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The Franklin Hayne Orphanage

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Chip let go of Rocket when she reached over for Kitten. It always perplexed him when he saw how energetic the little ones could be. Seeing Kitten running about only added to his confusion, but he didn't mind it so much as long as it made them happy. He stood up from the table when he noticed the other orphans leaving. It was testing time.


Doll had followed everything like she normally did every morning. Her doll clutched in one hand and food being shoved into her mouth with the other. Nothing out of the ordinary except the lingering smell of vomit. Of course, Chip wasn't anywhere to be seen at her table. It wasn't her position to tell him where he had to be, so she didn't speak up about it. Instead she ate her meal in silence with the others around her and made her way over to the testing room. Her doll was still clutched in her hand. When she was almost out of the cafeteria, she saw Chip and immediately grew excited. "Chip!" she cried as she rushed up and jumped on his back for a piggy-back ride. Her doll banged against his chest, but he caught her legs at his sides and carried her forward like nothing had even happened.


"You seem excited," he commented.


"That's because I haven't seen you all morning!"


"I'm sorry about that. I'll be sure to sit with you at our next meal, okay?"




"I'm promise, Doll," Chip laughed. Sometimes Doll required a bit more attention than the others. It was fine with him, though. She was one of the ones that could still smile. He swung Doll beneath his arm and caught her in front of him, much to the squealing delight of the young girl, and placed her neatly in one of the waiting chairs. He examined the room for any clues of what was going on today, but he got nothing. The tables were mostly empty. He took a seat beside Doll and started counting the seconds until one of the testing staff members came in.


Seventy six seconds. That wasn't that long of a wait. They must be in a hurry today. The staff member quickly explained that this test was for a new flu vaccine. The call for volunteers was given and Chip was the first to stand and head over to one of the tables. What was better than being the guinea pig for the guinea pigs? The alcohol swab was quickly swiped over a small spot on his arm before the needle was pushed in with more than a little forcefulness. He winced but tried not show too much pain. He didn't want to discourage the younger ones so early. Already he could feel their eyes burning into him. Was this test an easy one? Would it work? Would he die?


Die? The thought had crossed Chip's mind many times before, but now that he was seventeen it was happening more often. He only had three months left until his birthday. That was three months of probable death before he made a new record at the orphanage and was finally set free. No one had managed to live past seventeen, though he often wondered why it was that specific number. Call him paranoid, but he knew something was up. Nobody reaching the age of eighteen had to mean something.


By the time his thoughts had hit full circle, the needle was out and he was being escorted back to the chairs. Already he could feel a migraine building up as his vision blurred. His legs felt like jelly and the words coming out of the testing assistant's mouth sounded slurred. He took a seat in a chair and placed both hands on his legs to keep them from shaking. Don't show weakness. Don't show weakness. Gosh! He wanted to scream or something already. The pain in his head was growing faster and faster and his hands felt like they were going to let go of his legs at any moment. He could hear the testing assistant say something along the lines of "Waht saaid affecctsss urrrrrr yeeewwwww feeeelaaaannnn?"


"M-my head really h...hurts," Chip mumbled in reply. Don't show weakness. Don't show weakness. Maybe they killed the orphans before they turned eighteen. Was this how they did it?


Doll watched Chip in absolute horror. She clutched her doll even closer to her chest as she watched Chip sit back down with shaking legs and eyes that looked like they were fading into some netherworld. She shrunk into her chair and tried to appear invisible. Maybe the testers wouldn't choose her next.

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When the staff asked for any more voulenteers before the other kids would be foced, Ex immediatly raised her hand and walked to a testing table next to Chip. She saw the effects that were takig over Chip but Ex wasn't scared. She figured that the sooner she finished the experiments, the sooner she could take a shower.


Shower time was Ex's favorite time of the day. The cool water beating over her head provided her with the peacefullness to think that she could hardly ever get while in the cafeteria or sleeping quarters. Even though the shower only lasted for 3 minutes max, it wsa 3 minutes in heaven.


One of the staff members swabbed Ex's arm and stuck the needle into it, inserting the clear liquid. The needle went far into the muscle, but Ex had become used to pain. The effects were immediate. Her vision became blurred and her heart seemed to be pounding out of beat while on fire. Suddenly, her vision went completly black.


