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The Power Inside

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Imari stayed silent most of the time until orders were given on what they should do. Once Ceil left the room Imari stood up and dusted herself and then looked at Bastian. She gave him a little smile which caused him to stand up as well and walked over towards her. All of the sudden Bastian embraced Imari. She wasn’t shocked as she thought but gladly hugged him back. For all she knew he was the only family she had left. Ruffling his hair a bit they broke up their little family moment before looking at the others. Imari smiled at them knowing that most likely that they might not see each other soon again.


“Nova.” She whispered causing Drahual to appear outside the tower. The blue dragon fiend already knew what to do and headed off to do his chores. Imari in turn walked towards Khaine giving him a small pat on the back and a little smile. She hoped he would be fine. He usually got the bad end of things these days. She then turned to Diana. She knew their relationship wasn’t the best but she knew they could be friends, maybe one day. Giving her a smile Imari headed toward the door, disappearing into the darkness of the corridor.


Bastian felt relieved after the decisions were made. He also felt relieved to know his cousin was safe and that their relationship where stronger now than ever before. As Imari left the room Bastian himself summoned Areo and did the same as his cousin. He will have to meet up with a couple of soldiers at the entrance and continue his work there. He drew is attention to the other two that was still left in the room and smiled at them. Stepping to the door he waited for them to follow which caused him to think. He wondered if after helping the cleaning up the city if he would see them all again. He would like to see them again, some more than others. In the end he can’t wait to see what the future would hold


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Khaine stood there taken aback by everything that had been said. While Ceil was never going to get Khaine's 100% full support; largely due to the bullying he had to endure. He reluctantly had to agree that he was the only logical choice. He looked around the room watching everyone react to this sudden news.


When everyone began to go their seperate ways to do the task's they were assigned, Khaine simply turned around and headed down the corridor. Just because Ceil was now the new leader did not mean he was going to salute the man... or bow like one does when in the presence of someone of higher importance. Ceil was always going to be 'just the big mean teacher' that no school kid would ever admit that they respected.


"Gather a few soldiers..." those words continued to repeat themselves through his head, as Khaine nodded and left the room. How exactly was he suppose to do that... he was 15 and could barely be considered a summoner considering it hasn't even been 2 weeks since he first summoned Crixius... and now he had to order a few soldiers around... summoners with much more experience then he had and most likely several years older.... despite being the 'easiest task'... it was still going to prove difficult.. especially since many of the soldiers were recovering and probably unwilling to do any more hard work... much less obey a boy.


Down at 'ground zero' where everything was just as chaotic as it was before Khaine was wisked away by Imari and Drahaul, Khaine was struggling to gather soldiers. Many of them shoo'ed him away as they downed a pint of ale to celebrate their victory. It was only when Khaine came across fellow Earth summoners that he had personally walked along side with that he managed to get some help.


Standing atop Crixius, Khaine began calling out. Already Dozens of lost children were sitting at the large tent behind him, with more on their way. A few light summoners had volunteered to look them over.

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Rubbing his chest Ceil got up out of his chair and went to look out at the city that lay beyond his office window. It was strange to think that it had been a whole year since the Titans had marched upon Tehgrimm Suda, killing nearly thirty three thousand people as they moved across Wyhdori. Of course, as Ceil had later learned, that hadn't been of their own accord.


Jyeh, Ceil's predecessor as the Lord of Tehgrimm Suda, had come up with some bizzare plan to eliminate monsters all together, but at the cost of a vast amount of human life. He had had a number of those who supported his idea kidnap and experiment on Summoners across a span of several years, believing the gifts Vundiha had given to them held the key ro realising his plan. Their research had lead to the creation of the Titans, the warped souls of the Summoners who had survived having their crystals extracted. As Jyeh had been unable to control his creations for a long period of time, they had wandered across Wyhdori for three years, desperately seeking someone who would end their suffering. By the time Jyeh had discovered how to manipulate the Titans, his plans had been discovered, and was defeated before he could completely fufill his dream. Regrettably, a large number of people had still died.


Not wanting to incite any more panic or distress amongst the people it had been agreed to keep these details a secret. The general population believed that the Titans had been some fresh punishment from the Gods, just as the monsters had been over nine hundred years ago. When the Titans vanished just metres away from the city walls people dared to hope it was a kind of reprieve. Another chance bestowed by the Gods.


While there were a few who had their doubts, they had been able to uncover the truth. These days people were more cautious and rebuilding what had been lost had gone slowly and carefully, so as not to invoke the wrath of the Gods once again.


Ceil looked out across the plains. While he could not actually see it from here, he saw the small town of Niefir with his mind's eye. At first all new Summoners had been trained by the care of the military after the destruction of the school, but a few days ago the completion of the new school had been completed, and the teaching of young Summoners took place once again took place where it belonged.


Rubbing his chest again Ceil allowed himself a small smile as he thought about the school. He had been a teacher himself last year, but now a new girl was in charge. Diana. By the Gods, he thought he would never get rid of her.


Diana had enlisted in the miltary to finish her own training, which had horrified Ceil. He had also been slightly, secretly pleased that she was taking things seriously. He had made sure never to tell her that though. Even though she was now being trained by military instructors, Diana insisted on getting survival lessons from Ceil instead, as he had managed to survive in the wild for several years before taking a job as a tutor. Well, he told people it was what she wanted, but if he was honest he wanted to make sure she had the right skills for himself as well. It would really annoy him if she got killed because she made some stupid mistake with berries. Again.


When Diana had heard that they were building a new school she had insisted on helping and once again managed to 'drag' Ceil into teaching her what she needed to know. They had spent about four months working together to help Diana through her exams, but in the end she managed pass. Barely. The look on the examiner's face when Diana picked up the chicken. Good Gods.


