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Things that make you happy

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Gaming, music, sleeping, occasionally bike rides, friends, gaming with friends, watching youtube gameplay, making money, having money, spending money, other assorted types of gaming...


I'm a pretty chill person, so a lot of stuff makes me happy.

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When i pass out while my bf is playing a one-player videogame, and i wake up later covered with a blanket or jacket ^^

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When something unexpected happens and I can't stop laughing for no particular reason. smile.gif

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Seeing the stars, doing a deserted run on the skifields, roasting a perfect marshmallow, singing "Bicycle Race" by Queen whilst on my bicycle..

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- A good book for sure.

- Writing.

- Not having writer's block.

- Friends.

- Family (sometimes).

- Taking a walk all by my lonesome.

- This one guy.

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I love curling up under my heavy blanket and just daydreaming the day away.

Reading's also nice.

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Cute things make me happy :3 Puppies, kittens, cute kids, cute clothes, cute accessories, plushies... I love my plushies ^-^ My mum says I have too many but my boyfriend disagrees and finds it cute, haha! Oh well. I love cute things! ^u^


I also looove being inside, snuggled up with my boyfriend or in my bed or around my family or dogs, warm and dry, while the rain roars on the roof. So cozy! :3 (As long as there are no lightning cracks directly above the house, which happens every two seconds during the wet season here in NT, Australia :S That's somewhat frightening and is too loud to let you sleep sad.gif )


Another thing I love is animals, especially dogs! I love being around them and snuggling up with them and playing with them and chilling with them. I used to nap with my dogs on the grass in the warm sun in the middle of the day when I lived on a hobby-farm in Western Australia. The climate was milder there.


I feel happy as can be in a field of grass on a mild day. Where there are only hills on the horizon and the trees grow sparce, the grass is flecked with flowers and the wind rolls through the grass, jostling the gum trees on its way. There was one farm in Western Australia in particular that gave me this feeling. It was so serene and free.


I also feel as peaceful, happy, and free as can be, when walking in the moonlight, a dog by my side, surrounded by the native scrub, hearing nothing but insects sing and the wind rustle, far from the noise of the city.


Music, games, books, anime, good movies, hanging out with family/friends, etc also make me happy, but not as happy as the things listed above. If I have my cute things, dogs, my boyfriend & family, and freedom, I willl never want for music nor video games, nor books, anime or movies. I'd still have the desire to draw, but that's it, really.


I'm living with my boyfriend and his parents at the moment, so I don't have the freedom I want, or my dogs, but I have my cute things and my boyfriend, so I'm mostly happy ^u^

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sleeping. my nice warm bed, playing games. christmas and being with family then. getting gifts. cats and dogs

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Skipping over the most common life values, Music.

Glorious awesome music.

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I'm actually working on a list of 100 things that I love/make me happy haha, but here's just a few.




-Rainy days




I'd say my boyfriend, but I don't think he'd appreciate me calling him a thing.

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-When a fanfiction I'm following is updated

-When someone gives one of my fics a good review

-When my cat chooses to sleep on my lap while Im watching TV

-Watching Big Bang Theory, Bones, How I met your Mother, InuYasha and Criminal Minds

-Eating Strawberry Pokey

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So many things biggrin.gif


At the moment, the existence of Depeche Mode makes me incredibly happy. Dave has got to be one of the most interesting human beings I ever came across.


Christmas is coming up, I'm so looking forward to baking cookies and buying presents for everyone and making new straw stars!


Laughing until I cry.

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What makes me happy? "hum" rolleyes.gif


Well! my ten Grandchildren,

having enough money for bills and food,

when a child stops crying,

when my cat is asleep "she cries a lot" laugh.gif

when justice has been done,

kindness to another being,

seeing the first buds of spring,


that's it for now or i would be here all night laugh.gif

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Talking with/roleplaying with/playing games with/basically doing anything with my two best friends, snuggling with plushes, Mountain Dew, reptiles/insects/arachnids/aquatic animals,

, being not dead. Oh yeah, and the colors purple, cyan, and electric indigo. Edited by Pika_Oi

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Storms. I love feeling the rain on my face, the tremble of thunder, catching hail, and watching lighning. Oh and the smell of rain. Swimming in the rain is nice too.

Purring soft fluffy cats <3


Horses. There's something about just being with them that makes me so happy.

Drawing. I can do it all day.

Fresh snow. It's so sparkly and white and just perfect.

Day dreaming out the car window.

Running barefoot outside. In mud, dirt, or thick soft green grass.

Riding my bike with no hands.

Free food.

Sleeping in.

Climbing trees. Even the scratches you get all over your arms and legs and the sticky, sweet smelling sap that never washes off.

Campfires. Watching it and feeling that bitter coldness melt away as the flames warm you.

Bubbles make me smile.

In orchestra, when you just stop playing and close your eyes and just listen.

Having my hair braided.

Gardening. I love my basil plants. Their smell is so calming.

Big words. I go overboard with word choice when writing papers.

Gel pens. Charcoal pencils.

Zombie tag and gorilla ball. Mainly the tackling people part of it.

Helping someone, volunteering, giving random presents. Doing good deeds.


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Playing sports, playing video games with friends, and going fishing with family. Just a few things that make me happy when I'm highly stressed. I love having a pond stocked full of fish right out behind the house.

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Things that make me happy are...

-Animals (Cats, especially)

-Good books

-Being able to hang out with friends

-Dragon cave

-Good grades

-New clothes

-Being with my family


-Sleeping in


-Laughing until I tear up




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Things that make me happy:


+ Cuddling

+ Cuddling with my partner

+ Getting new books (and reading new books)

+ Laughing and making other people laugh

+ When my best friend gets to come over

+ Music

+ Playing with my cat

+ Generally just having a good day, especially at school


All I can think of at the moment.

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