"So, what are the symptoms?" Said a staff member to Ex's right.


"Uhh," She replied while clutching her chest and blinking her eyes. "I can't see anything and my chest feels like it's on fire."


Ex wasn't scared about her vision becoming black. It ad happened a few times before this, once due to bad eye drops. She felt another pinch on her arm, no doubt another injection. This one had a different effect. Her vision bacame a bit better but still left black spots. Her heart started to beat regularly again but it still felt like someone had smothered it in gasoline and set it on fire.


She turned to where she thought the staff was. "I think that helped a bit. I can sort of see you," she said to the figure to her right. He/She jotted down a few noted on her clipbord.

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After Ex went, Skyla volunteered to go next. She layed down on the experimentation table. The woman to her right then took out a long needle with a strange liquid inside of it. She shot Skyla in the arm and Skyla's head suddenly became excrutiatingly painful. She suddenly felt like someone was stabbing her in the stomach with a knife, and her vision became blurry. She hated these experiments. She always had some of the worst side effects.


"What are your side-effects?" The woman next to Skyla asked.


"Isn't it kind of obvious?" Skyla shot back with what she thought was an evil glare.


"What are your side effects?" The woman asked in a stern voice.


"...Terrible stomach pains, blurry vision, and a terrible headache." Skyla answered angrily.


"Okay, you may go." The woman replied, writing down things on her notebook.


Skyla got up and staggered back to the waiting area.

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Twitch tried to hid and be unnoticeable but that was hard to do when you always had a twitch and constantly shaking hands. A guard approched him while he tried to shy away until finally the guard grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to one of the medical tables, the while time Twitch was silent as he decided it was his fate to be medically tested again the only thing he did was hold his shamrock necklace and pray that it was over quickly.


The needle was injected into his arm and he paused as he waited for something to happen. Then he felt it, there was a tickling deep in his throat which ment he was about to cough and that was accompanied with a headache and blurring vision.


"Do you feel any side-effects?" The woman who had injected him asked.


Twitch didn't answer but just coughed into his hand and when he looked at his hand there was blood in his hand and a little blood was still on his lips. The woman signed and wrote something on her clipboard before gesturing for the guard to take him to get treated for the intermal bleeding, the whole while Twitch continued to cough up blood into his hand and arm. "H-help me." Was the only thing he could mutter as the guard dragged him away.

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“Sure Kit.” Rocket said, replying to both of Kitten’s questions. It wasn’t like she was going to stop anyone from singing if it would make them slightly happier, and little Kitten’s dress was awfully big.


Rocket sat down in the experiment room, waiting impatiently for what today’s experiment would be. A flu vaccine. Rocket stared at the needles in horror. She took back all of her previous comments. She wanted exploding hair dye. She wanted puking kids. What she didn’t want was needles. She could handle anything but needles!


Rocket stared at the experiments happening in front of her. Chip volunteered, no surprise there, quickly followed by Ex and Skyla. Normally, Rocket would have been competing with Chip for the first go, so she would improve quicker and be able to help the smaller kids. If that wasn’t a possibility, she liked being last. Today was one of those days. She really, really wanted to get this stupid thing over with, but there was no way she would volunteer for an injection.


Clearly no one cared that Rocket didn’t want an injection. The only person picked before her was Twitch, and she almost rose up to yell at the staff for how nonchalant they were acting. He was coughing blood! The man from the cafeteria noticed her, and with an evil glint in his eye, grabbed Rocket’s arm and pulled her up to the medical table. The blond girl stared wide eyed at the needle as they prepared it. The alcohol swipe crossed her arm, and a member of staff picked up the needle.


Rocket yanked her arm back, forgetting about kids, staff and medical experiments. The only thing that mattered right now, was the fact that she was about to get a shot. Someone held her down, and Rocket turned her head and forced her eyes shut. You’ll be ok. You’ll be ok. It’s just a shot Rosie, just a shot. You’ll be fine, She chanted and with a pinch in her arm, the vaccine was injected.


