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Things that make you happy

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Singing always is an output for me, just being home alone and being able to crank it up and sing to my hearts content without having to worry about my brother storming in and asking/telling me to turn it down.


...then again that is pretty funny to me~

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Pumpkin spice lattes.


Sexy cars.

The wilderness.


My ukulele.

Working on my car (it's very soothing.)

Talking to the person I love most, even though she doesn't love me in the same way anymore.

My guitar.

My piano.

Writing songs.


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TF2. (And other games, like Minecraft, etc)

Friends. My friends are awesome.


Good feedback on my writing.

Sleeping. (Marathon sleeper lol)

Food. :D

Snow. I LOVE SNOW. So beautiful. (:


Uh... that's just a few off the top of my head, but I'm generally a pretty happy person.

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Fall (including the smell of the air, jumping in leaves, the colours of the trees. The works).

Rainbows and rainbow-ordered arrangements of things.


Reading, writing, doodling.

Etsy (a little too much - god help me when i get a credit card).


Mochas or hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint syrup in them. <3 Or hot chocolate stirred with a candy cane.


More recently, Homestuck, which I just got into.

Video games.

Star Wars.

Playing with Lego (yes i am a legal adult why do you ask).

Friends and being awesome with them.


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Recently, sleep.

Beautiful and fantastic, albeit absent sleep.




Also, my snake. He makes me happy. <3

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Being a teenager

Preferably all at once happy.gif

I realized. I could most likely do without oxygen, but I may. Need it to live.


Also, I love to sing, shuffle (I do that everyday) ,and listen to music. I love music.

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When my cat whines to be picked up and then lies belly-up in my lap and purrs.


Watching sparrows fluff and peck, or seeing a crow angle its wings to land.


Trees. Two of the trees out my office window are starting to turn deep cranberry-red and neon red-orange, and when the sky is blue behind them it's fantastic.


Being out somewhere by myself and feeling kind of lonely and wistful and then hearing an old song I love. Black Water by the Doobie Brothers or anything by Crosby, Stills and Nash is good for that.


Sitting on the couch with my husband eating dinner and watching a movie and pausing it every three minutes to talk about it.


Walking around in the woods and feeling like I have all the energy I need to walk anywhere I want.

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- Uni

- My job

- Reading a good book or some poetry

- Video games, particularly the oldie but goodies

- Loud, violent thunderstorms

- Training in martial arts

- Autumn in general =)

- Watching the bats dance around in the sky when the sun starts to go down

- Stargazing

- Doing a really good scene with my friend in our ongoing RP

- Giving my cats the attention they want when they start crying



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My bird, Sidney. Say hello Sidney.

Sidney: Chirp.

Sidney is a Cockatiel. She makes me happy when she chirps to me.

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Turning the pillow over.


The cool side of the pillow!


Hmm...let's see...

Reading/watching something funny.

That smell after a thunderstorm.

When you find money in the pockets of a pair of pants you haven't put on for a while...

...And its a $50

Talking to you people :3

Giving that one thing to someone that they really, REALLY wanted, then getting glomped by them.

Reading this thread :3 (Daaawwww.... xd.png )

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Music (making, listening, anything which is connected with music wub.gif)

Sunsets & Sunrises

Fantasy Books


Severus Snape with his all sarcasm and irony <3

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Singing in the car as loud as I possibly can. <3



And music. I wouldn't be able to survive without music.

It has kept me going through the toughest times of my life.

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Reading manga


Making people smile and laugh

Giving gifts

Planting new things

Seeing a blue sky after a couple cloudy days

The smell of fall, campfires, graphite pencils

My dog

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no school



my mother

my brother deen








video games

ben 10


a good school


and plenty of other things


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Cats and cat videos.

Food- mostly pizza and salty/sweet things.

My fish


When I find a song I really like.

When I make something really really good.

When I make someone happy.



That's all for now.

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Being with my little brother always makes me happy, since we only meet once a year, we always make the best of it.

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