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Things that make you happy

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Bread, salad, avacados and talking with my oldest sister and daughter.


Hugs from my grandson and memories of my husband.

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1. These Are A Few OF My Favourite Things...

2. If We Hold On Together (although sometimes nostalgic)

3. Piano Man by Billy Joel (a bit depressing yet merry in a way)

4. Somewhere Out There (sometimes nostalgic too)

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being complimented, or talking to someone i really care about

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Dragons, Wolves, strawberry cheesecake, green things, quiet places, wi-fi/internet and books.

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Bright sunny summer days and cool starry summer nights.

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Hoo boy, lots of things to go in here. Guess I'll rattle off a few.


The center of a big, sweet cinnamon roll.

Showing off my creations and buildings in minecraft.

Playing Prop Hunt with my brothers and friends.

As a prop, circling around a hunter in Prop Hunt to use up the time and win a match.

A brisk walk while listening to music.

Chilled, filtered water.

Reading about the nice things people do for one another on that 'Restore faith in humanity' blog.

Building up huge defenses in video games, and watching opponent armies splashing against it like water against a cliff.

Good pizza.


Sitting down with a good book and killing an afternoon.

Music that gives you goosebumps.

A huge thunderstorm with loud thunder (while inside, of course).

Laughing so hard I can't even breathe.

Finally getting a gold egg in Dragon Cave.


To name a few.

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Writing; it gives me a sense of fulfillment when I accomplish writing a piece.

Money- foreign currency; the money of a certain country tells a lot about the country like the beautiful scenery or famous people.

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Being able to hang out with friends

Getting off from work

A Diet Mountain Dew

My cat

My family


And lots of other things!

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eating sliced ripe tomatoes and mayonaise with salt and pepper, yum.

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There are many things that make me happy....

Football, my boyfriend, my on line friends....many more.

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Things that make me happy...


-Feeling like I accomplished something

-My dogs

-Friends and family

-Beautiful weather


-Staying warm on a cold day


-Going to Boston


-Getting into a good workout routine

-Good hair/makeup day

-Dragon Cave

-Making others happy


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When I do things that make other people happy smile.gif That's when I am the happiest I think

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Things with wings.


All kinds of birds. Chickens. Emus. Vultures. Hummingbirds.



Humid rain with distant thunder....

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Plans getting cancelled

The 'holiday season' - basically that blissful month between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Toast with peanut butter and banana slices

Waking up early, watching the news, and drinking coffee

'The Office' and 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Kittens purring (there is no sound quite as pure and heart-filling, I promise you)

Winning an argument

Wearing a hoodie

Buying makeup

Witnessing literally any animal in nature

Crossing things off my to-do list that have been causing me anticipatory anxiety

Being responsible for/supervising my little sister (I like being a temporary mom sometimes ok)

Being on a boat. That probably tops my list because I've never experienced sheer euphoria quite like I have the few times I've been on boats (to go fishing and whale watching). Idk why but I just really enjoy the feeling of being on a boat speeding along in the ocean.. Maybe I was a sailor in a past life. I'm the only one in my family who doesn't get horribly seasick. I ascend to an unearthly level of joy, it's exhilarating. I want to one day have my own boat.

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Running a certain distance within the time range I'm supposed to. ^-^ I just came back to track running (had been gone for 6 months) and I'm happy to see I'm quite a bit better than I thought I was.

And sleeping well, of course. Recently, I'd been sleeping so well, until life situations turned uncertain for me, since then I've been very anxious and having trouble with sleep. But whenever I do get the chance to have a beautiful good night's sleep I wake up the next morning - happy and grateful.

In general, I love doing better on any task than what I expected. I love to excel, but when I'm new to something I never know what to think.


Adding other stuff to this list:

Watching a great movie

Having an amazing time with my friends

Doing something crazy once in a while

Whenever I'm able to sing on key

When I work really hard and actually achieve a goal

Hugging and petting my animals [particularly, my cats]

Understanding math entirely (lol)

Talking about deep life stuff with people who understand

Cooking and having my dish turn out just right

Finding a good TV series to watch


Looking pretty

Apple pie

Getting my hair or nails done


Having nice dreams

Finding a new favorite song

Good memories

Running, horse-back riding

Not giving a darn about what people think

New clothes

My mom

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The thing that makes me the happiest, is my pet Ducks (and Geese, and Emu's, and Pony, and Chickens.) Love them so much, I can just sit and hug them and pet them all day. <3 But the object to that and want to go find snacks after a few minutes. :3

The christmas season, with everything so festive - I love it.

Maps - I have a serious obsession here, I just love maps and enjoy drawing them or tweaking them or even just reading them.

Thunderstorms, snow. I love the rain and I love watching the thunder, I've always loved snow, but I've only ever had two snow days.

Nostalgic video games from when I was younger. When I play them, I get flooded with memories of things that happened when I used to play them as a child.

Making other people happy.

The forest and mountains.

Writing and RPing.

Reading history, but it depends on the particular subject.

Certain cartoons/shows and music.

I feel like I'm forgetting quite a bit, I probably am, but the important part (my animals) is there. :3

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The first thing on my mind now is going a day at work without crying or harming myself. That makes me happy. It makes me feel like I am not a complete failure, it makes me feel like I can actually adult sometimes. That happened today.


I got a new kitten two days ago, she makes me happy. Black and white and so tiny and cute. I love her.


Rain, cool weather, my dog, watching Best Friends Whenever or Girl Meets World, going shopping when I actually have money to spend, reading, and writing. Those things make me happy. Especially writing.

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Something that makes me very happy is when my night-blooming cereus blooms. Which it just did, tonight. wub.gifbiggrin.gifwub.gif

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The fireweed/willowherb are starting to bloom, and the blueberries and lingonberries are well on their way.

Also, just had our first batch of home-grown strawberries as well. happy.gif

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Mountains, and deciduous forests

Moving water, like rivers and oceans. Shells are a bonus

Making someone's day on the forum with a surprise gift

Lightning and thunder, as long as I can stay out of the rain

Midnight snowfalls, when all the sound is muffled and the air seems to glow off reflected snow

Staying up all night watching a friend play old videogames and giving it the MST treatment. I haven't had anyone to do this with in years.

Finding a favorite author has put out a new book while I wasn't looking

Coleus plants. And any other houseplant with unusually colored leaves

Going to visit my parents and looking forward to home-cooked meals (I don't cook on my own)

Waking up early and knowing that I don't work that day and can stay in bed

Hearing a song I like come on the radio

Holding a warm, furry animal

Seeing a hawk, or any other wild predator

The smell of Christmas trees

Intricate, eye-straining painting projects

Being under heavy blankets when it's cold in my room. I sleep best that way.



Finding someone who likes the same books I'm crazy about

Unusual land formations

Sycamore trees

Crisp fall evenings

An armful of warm laundry right out of the dryer

Long walks

Full moons

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