“Side affects?” one of the staff asked. “Wh...Wha...” Rocket was going to answer...something... but she felt the room spinning around her. Her upper body started rocking in circles, and with a thump she fell to the ground, unconscious.


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The girl's lifeless eyes roamed around the quickly emptying cafeteria. So, it was time now? A sick smile spread across her face at the thought of what she was going to do. They weren't going to get her. Not this time, anyway. The guards considered her the 'problem child,' the one never listening or obliging. Kyria stayed in her chair, staring straight ahead. The slimy cheese roll was congealing and the fruit juice wasn't looking too appetizing; she wasn't going to eat that. Perhaps the reason why she was so thin and small was the fact that she didn't eat much of this... 'food,' if you could even call it that.

Heavy footsteps behind her alerted the tiny teen to a guard. Hey - get to the experiment room. Now. The sickening smile stayed upon her face. 'No.' He was right behind her, now. Whistling to herself, she twiddled her thumbs, hoping to infuriate him even more. She could almost feel the tension building up within him. Go. With that, he picked her up by the scruff of her dress. Gasping at the sudden closing of her windpipe, Kyria's hands went up to her neck, trying to loosen the collar. Being swung around, she was now face to face with the guard. Dropping everything that looked like she was panicking, the sick smile returned. 'You'll never get me in there, jerk.'

The one thing this guard had forgotten was that, even though she was small, she could throw a good few punches. Bringing up a tightly clenched fist, his jaw met her punch. With an angry roar like an elephant, he shook her around, and sunk a fist into her stomach. 'Gahr!' Her lungs seemed to stop working, and her hands went to her stomach. The smile had dropped, and her face was twisted into a grimace. Looking up, Kyria met his angry glare. You're going in. With that, he carried her to the door, with her kicking and scratching him. Flinging her in, she landed on the floor with a thump. The door slammed shut, and she was in the middle of the room, blood dripping out of her mouth onto the floor.

Standing up, her pale eyes focused on the tiles beneath her feet. The teen knew that she must have internal bleeding somewhere... The blood kept on dripping out of her mouth as she collapsed into a chair. Her arm jerked away as they prepared to inject her. She hissed at them to leave her alone, yet this only resulted in two of them forcing her to stay still, and one injecting her. Immediately, a burning pain ripped through her body, forcing her to scream out. Hands clutching at her stomach, she clawed at her abdomen as blood continued to rise through her throat, pooling in her mouth, then seeping out.

The woman noted down something, then injected her again. It must-ve been something to relieve the pain - it eased a bit, and she relaxed again. Nodding ofr her to go to the waiting room, Kyria slowly walked out, head down. The metallic taste in her mouth let her know that the bleeding wasn't going to stop anytime soon. That damned punch had been accurate, getting to her organs easily. The red liquid came on her lap as she sat down, staring off into the distance.

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Chip gripped his legs with whatever strength he had left. There was no way anyone was going to see him shaking. His eyes were squeezed shut as the testing assistant continued to prod him for answers about his side effects. He kept shaking his head over and over again. No no no no! He couldn't hear the stupid assistant! That's what he was trying to say, but it seemed that she kept noting no for all her questions. Her voice sounded bored and nasally as she continued to interrogate. Chip knew she wasn't noting anything she actually observed with him. If this had been a real doctor, he knew he would have been asked to lay down and sleep it off by now. Maybe he would have been taken away in a stretcher. That sounded nice right about now.


Chip opened his eyes long enough to see the blurred image of Rocket being injected. He shut his eyes again when he noticed how bright the room was and how much worse it made his head feel. The assistant finally walked away, her heels clacking loudly on the tile floor. It was so loud. He opened his eyes again so that he could give her an evil glare before he had to shut them again, but his eyes caught sight of Rocket again. This time she was on the floor, unconscious. If there was anyone this orphanage still needed, it was her.


"Rocket!" Chip managed to rasp as he tried to stand up to rush to her side. He made it a few steps before his legs collapsed beneath him. The shaking had stopped, but now he could feel them going numb. This was not good. This was definitely not good. He pulled himself up into a sitting position with his hands while he called out Rocket's name a second time. A couple of guards had finally noticed what was going on and reached for Chip's arms to drag him away. Disturbances were annoying to them, especially if it involved loud children. Chip managed to shove the first set of hands away, but the other guard was faster. He felt the grip tighten on his left arm as the other grabbed his right and began to drag him away.


