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Song Name Game

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Since nobody else has resurrected it since the wipe, I guess I will.


Game rules are easy (mostly) wink.gif. Last letter of the song title from the post above should be the first letter of the song title you post.


Here's a small clarification for figuring out what the actual start letter for songs are. smile.gif


When you're alphabetizing book or song titles, rule of thumb is article words such as "a" "an" and "the" are ignored. So proper alphabetizing for the song "the Emperor Waltz," would be: "Emperor Waltz, the," with "the" being virtually ignored in the response...so you'd need a song that starts with a "z."


Playing Example #1:


Post#1: Let It Bleed ~ The Rolling Stones


The next song title needs to start with a "D" like this:


Post#2: Do You Know What I'm Seeing? ~ Panic! At the Disco




Playing Example #2:


Post 1: Highway To Hell ~ AC/DC


The next song needs an "L" and a valid play is:


Post#2: The Look of Love ~ Naked Eyes


As "The" would be ignored.







So to kick it off...



Bob ~ Weird Al



Thanks to Stormcaller for the clarification suggestion. biggrin.gif

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Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford

Since the Y was missed in this one I will do it. Please note you are to use the last letter of the song name for the new song name.



You Light Light Up My Life ~ Debbie Boone

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(( Sorry about Don't Look BacK - Boston, but I was trying to do THAT one.

Wends managed to get in her Kiss something before I posted Karma Charmeleon.

Imo, my song is better anyway. More fun.

Lovin' would be easy if your colors were like my dreeeams red gold and greeeeen...))


Safety Dance - Men without Hats

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Don't worry about it. This thread is such that most of us have to take a minute to think up an appropriate answer and during this time, someone else can post. It does help if you take a moment to check the thread to be sure the continuity is there before moving on.


End of the Innocence - Don Henley

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