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Metallic Trade Center (No prize "haves" allowed)

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Have: Caveborn red copper with kmRNG code.

Trade link


Want: Just one yellow caveborn zyumorph, any growth stage.

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Silver_hatchi.gif CB Silver hatchling, will be male according to precog



2G Silver Lunar Herald from Gold Tinsel x Gold Lunar Herald (it's the correct season atm!)

...or other offers! See profile for things I like & feel free to PM if you have any questions.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!

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CB silver female hatchie (ungendered)

CB Gold male hatchie (so far ungendered)

CB Gold female hatchie (already gendered)




For Gold(s) -


ND (need male/ungendered for scroll completion)

2G Gold/Silver tinsel (from any mate except GoN, Rosebud, or another CB Prize)

2G Gold shimmer from any mate (except other prize)

CB silver (several...I love silvers)




CB male Script hatchies

CB fem Red Nebula hatchies

2G Striped River male from Sunsong mother

2G Sunsong female from Striped River father

3G Striped River checker from Sunsong like this one (unrelated, male if hatchie)

Black Tea like in sig

3G Falconiform from White checker like this one (unrelated, female if hatchie)

Or offers?

CB Tan Ridgewing females

CB Red Dorsals


PM if interested. A few of these are in public trades (male CB Gold and Blusang hatchie...almost out of teleports)

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