"Can't you stand up, kid?" one of them growled. Chip shook his head in reply as he closed his eyes again. It was so bright in here.



Doll clutched her doll even closer to her chest. There was blood. There was blood and there was screams and Chip and Rocket had both fallen and Twitch was coughing up blood while being dragged away and the world felt like it was ending all over again. Just a typical day at the orphanage. Kyria had gotten into a fight with the guards (again) and seemed to have taken a bad hit. Doll noted the amount of blood on the floor and hoped that she wouldn't come close to that if, no, when she was injected. Kyria had taken a seat only two spots away from Doll. The young girl stared in horror before she shook her head and managed to squeak, "On a scale of one to ten, how bad does it hurt?"

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Kyria kept her eyes focused on the wall in front of her as the young girl spoke. Turning her head slowly, the pale green eyes focused on her. 'A lot. But probably mostly because I just got punched in the gut.' A small smile returned to her somber face at the thought of what had provoked him. 'But I punched up that guard pretty good.' Absentmindedly, she wiped a drop of blood off her chin, smearing the liquid on her dress. The pain was still running through her body like a wildfire, blackening the edges of her vision. 'Fu-flip.' The teen stopped the swear in time, realising that a small child was just two metres or so away. A terrible pain was beginning in her stomach, making her want to throw up. Swallowing the bile that rose in her throat, her eyes glanced at the door.

The teen thought about everything that had destroyed her mind and spirit over the years. She had a little bit of a soft spot for the small kids. Some had no idea why they were going through this pain; or what was happening. 'Stay strong, Doll. ' Even she was surprised when these words came out of her mouth. Doll? Well, it seemed that her mind had already made up a nickname for the child. 'You'll be okay.' Was it her day for encouraging comments? Shaking her head, the lank blonde hair settled around her face, obscuring the left side of her face. Ah, that was better. Half-hidden from the horrors here.

Her head turned to Kitten once more. 'I'm getting out of here, KDoll,' she murmured in a low voice. 'Even if I die trying, I'm getting out.' The words were soft, eerie. Kyria had been planning for months how to get out. There had to be a weak spot, somewhere. The only soft spot for the guards had seemed to be their groins - but now they had protected that particular area after she'd had a fight with one of them. She'd searched for hidden cracks, tunnels that had been forgotten. But nothing. And her lifespan seemed to be nearing it's end. Most died by 17 or 18 years old. She had two years to go. Two years to plan, to try and escape.

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(( ninja.gif 'd))


Sy was thrown through the doors to the testing room and sammed down on the tile floor.

"Now don't you try that again!" The guard shouted at him, one finger being jerked in his direction. I was so close! Sy thought to himself. he had planned it all out, but it failed. He stole the scissors from whoever's they were and tried to stab one of the guards. He would have escaped from the orphanage, but there was always something in the way. He groaned. He hated all the testing that went on and on. He was sixteen now, only one more year left. Sy would have to improve his attempts at escaping, he had to get out before it was too late. With a grunt, he stood up, noticing the awed silence in the room. Well, apart from the moans and cries from the test subjects. He looked around at the testing. He saw Chip getting carried away by some guards. Ahh yes, the goodie-two-shoes. Always being 'nice' to everyone. Sy almost laughed at the sight of him. If there was one person that was the opposite of him, it would have been Chip. He heard a sound from the side and saw Twitch coughing up blood. He always liked to mess with Twitch and play mean mind games with him. He smirked at the sight of him. He then caught sight of Kyria. The fighter chick. He almost liked her. At least she had some fire in her. Maybe they could escape together one day. He sighed and sat down next to her. He was too late to hear her talk about escaping.

"So what are they testing today?" He said in his low, bitter voice.

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Ash sat with her chin up, clear defiance in her eyes. Her one good eye studied everything in the room, taking in the two windows she might be able to fit through, if she ever had the chance. Like that would ever happen. Her eyebrows lifted as she noticed a teenager being thrust to the ground by a guard. What had he tried this time? If there was anything Ash knew about escaping, it was that there was not much likely-hood of escaping by force. She had thought about it several times and had also tried it, not even partially succeeding. Ash had decided that trying to get into room #5 would give her a better chance of escaping. She hadn't decided how she would even get in there, but she decided she might just have a chance. Just maybe.


