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Room of Requirements ~trading, Gifting, Breeding~

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Need a mate for;




Pm me! Thanks. smile.gif

You might want to ask in the Staircase lineage thread. I would think a mirror of the top dragon on your lineage might be a good mate and someone there might have something you can use.

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looking for a mate for



would like the CB pairs to be this:


CB white all three kinds of tinsel

CB white/Holly

CB white Spriters Ribbon dancer

CB white normal ribbon dancer

CB white rosebud

CB white spriter's rosebud


asked in the even gen thread, but why not try here too? It has to be like this because the white hatchie has spriter's alts in it too

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I'm looking for some help building a mate for this terrae. I've seen her lineage type described as "C-lineage," "boomerang," and "merged staircases." I'd like the mate to be the same lineage type, but am open to suggestions on the breed(s), if anyone can help.


I know it's been 2 months since you posted, and I haven't finished building it yet, but I am building a 5th gen arrow (that's what I call it tongue.gif). The breed combo is M swallow x F fog at the top, and M waverunner x F swallow at the bottom. I'm not building it fast enough since I don't have a plan for it, but if you think it would suit your purpose I can speed it up. smile.gif Let me know if you're interested.

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I need some breeding mates for some dragons:


Female White from mirrored lineage of this:



Female Ice/Winter checkerboard-like this:



Male mate to this, species from lineage prefered:



Male mate for this PB red:



Male mate for her:



Female mate for him, to make a C-shape:



Female mate for him, to make a arrow:



It's a lot i asked. I'm willing to breed my own dragons to help out other lineages as well.

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I'd need a 2nd gen White from male CB White & female CB Magma ninja.gif


If anyone could help with this, that would be awesome! Of course I'd be willing to breed something from my scroll in return - pm me to discuss it smile.gif

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I need a simple silver egg please. For my Trading Project. Everyone is asking for eggs but I can't breed them.


Looking for:


Two silver eggs. Will accept one if that is the only thing you have. (PM me please)




I'll breed anything off my scroll for them. Look around.


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Male mate for this PB red:



I am egg-locked at the moment, but I should be able to breed this for you when one of my eggs hatches. You will just need to influence it to get your male. Assuming my Reds are cooperative of course smile.gif

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CB Vine egg

CB blue nebula


Would give:


Anything on my scroll for both (tinsels are not included xd.png) or anything I can breed smile.gif

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I need your help!


My experience with lineages, stairsteps and all those things is: non-existent!


But now I happened to lay my hands on two beautiful eggs with stairstep lineage for that I need proper mates:


A 6th gen white Dorkface



A 6th gen Silver Tinsel



Who has any ideas regarding colours, lineage patterns etc. or can even breed an egg that fits?


For the white one I would prefer something in lighter colours, maybe another white or a bright pink, but for the Tinsel blink.gif ? Maybe a Tinselfail, one of the golden or bronzes with Terrae? I am open to suggestions.

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I am desperately seeking CB stripes, for my own stairstep project. I will happily breed anything I can for you, and I also have a chicken, thunder, and/or an origami to offer instead.





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I need a 2nd Gen male red from silver x red

CB male blacks, or CB female ices (which are harder to get nowadays? xd.png) for my stairstep

CB sunsongs for my lineage

A 4th Gen pure waterwalker male

A 2nd Gen male black from white x black

A 2nd Gen purebred FEMALE ember

A second Gen vine from black x vine (or a 2nd Gen black from that)

Male Ice from Ice mother and hellfire father. Or a hellfire from that.


PM me!


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I really need a cb ember that is male or able to influenced male so that I can compleate my tinsel gufting oath.


Thank you smile.gif


Pm me

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I *neeeeeeed* a CB blue neb hatchie and a female pink hatchie. D: Been trying to get them for a while, but with no luck.

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I've been looking for an exact copy of this lineage for a very, very long time http://dragcave.net/lineage/UVoe


I accept both hellfire and ice, as long it's an exact match. No, not a sibling please

My daughter has 2 cb female ices and a cb male hellfire. We can try breeding a mate for your dragon

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I need a CB Stripe that I can influence female, in order to continue a stairstep for a silver tinsel I'm getting. I will be willing to give you a future bronze tinsel with a lineage like this in exchange.

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1 male and 1 female tinsel hatchies for mates for my two tinsels (which hopefully will not gender wrong)


willing to give-

the 2nd egg they breed together (the tinsel eggs not tinsel fails)

or other things you say it and you got it (unless its an egg or hathcie already on my scroll those are all needed!)



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I have a 4th gen PB Shallow (all first gen mothers are Magi -> lineage)


I chose the wrong father to get a clean 5th gen and would love to swap it for a similar unrelated Shallow. sad.gifxd.png


It should be unrelated to her: 5th gen


and these two


3rd gen

3rd gen


Will gift it away otherwise, so that I don't accidentally inbreed...


You would make me absolutely happy if you could help me here!



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I'm looking for the rest of my Trio

I have my Ice egg but would like to get my hands on any Generation any Gender any Parentage or Linage





I know the old addage goes on this one Beggers can't be choosers so as long as it is a Thunder or a Magma I will happily take it no Questions Asked I just ask that it has a Polite kind semi serious name if it is a Hatchy nothing like sukmi(you know the rest) that kind of name is not really wanted amongst my Dragons in my Scroll as it would be a dragon that would be shuned by the others.


Thanks So much.


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I'm looking for a mate for this dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/tRk4f


I'd be really happy with a 8th gen even egg or female hatchling that it's not related to. Because the this one's lineage is very pretty, if the female or egg has a pretty checkerboard or a few rares/holidays mixed into the line, that would be perfect!



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