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Room of Requirements ~trading, Gifting, Breeding~

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I'm looking for a mate for this gold http://dragcave.net/lineage/lbkgH (7th gen from 6th gen arrowhead)


The bred of the mate is not important at all (even if I'd like if it were not an ultra-common, so that they could breed a gold offspring sometimes tongue.gif ), but I'd love it to be another 7th gen from arrowhead lineage


Can anyone breed something similar? Of course I'm willing to trade for it.



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Hi I'm looking for a couple of dragons to continue my Pink x old Pink love. I wasn't around when old Pinks were in the cave so I'm trying to make up for lost time. I will breed whatever I can as a trade. Thanks for your time!


Here is what I have






and look how pretty the offspring is




Would LOVE to be able to continue this. Have a great weekend.




http://dragcave.net/user/KillingFrost <------scroll smile.gif

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Got one - Thanks smile.gif

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During Valentines Day-events I managed to grab a lot of beautiful 2nd Gens, and now I am hunting for mates. If someone can help me, I would be very grateful, and willing to give something in return.


I like chequered lineages, that is why I'm asking for 2nd Gens instead of just grabbing CBs.


I would like:

user posted image 2nd Gen Moonstone from regular Sweetling. Got this from Keolah. Thank you!

user posted image 2nd Gen Daydream from regular Sweetling. Got it, thanks!

user posted image 2nd Gen Moonstone from Rosebud. Got this, thank you sorenna!

user posted image 2nd Gen Golden Wyvern from Heartseeker. Got this from Harrisheart, thank you!

user posted image 2nd Gen Red from Heartseeker. I need two of these, since I got a Red and it refused, so now I need a mate for her too. ^^' Got one from Dinora, and more from sorenna, thank you!


If someone can help, I would be so glad, and of course reward the breeder if she/he wished. smile.gif


ALL my Valentine-mate requests were fullfilled! Thank you all!

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user posted image CB Vine egg




MALE pink hatchie!! I'm desperate! tongue.gif Lineage not important! (Take advantage of my desperation, lol--PM me if you'd also like me to breed you something from my scroll!)



Time window of desperation all used up, heh, all up to chance now! tongue.gif (You can still feel free to PM me if you'd like me to breed you something from my scroll, tho, i never mind that. ^__^)

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would like another egg to go with the new dragon eggs. i can only manage to grab the one and i would like a second one so i ave a breeding set. i could breed you any of the dragons i currently have if you want a trade for it

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I am looking for a mate for this Electric. It MUST be a Thunder. Help me find a partner!


Also looking for a mate for this water dragon. Mate MUST be a Magi. I have a 2nd gen, but she outright refused him and I would love to have a new one to try with. A female Magi or an egg from that similar lineage.


Another one...I would love a 3rd gen GREY from this lineage (different mates obviously).


Please help me! Especially with the Thunder! I will trade CB Trios for a Thunder like that!

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Hi smile.gif


I thought maybe someone here might be able to help me out.


I'm looking to trade for a sibling of this Black.


I'm also on a hunt for 2nd gen Whites male White x female Tinsel, from all Tinsel colors, except Bronze, to create a mate for Chocolate Stocking Stuffer, also taking 3rd gens from the Tinsel fails, but they need to be in a very specific order, which is why I am trying to stick to acquiring the 2nd gens xd.png Finding the owner of Milady Common Alba would help me out a lot since Penk's list for Tinsels/commons seems to be pretty permanently closed


I'm willing to trade anything I can breed with a few exceptions that are listed on my profile, or work out a deal to catch some CB dragons.


Thanks to anyone that can help, and many thanks to those who have already!

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Hoping someone can provide an 8G Red from Yulebuck X Red stair. Not from (original Yule) VKne.

PM to discuss trading details if you can help me please.


*Yules already in lineage are: VKne, Roodolph, Cometeh, Jingle in my Pants, Jingle Dancer, Ser'Comet, Ser'Cupid.


I need it as a mate for this so that I can create a mate for this beauty.