The staff prepared to inject her, getting alcohol swabs ready and slowly filling up the syringe, making sure no air-bubbles were residing inside the glass barrel. One of them motioned for her to stand up and she did so, clenching her hands into tight fists. She didn't care all that much about the experiments, but this one was different. It had been a shot that had ruined her blue eye. She had lost vision in that eye all together, never to regain it. Now she heard rumors of the other kids losing vision as a result of these vaccines. She would not lose the vision in her single good eye. She would not. She lightly fingered one of her earrings, deciding to hit whichever staff member held the syringe. One staff member reached over to hold her arms to her side, but he came around form her back left, the side she was blind on. As soon as the man started to grab her, she instinctively kicked with her back left leg, cathing him in the thigh. As she realized what she had done she felt a strange pleasure at the feeling. Why settle for other kids to kick, to fight? Why not the people who tried to hurt her? Why not the people who did this to her? Her mouth spread in a wide grin as he tried to get at her again, other staff members rushing to help him. This time she kicked hard, aiming right at his lower left gut, hitting him hard in his kidneys. He was down, buckling over and not coming up anytime soon. Two other guards finally restrained her as a staff member plunged the needle into her until it finally hit the hub. Great, extra pain. He pressed on the plunger, sending the vaccine that clearly didn't work into her arm. Almost instantly she felt sudden chill spreading through her along with muscle aches that were not from her fighting. She felt extreme tiredness and felt she would not be able to stand up. She sat down on the floor, refusing to show any weakness. That was when the worst hit. Her vision blurred until it became non-existent. She felt panic as she realized she could not see. When would she regain her sight? Would she ever regain it?


"Whatttttttt arrrre yourrr sym," she heard, the staff member's voice becoming unintelligible. She guessed at what he was trying to say and slowly opened her mouth. "Cold ... can't see... tired," she slurred and heard what might've been 'tut' noises and some possible scribbling in response. She held her chin slightly erect, forcing herself to look like her normal self. Fearless. Independent. Strong.

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Kyria turned her face to him, eyes half-lidded. 'Vaccines.' Sighing, she flopped back into her chair; her eyes blank. Swallowing down the blood that threatened to come out of her lips again, she ran her tongue along her teeth. 'Nastier than normal,' she stated, tipping her head slightly to one side while staring into the distance. The overall effect was eerie, half of her face covered with pale blonde hair and her face blank. This was exactly how she lived - spooking people. It was, at least, something to do in this hell.

'I wonder what they'd do if I didn't come again?' she mused. 'Kill me? Beat me up? Chain me?' A small smile graced her lips. 'Of course, they'd have to go through a whole lot of spunk while they're at it.' The blonde raised her delicate eyebrows slightly, and ran a finger along the bottom of her eyelid; right where she'd put her eyeliner if she had any. Perhaps she could find some soot for eye shadow later. Black was her favorite colour, after all. Sighing, she once again turned to Sy. 'So. What did you try this time?' The sickening smile was back on her face.

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Skyla sat and waited for everyone to be done getting their "vaccines." Her stomach pains had somewhat sub-sided, and her vision was getting better, but her head was still excrutiatingly painful. While she waited, Skyla sat and thought about different things going on in her life, but then something occured to her. She knew that mostly every child here wanted to escape, and if she could possibly team up with some of them, they could help everyone leave this horrifying place. The only hard part for Skyla; she isn't very good with talking to people. She is going to have too some how talk to someone in the orphanage to team up with her, and possibly more than just one person. But if she couldn't build up the courage to do that, then she was going to have to try to escape by herself, she couldn't stand to live here for the rest of her life, and she only had what? 2-3 years to live?

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Kit was hiding in the back of the group. She didn't want to be tested on with needles. Needles! They were those awful shiney thing which were pointy and sharp. They hurt so much because of whatever was in them!