Today would be the first day of lessons wouldn't it? That would explain what looked like a small column of smoke rising from Niefir's direction.


Going back to his chair and sitting down Ceil found himself thining about one of his other former students. Khaine. Khaine had never really liked Ceil, but Ceil was glad the boy was doing well. He had been one of the first people to try and rebuild his former home. The moment it was deemed safe to do so, Khaine had left for Zurt Lyordeur to see what he could do. Ceil had heard reports that the boy had spent many long hours digging through the rubble and earth for survivors. In the end, he had only found one, a young girl of three trapped in an air pocket. Pretty much everyone else had given up on finding anyone alive, but Khaine had refused to give up and had saved a child's life. Just in the nick of time too, from what Ceil had heard the girl was inches away from death when Crixius had carried her up to the surface. Thankfully after some care from a healer and plently of rest and good food, the girl recovered and was reunited with her aunt.


Khaine got a lot more respect from the military forces after that and now he was helping to rebuild the town. They were facing some difficulty because the Titan's attack had left the mountain surface rather unstable, but work was well underway to rectify that and a few houses and stores had even been built and opened.


Khaine wasn't the only one who had gone home to see what he could do. Bastian and Imari had returned to Usi Phiedn, but the tidal wave had swept everything clean away, even the buildings. You couldn't tell there had once been a village there.


After the cousins had returned to the mainland they went their seperate ways. Bastian took up fishing as he father had done to help supply people with food in this time of need. Areo was especially good at chasing fish right into the waiting nets and Bastian normally came back with quite a good haul. The shark had caused some comment though.


Imari had wandered around Wyhdori doing odd jobs here and there. A lot of military forces were dedicated to helping rebuild and as many Summoners had died fighting the Titans, there weren't that many people left to fight monsters any more. A few months ago she took on a new more permanet job. A large number of children had been orphaned after the Titan's attack, far too many to be taken in by neighbours and carng individuals. Imari took up a posistion at the orphanage built near Tehgrimm Suda's city center as a supervisor. She was immensly popular with the children, although that could have a lot to do with frequent rides on Drahaul's back.


Ceil's assistant Terrance entered the office and walked straight over to the filing cabinets in the corner of the room. He was a good man, if a little young. Keen and dutiful he reminded Ceil of another of his former students.


Arthur had not been seen or heard by anyone since he had disappeared shortly after Ceil had taken up his new post. The boy had just vanished without trace and for a while Ceil was worried, until the murders started.


Former members of the military had been found with either their throats torn out or encased in a deadly cold block of ice. The deaths had caused some distress amongst civilians and military personal alike, but the culprit was never caught. After three months and twenty eight dead, the murders stopped and people began to came down again. It didn't strike Ceil as at all odd that the murdered men and woman had been linked to Jyeh's plans. Arthur didn't like loose ends.


As for the boy himself, Ceil didn't know, but there had been strange rumours about Cymd. According to passing sailors and fisherman a light blue wolf could sometimes be seen on the beach, watching the world go past. No one dared approach though. They said it looked like a nasty, vicious creature and it would be best to leave it well alone.


Ceil settled back into his chair and held his hand over his chest. It was hurting quite a bit today, something the doctor would be sure to pass some comment about when he checked in for his weekly medical later. While Ceil did not fight any more, he did allow himself the occasional flight around Tehgrimm Suda to clear his head and spend time with his oldest friend, Seth. The large black Fiend was a regular sight around Tehgrimm Suda now. Just because Ceil spent all day cooped up in an office didn't mean Seth had to be.


With a little smile he shut his eyes. He was only twenty seven, but he felt old. A little shut eye before Terrance wandered over with today's papers wouldn't hurt.


Ten minutes later Terrance had finished sorting out the files and reports and approached his employer's desk. Several items needed signing for approval, two of which quite urgently. As he drew closer to Ceil he noted that the Lord of Tehgrimm Suda had his eyes closed and one hand over his chest. Had he fallen asleep? That was most unusal, but then again Ceil had been in many fights over the years. While he was still just a young man, his body had suffered dreadfully.




When Ceil did not stir Terrance placed the files on the desk and gently shook him. No response.




Terrance raised his hand to Ceil's neck and checked for a pulse. A moment later he was running out of the room, calling for help.


((Thank you all so much for playing and for sticking with me until the end. Cupcakes for everyone. Love you all. ~ Fortune.))

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((*snugs Chico*


I'm going to wait until Spirit has had a chance to read the epilogue and then I am going to request that the RP is closed.))

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((Just by the way, I tried to save the RP onto a Word document, but it didn't work. I've PM'd a mod about it, and they're looking into it, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't ask for it to be closed quite yet. <3))

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(Hey, have you tried printing it to a PDF and saving it to your computer? Not sure if that would work. I'm on my phone right now so I can't try the option. [i actually didnt know there was an option before that question!])

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((I think I have copy pasta'd what I want (mostly stuff from the first post), but this old laptop of mine won't PDF stuffs D:


I kind of feel that Chico is going through the whole RP and saving all of Ceil's posts...))

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((I'll try IE tomorrow. Maybe Firefox and Chrome hate DCF, but I don't think it's the case.

...Not exactly. But I do love Ceil. xd.png I took screenshots of the first page. xd.png But if worst comes to worst, I'll spend a couple of hours copy-pasting everything.


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((So I looked into it... I think the topic is too big. I can do it with smaller topics, but I can't seem to do it with this one large topic. It won't actually load on my desktop. I'll try again... However it may have to be done manually. ))

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