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The Tribes OOC

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That'll work. I'm no good at coming up with names either tongue.gif


Alright, I can't post until someone else does. I'm hoping someone will keep the ball rolling, as this RP is too good to just die.

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I was wondering if i could make my character to not be an "awakened" weredragon


And i intend to make him grow during the RP if that's OK.

I want to join!


Character's Name:Alex


Third Animal Form:Lion

Appearance: (in words, or a picture if you can find one, of all three forms; include colors)Human:He stands at 6 feet tall with light colored skin and an average build.His eyes are a deep blue and his hair is light brown.


Lion:He is a an adult lion with a fluffy and flowing mane.THe fur all over his body is of a lighter color then the manne wich is more of a light brown.his eyes are blue.


Dragon:He is a 9 foot tall sapphire colored dragon.He has large muscles that are made for lifting or fighting.He was two spiral horns on his head.His eyes are a greenish-blue color.His wing span is of 9 feet with his wings outstretched.

PersonalityHe has a loving nature but he has an aggressive side to himself.He can be to rash sometimes and that often gets him into trouble.He is also very hard headed.

Tribe:Loner(for now)


Favored Element/Breath Power: (only choose one, and it must be natural ((like water, fire, etc)))Ice or frost.He can withstand freezing temperatures and he can spit icicles and breath an icy breath the can freeze most animals and plants.

History: He wandered into the forest by chance while he was dared by his classmates to do so.He doesn't know about his true nature yet(gets bitten in the RP i guess)His mom has disappeared a long time ago and his Dad died 8 years ago.He has been living alone for a very longtime.

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How has he not been found? Since the forest only consists of the Sares and Laeas territory, he has to have been spotted sometime. It's also really hard to survive as a human in the forest because of so much wild things.

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i meant like he lived in a city outside or something as a human without knowing of he he actually was then he got dared to go there so he goes gets attacked and bitten i guess and then you know what happens:p

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alexxo97, please read the rules before you post. Your post should contain two paragraphs of near-perfect grammar, if not more. Please edit your post. THis is your first official warning.

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OMG GUYS I'M ALIVE. I'm sorry I disappeared... I got busted for having a profile on here, and then I sort of... forgot about it with the chaos called school. Please forgive me!!!

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