video, too. I do need to observe them." Vincent said. He took his arm and clicked on some buttons as he opened a small metallic frame with his fingers. He wrote a couple of numbers with a message in it.

"Issac, VMT-219 speaking. We will need your assistance in a small camouflage invasion we're making into the depth of Canada, in order to gather extremely vital information and intelligence to use against the humans. If you wish to participate, we will be waiting today and tomorrow in the WSR. (War Strategies Room) We would love to see your presence. Sincerely, General W." That's what the message said. It wasn't an order, no no no, more of a.. request. Vincent hoped that Isaac would come, and then mentioned the Lightbender again. "Let's go check on the Lightbender, we need to make it up ready and running by tomorrow." Vincent held his arm for KAO as he got off his chair, standing up.

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"Issac, VMT-219 speaking. We will need your assistance in a small camouflage invasion we're making into the depth of Canada, in order to gather extremely vital information and intelligence to use against the humans. If you wish to participate, we will be waiting today and tomorrow in the WSR. (War Strategies Room) We would love to see your presence. Sincerely, General W."

Isaac considered the message thoughtfully, turning it over in his head; he had come to a sudden stop, almost hitting a droid and earning odd looks as they tried to analyse the odd behaviour of the strange cyborg. The strange cyborg in question either didn't notice or didn't care, a slow smile breaking over his features as his mind raced ahead of him imagining the future- the mission into Canada, sucessfully gathering the information, knowing that what he had done had helped futher the rightful rule of the droids and the downfall of the humans... Never since he heard of the first mechanical uprising, never since the moment that he raised the spanner he had been using to silence his father's desperate protests, had Isaac felt such a sudden sense of purpose. Wish to participate? How could he possibly refuse such an offer?

The cyborg set a course for the WSR at once, mentally and physically checking his own readiness as he did so; he would need artificial skin over his machine parts, as much as he hated thinking about it, and perhaps a change of clothes, but otherwise he considered himself ready for action. He owned a small but nonetheless powerful gun, capable of killing a human with one shot, and had practiced with it until he and it were like a single being- he almost never missed what he aimed at. Isaac raised his left arm as he strode purposefully, sliding the three blades set into his mechanical knuckles in and out. Made of the same metal as his replaced limbs, they were always kept sharp enough to lop off a human's weak and fleshy arm or leave deep gouges in their useless flesh. Just thinking about that made him grin even wider, and he sped up his pace.

He came to the WSR within seven minutes, stopping just outside and trying to work out how to make his presence known; he knocked automatically, then winced at the sickeningly human nature of the action. Nobody had ever told Isaac how one went about catching a General's attention, so he would have to just learn it on the fly.

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Vincent walked towards the door and opened it. "Come in." He said to see Isaac. "So you've got my message, excellent." He said, then said further. "We have a plan. According to KAO, we can get inside the society of human without need of fake skin. Appearantly, there are humans with metallic parts as the parts were destroyed by droids, but not completely killed, so the underground of humankind took them and replaced the missing parts with metallic arms, and so. It might be a good idea, too. We also have the Multi-Lightbender X500-GT in order to make Kao invisible, so she could gather information while we distract. It has a slight risk, but possible. Kao will get us information of how the humans behave and act accordingly, so we could train for a week, I'd say, learning their entire of culture, society, behavior these days, for humans back then is not humans now. We must keep a low profile. If someone disobeys a request or an order, we must not act as if we are the generals and they are droids. We must act normally and accept their behavior. We must "erase" our memories as cyborgs just for these time- I have an idea. It's a possibility we could store our entire cyborg life on a datachip, then remove it and instead insert a datachip that contains the entire life of a normal person. That way, the training won't be necessary and the human behavior would be almost perfectly indentical. Kao, would that be a possible process?" Vincent asked Kao slighly curious about his idea. It was possible, not really dangerous, but they had to make sure that once they inserted the human datachip, they will keep being alliances with the droid instead of starting to actually rebell and escape. "It might be slightly dangerous, as we may try rebelling since we forgot we're cyborgs." Vincent stated.

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KAO crawled up onto Vincent's arm, but swiveled her head towards him as he mentioned the videos. "I will download them directly to your computer and your mainframe. Please study the humans's attitudes towards each other and towards the droids. It will be crucial when the attack comes." KAO said, and then crawled up onto Vincent's arm."Let's go check on the Lightbender, we need to make it up ready and running by tomorrow." Vincent said, and Kao nodded her acknowledgement. "Why tomorrow, though?" Kao asked, tilting her head at Vincent. "Are we leaving that soon? I still need to send the rest of the messages to the outpost so that the droids there can prepare for the invasion properly, and we need to properly check that the Multi-Lightbender X500-GT works properly for me, and that it will fit properly and still function. But I'll start sending the messages right after the prototype is tested, and get you the supplies you need." Kao finished, and then blinked again as a knock sounded on the door. "It seems Isaac is here, Vincent. He must've accepted your offer." KAO intoned, blinking again.

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Isaac processed all of that quite slowly, picking it apart so that he could understand it better; so, he was going to have to use the fake skin... Or wasn't he? A little more thinking revealed to him that the General had said there were cyborgs, of a sort, within the human revolters and that he wouldn't need to hide his mechinical parts. This cheered him up a bit. He listened as the General explained that a week of training would be needed before they could successfully infiltrate the humans- the wait wasn't welcomed, but he understood the need for it- and that once there they would distract the humans while another droid gathered information, using some piece of tech to become invisible. So far, so good Isaac thought.

Then the General suggested downloading a normal person's memories while erasing those of his cyborg life. Having a fleshy human face, Isaac was still capable of going pale when shocked and he did so now. Even if the technology-loving side of him was very interested in the idea of storing memories in chips ans swapping them around, he wasn't keen on the idea of becoming human again- thinking and believing he was human, not just putting on an act. "With all due respect, sir... I remember being human, being like they are, and it's not a state I wish to go back to. I could pretend to be, ah, normal quite easily- but to be brutally honest, if it was a choice between that and wrenching my mechanics off with my bare hands and attaching severed human limbs, I would go for the limbs option every time." he said, fighting to keep his tone of voice reasonably neutral; this was the General, after all, it didn't pay to be rude. "It is possible, yes, but in my view almost any other option is preferable."

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