She felt guilty for leaving Rocket and Chip. She watched them volunteer and she nearly reproduced her breakfast just by watching them. Several kids had blood coming out, others blacked out or threw up.


While she was mesmerized by the vulgar scene, an attendant had dragged her to one of the testing tables. She wiped at a drop of blood on the seat.


"Ready for the needle?"


Kit shivered and bit her lip.


"Stay strong Kitty..." The words drifted over to Kit. They carried fierceness but kindness too. Kit would do it.


I can do it!


She nodded and waited for the jab. She felt the alcohol swab so across her arm, then she felt a thumb on her arm. She whimpered. Then the jab came.


Kit was dragged into a whirlwind of hallucinations.


"Ehh?!" The attendent's face quivered and became a duck. the duck quacked. Figures bobbed up and down as if they were in a river.


Kit screamed. They were drowning! They were all drowning in a pot of stew! She clawed at the duck and and grabbed the clipboard. "I wanna get out!"


The duck jerked it out of her hands. "How are the mushrooms tasting?"


Kit shook her head. "I DIDN'T EAT THEM!"


The duck turned into a Koala and shook her hard. "What do you feel?"


Kit squirmed. "Stop it! You're not supposed to talk."


"HOW TO YOU FEEL?" the Koala demanded again holding up the jabby thing.


Kit saw the needle turn into a knife. "I-I feel.." She couldn't feel anything. "You look like a Koala! We-We're being drowned!" Kit gulped. Little black spots appeared iin her vision.


"The dust bunnies." She gasped. "N-no!"


The Koala smiled and put down the knife. "Hallucinations." It scrawled something on the clipboard. "Good."


Kit's head becan to hurt and he sqeezed her eyes shut and held her head. When she opened her eyes, she couldn't see.


"No! I ican't see! I'm dead! I can't die! I- I need to be strong."


"Yup." the Koala replied jotting down more squiggles. "This sure is making you strong. Hey Chuck, think we should of givin her the child one?"


Kit heard the Koala yell at another thing. Another dust bunny?


She felt her hand land on something warm.


"Blanket..." Kit brought it up to her face.


There was another jab and Kit gasped. Her eyes cleared and the Koala changed back. They were no longer drowning. Her head ache continued but it was subsiding. There was some blood on her leg and hand. She had cut herself trying to swim.


"OoooOoOooh" Kit murmured.


She rolled off and crawled away, following the other orphans.


((Post is long. Tried to make it a bit odd (aka fail attempt at a touch of humor...) -___-))

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Twitch was just a limp body held between two big guards as he was carried over to a doctor who was preparing a needle for him. Blood dripped out of his mouth as he looked up and muttered one last time, very pale. "Help me." The doctor didn't react but only stuck the needle into Twitch's arm which was some sort of medicine that would help him recover from the internal bleeding that had occured in his lungs.


After the doctor had injected him with the healing medicine, the guards dragged Twitch over to the chairs and placed him in one of the chairs. He sat there limp as he waited for his body to heal itself and held his head in his shaking hands. Since his hands were spattered with his blood, the blood was transferred to his snow white hair which now had red spattered into his hair. He just wanted to just be left alone and curl into a ball and fade away even though he was only thirteen.

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Kit spotted a boy being carried by guards. She crawled over. He seemed to be saying "Help Me" but of course the men didn't pay attention. No one ever did.


Experiment, then make money. That's all they thought about.


They injected something else into him and set him into a chair where he sat groaning, head in his hands. Kit crawled over to him.


"Be strong" Kit quoted the words that helped her. Blood was all over him. Kit looked at her dress.


"Oh well." It was already tattered. She took the cloth in her mouth and pulled. This resulted in a chunk of ripped fabric. She tried to wipe some of the blood off. The cloth was stained red.


"Oh no." Kit muttered. "Stupid test."

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Skyla looked over and saw Kit trying to comfort Twitch. She sighed and held her head in her hands. Her head was pounding, and the pain hadn't even lost any of its intensity since she got her shot, it actually seemed like it was getting worse. She couldn't even think straight because her head ached so badly. She tried to fight the urge to scream, but couldn't help it. She screamed and fell onto the floor. The pain was more than she could handle.


