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Broskii Region [OOC Thread]

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Ok so here is your Team:


Deino lvl 14

Lillipup lvl 11

Starly lvl 12


And these are your items:


Great Ball

Moon Ball

Rose Incense


You'll be starting at Greenwood Forest, at the beggining of the day. You can have wild battles there too, if you want. But keep this in mind: You can only have 3 battles against wild pokemon each RP day, and only 1 trainer battle. Of course, that doesn't counts events, but that is normally the norm, so, each day your pokemon can gain up to 4 levels.


So, from Greenwood Forest, you can get to Route 3, there is a PokeCenter there, is like a regular country house, but provides the services of a Pokemon Center. "This" RP day you can et up to half of Route 3, that will give everybody time to get to the city at the same time. And if you want to meet up with people, there are three persons at the PokeCenter on Route 3 and gist and myahoo are roaming Route 3.


For having wild encounters (up to 5 per day, but only 3 of them can be battles) you only post "wild encounter please" or something alike in brackets at the very end of your post. Same goes when you want an item encounter. And if you only post "encounter" you can get either of them, NPC action or a plot event.


Ah, and before I forget, fill out the Character's "Complete Update" form for the Characters Thread so everybody can take a look at your team and items and your current position.


So, you can satrt posting now! biggrin.gif

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cant help to wonder why nobody has psted in a while... if this continues, as I don't have time to PM everyone each time inactivity happens I'll have to have this RP closed, so, if you want this to continue, post!

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