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Song Name Game

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Please read the rules:


Game rules are easy (mostly) wink.gif. Last letter of the song title from the post above should be the first letter of the song title you post.


Here's a small clarification for figuring out what the actual start letter for songs are. smile.gif


When you're alphabetizing book or song titles, rule of thumb is article words such as "a" "an" and "the" are ignored. So proper alphabetizing for the song "the Emperor Waltz," would be: "Emperor Waltz, the," with "the" being virtually ignored in the response...so you'd need a song that starts with a "z."


Playing Example #1:


Post#1: Let It Bleed ~ The Rolling Stones


The next song title needs to start with a "D" like this:


Post#2: Do You Know What I'm Seeing? ~ Panic! At the Disco



November Rain - Guns N' Roses

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