She continued to scream and hold her head, so she didn't notice when two men came and picked her up. She kicked and screamed and clawed at the men until she felt herself get slammed into one of the medical tables. One of the men strapped her down and began to wipe her arm with an alchohol swab, and thats when Skyla let out another blood-curtling scream. Another man ran over and covered Skyla's mouth. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her arm and her sight faded to black.

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((Yay, first post! A bit late but oh well))


Mouse had slipped through breakfast completely unnoticed like she normally did. She was small and quiet, so many of the orphans didn't even know she existed except for a small shape in their peripheral vision. She smiled a little to herself as she set Boon on the floor in the corner of the canteen and watched him scurry away for a days foraging. She never fed him any of her food, she didn't need to, he was quite a pudgy mouse so she assumed he'd found a great stash of food somewhere.


Mouse slipped into the testing room and watched what was going on. There seemed to be two groups of orphans, those who wanted to help the younger ones and tried to stay positive and those who seemed to have broken somehow and just wanted out. She watched Twitch, Mouse liked him but couldn't tell why. She was about to see if she could do anything for him when two things happened. One Kit got to him first and two a large assistant loomed over her.


Mouse shrank back into her chair in terror, seeing that she wasn't going to move, the assistant picked her up with one hand and dumped her on one of the tables.


“Oh not this one!” The doctor complained, “she won't tell us her symptoms!”

“She will if she wants the shot to make them go away” the assistant said with a wicked grin. Mouses eye were wide with fear and she watched as they swabbed her arm and started shaking when the syringe was inserted.


Fire spread up her arm and settled in her stomach, this was a hundred times worse then yesterdays vomiting episode. With shaking arms Mouse clutched at her belly, tears leaking down her face she hunched over her midriff.


Through the pain she could hear, “what are your symptoms?” over and over until a rough hand grabbed her chin and forced her to look up. “What are your symptoms?” But the sudden movement had made the fire spread from her belly to encompass her head too. Everything went sideways and then black.

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Doll was grasped by a staff member and half dragged to an examination table. They rubbed the alcohol swab on her arm and jabbed her with the needle faster than she could say influenza. Her heart felt like it skipped a beat when the needle touched her. She jammed her eyes shut and clutched her doll even closer to her body as she awaited the pain that she knew would come. A few seconds passed. Nothing. Ten more seconds. Still nothing. Doll opened her eyes on the room filled with bloodied screaming children, but she felt nothing. She looked over at the staff member as they pulled out a clipboard and a pen.


"Any side effects?" he asked nonchalantly.


"Nothing," Doll muttered. Her grip on her doll loosened as the realization washed over her. She wasn't hurting. Not even a headache had dared to break through her healthy facade. "Did it work?"


"We don't know yet. You're going to be under close examination for the next few days. Tell us if anything out of the ordinary happens." The staff member put away his clipboard and led Doll back to the chairs. She sat down and observed the others. How could she be the lucky one today?


Chip still couldn't feel his legs. The guards' grip on his arms was really starting to hurt, and he had no idea if they were taking him back to an examination table or back to the chairs. His sense of direction was lost and there was no way that he was going to open his eyes to this bright room when his head was still reeling in that awful migraine. He suddenly felt a hand pressing against his mouth.


"Hey! Eat the stupid pills if you want to feel any better!" Chip opened his mouth and felt two pills shoved inside. He swallowed them quickly and sent a silent prayer to whatever deity was watching. Hopefully it would fix something. He felt his migraine subside as he was placed into a chair. He was finally able to open his eyes to the horrific scene before him. Blood, screaming, pain everywhere. He felt thankful to have been spared the abdominal pain, but he was beginning to wonder if anyone else had lost feeling in their legs. Looking down, he made every attempt to move them on his own. Nothing happened. His legs remained perfectly limp. This was definitely not good.

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((yay! Kitten and Mouse!))


Kit watched Twitch for a response with wide eyes. A mouse scurried past her.


"Boon? Is that you?"


She watched Mouse's mouse run away. Kitten got along with mouse quite well, despite how their names fit together.