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I hope someone can help me smile.gif

I'm looking for these:

2nd gen GW from Gold mother, as a mate for her.3rd EG Red. Perfect checker Male Red x Female Gold, as a mate for her.3rd EG Blusang. Perfect checker Male Silver x Female Blusang, as a mate for him2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from Royal Blue mothet, as a mate for her. Please, if you know who could breed me this, let me know.I'll do my best to pay back smile.gif


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I'm in need of a mate for these dragons


3rd gen female white from male silver checkered



I'd love a 3rd gen silver with same lineage or a mirrored (M white x F silver) 3rd gen white



4th gen red from female frill start



I'd love a red with same lineage or mirrored (all frills to be male or all to be female)



Probably the harder one: 4th gen sunstone from M marrow x F sunstone checkered



Dream would be a sunstone with same or mirrored lineage. I'm able to breed 3rd gen sunstones from female marrow checkered (sibling of http://dragcave.net/lineage/GAttU) so if anyone had a 3rd gen marrow from M sunstone x F marrow checkered I could give them the mate for it.


Another idea would be a 4th gen something blue (moonstone, swallowtail..) x marrow checkered



Can anyone help? smile.gif

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Beautiful lineages there - sorry I can't help.

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I have a HUGE request.


user posted image I would like to have a 4th Gen Gold with a spiral lineage from Shadow Walkers. I have 2 male Golds with this lineage, but no CB Shadow Walkers. :/


Here are my boys:


Goldmeadow Deimos

Goldmeadow Shadow Element


If someone could help me and breed a Gold dragon with similar lineage, I would be SO happy, and of course I could breed/catch the breeder something for the egg. smile.gif



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Looking for a 3 gen silver x rosebud checker or silver x val 2009 , or silver x arsani as a mate for a 3 gen silver x sweetling checker


Can breed you a 2 gen gold or silver with mate of your choice or breed you something else



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I have two different tinsel that didn't gender right so I need them to be arrows instead. wink.gif


http://dragcave.net/lineage/UjbfY and http://dragcave.net/lineage/HZN8A .


Would love to get nice mates for them! If you can help out please pm me, thanks very much! laugh.gif


Thanks Troubletail for responding! biggrin.gif

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I am in desperate need of an ER male Horse hatchling! Outside of that, if anyone can help me with finding a silver matching this lineage I would trade whatever I can. I would also love a 3rd gen PB EG Sunrise like this dragon. Must be male and unrelated to that lineage.

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I doubt my requests can be fulfilled, but I might as well give it a try.


I'm looking for a day glory drake born on April 1st, 2013, as it's my birthday, and I think is this quite possibly my favorite breed. Preferably female.


I'm also looking for a dragon born on April 1st, 2013. I can influence to be male (which is what I'm looking for). Breed does not really matter, but a nebula or night glory drake would be amazing. This represents a particular person.


April 1st means a lot to me as it was both my 20th birthday and my firsts in a few things.


If you don't have either of those, I'm still looking for ALL dragons born on April 1st as they might fit one of these anyway.

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i need a 5th gen bronze tinsel arrowhead from a lineage of bronze tinsel males x any blue species and a lineage of silver tinsel females x any purple species (preferably within this week because i need it as a mate) pm me if you can breed something like this so we can work something out btw i need it as a mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/YFef2

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Okay... I need a male silver with a clean lineage of male silvers and female whites. Must be stairstep or spiral. Non-inbred. This is just for a little project. But if you have something better that is silverxwhite, please let me see. Thank you so much for reading smile.gif

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Hi! I have a looong list xd.png! I'm looking for mates for these little ones:


2nd gen pink x silver


2nd gen Black x Heartseeker


3rd gen Golden Wywern x Winter Magi base


3rd gen SwallowTails x Silver base


4th gen pink with silver x old pink base


2nd black x silver and 3rd gen black x silver checker


3rd gen black x ice


3rd gen black x valentine


3rd gen black with Snow angels base


Would love to breed things in return! I can breed this 3rd gen thunder x lightning as well as 2nd gens! =)


Thanks for your help! =)

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