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Another Art Thread? Oh JOY


Requests: OPEN

Back from vacation


I know some people charge eggs as a fee for their drawings, so I guess I won't do that. The only dragons I need is rares, and my art quality is stupid nonetheless to deserve one. But I do accept practically anything.

More likely you'll walk away one egg richer, due to my stupidly kind nature.

And with a stupid doodle too.



General Rules/Facts:

Bolded = important. Bien?

1) Don't spam me with egg requests. Please?

1a) I hold all rights to not breed my dragons for you. Go and flame me.

2) I tend to chat

3) I will draw almost anything

3a) Dragcave fanart might be slow, since I have to research if the artist allows fanart

3aa) If the artist does not, too bad.

4) Do not request when slots are full

5) It takes me a long time to do stuff, school and whatnot interferes.

6) I am slow. I do not deny. I will get it done...eventually



What to Expect: (timeframes)

Not-complex digital: somewhat short

Somewhat-complex digital: little long

Complex Digital: Long

Traditional (any kind): Long!

Procrastination/Friday bursts not counted :3


Request form:



Ref: (if any)


Type of drawing: (sketch, digital, etc)




1) willapigfly: digital puppy

2) The ComingUp: sketch rabbit




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Reserved for art pickup


Size issue

For applemcsauce, as stated on the drawing xd.png That pink came out HORRIBLE.

Feel free to rescale it, just don't remove the signature.


user posted image

I think I have a habit of writing who its for on the drawing. Anyways, modeled after this bunny. The clovers were a bit hard to do though.

(Dang I forgot the '1' in your username)

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Don't hurt me if I wasn't supposed to post D:


Username: applemcsauce

Drawing: A regular sweetling and a female pink, with a sweetling egg and a pink egg.

Pose: The two adults should be curled around the eggs :3

Ref: None, sorry D:

Text: None

Type of drawing: I'd prefer digital, but it really doesn't matter. ^^


Thank you so much for drawing this! I don't care how long it takes, I can be patient x)

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Thank you 8D


Its okay, its a serious art thread. You may post all you want o3o

I'll try to finish it by finals, which is in two days D8

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Drawing:Bunny in patch of clovers

Pose:hunched. like a bunny



Type of drawing: Digital

I dunno, with your style in applemcsause i feel like this would be kyoot.


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Are you fine with not getting it for a month-ish? I'm going on vacation today and I'm not taking my tablet (which, I actually use for everything).


I actually might do a traditional and then a digital coloring/outlining

Also, I might do a brown bunny

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Finished request for hotbottleo'water1


And this counts as a bump back to business of sorts

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It's SOOOOO cute!


No problem.


In return I decided to join Nyoka. DAT HAYS IN YOUR SIG

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May I request?



Type of drawing: digital

Notes:Can it have brown and white spots and have a heart shaped marking on it's fur over one eye?


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Drawing: Wabbit wearing a top hat!


Pose: Sitting





(\_(_)_/) <---Pose kind of like this?


Text: "We're all mad here"


Type of drawing: Sketch


Notes: Alice in Wonderland FTW! :] had to add that


if you want me to change something, I definitely can

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willapigfly and TheComingUp:

I will start working on those! Might take me two days, and it depends if I am going away for the weekend.

(ergo I might finish the rabbit first since sketch =pencil)

Edited by Helix

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