Mouse is here! She thought jubilantly. Mouse was like her twin, they were the same age and they both had animal nicknames. ((If that's alright with you Chiaki))


She scanned the row of orphans until she spotted Mouse watching her. The an attendant loomed over Mouse. Kit was about to shout a warning when he had picked her up and sat her on one of the examination tables.


Mouse never spoke to the adults and Kit could hear the doctor complaining loudly about it. The shot was injected and Kit, with horrid fascination, watched Mouse clutch at her stomach and then faint was her chin was wrenched up.


"Eep!" Kit put the bloody cloth under on Twitch's lap and crawled as fast as she could to check on Mouse.


"Mouse!" Kit cried hoarsely. She had screamed herself out."Mouse!"

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Orphan A.S.H glanced around. Her vision finally had cleared, though still slightly blurry. Blood-curdling screams filled the room, not to mention the blood that spilled over the floor. She sighed and was surprised to see a rather chubby mouse scurrying across the floor. The red-haired girl noticed the other girl they called "Doll" not hurling up blood or screaming. Not even staggering around. She just stood there. Had she gotten lucky today. It seemed the boy, Chip, was being told to take some pills. She cocked her head, noting the way he was looking at his legs. She slightly pursed her lips, utterly confused why he wasn't bothering to get u or walk over to his friends. He had friends, didn't he? It seemed everybody liked Chip. A.s.h was rather indifferent. She narrowed her eyes. Was he okay? Most of the other kids had gotten over their symptoms by now, but he was still sitting there. Her curiosity got the better of her anti-socialness and she slowly walked over to him.


"Are you okay?" she asked, the side of her face that held her good eye slightly tilted at him. She peered at him from under bright red hair that seemed to always get in the way, no matter how short. One hand went up to her earring, fiddling with the edge and accidentally slicing her finger open with the sharp edges of the feathers. She didn't bother to react, this was not what one could call pain.

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Twitch tried to ignore Kit as she wiped some of the blood off of him. Twitch had once been a nice person before he had arrived at the orphanage but that was five years ago and a lot of medical tests ago, now he just wanted to survive and make it out of there. "Thank you." He whispered as Kit ran away to her friend. He liked Kit, she was still a young girl who saw the best in most people, Twitch himself could still be considered a child since he was only thirteen.


He tried to shut out all the sounds of the other orphans as he looked down at the bloody piece of clothing. He picked it up in his shaking hands and looked around at the room at the other orphans. We need to get out of here. He thought to himself and started to form a plan on how he could escape while he still coughed up the rest of the blood that had settled in his lungs.

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Everyone stepped out onto the hard, dirt covered earth. They were free. No more needles, no more horrible food... They can just be normal kids. Go to school, buy nice clothes, and do things that normal kids do. There was just one teeny, tiny problem, when Skyla turned around, everyone was gone. The orphanage had somehow vanished too. There wasn't a building anywhere in sight, Skyla was in the middle of no-where. Her heart sped up and she started to shake. She turned back around to see a HUGE lion, about the size of a two story building, looming over her. She froze, frightened. Suddenly, the lion opened its mouth and bent down to eat her.


"HELP!" Skyla yelled.


Suddenly, Skyla's eyes flew open, and she stared at the ceiling of the experimenting room. She heard all the farmiliar noises of people crying and screaming and she also smelt the horrid scent on blood. She sighed in relief, It was only a bad dream.

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Mouse had not replied to Kit's cries. Kit frantically looked for someone to help her. A girl was standing a little ways off clutching a doll. It was Doll. She looked as if nothing had happened to her.


Wow! Such a strong person.


Kit crawled over to Doll. "I need help." She croaked. "Mouse she- I think she's really scared and hurt."

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Skyla stayed on the medical table and pretended to sleep so she could think. She noticed that the pain in her head was gone, which was a huge relief. Then, she went on to thinking about how she could get people to team up with her to try and escape. Who should she ask first? And who ever she asks, maybe they can help her find more people to join? She wasn't sure.


She opened her eyes and looked over at the people that had already gotten their vaccines and had been treated for their side-effects. It would be so much easier if someone else came up to her and asked her to join them...she wasn't sure why she was fine when someone else talked to her first, she just was. Skyla was good at coming up with plans and working with others, it's just that gathering the courage to go up and talk to someone was really hard for her...

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