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Seeking RPs
Username: WhisperingWillows
Preferred style of RP: 1 x 1, and 2 or more paragraphs.
Preferred genre: Supernatural, fantasy, or medieval. Can do modern but prefer any of the other three mentioned. Romance only as a side plot.  
OCs only
Happy to play all pairings.
Can take up to a week to reply, so please be patient.
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Seeking RPs
Username: chandelotic
Preferred style of RP: 1-on-1 or group; 1+ paragraphs
Preferred genre: Modern, Sci-Fi, a plot similar to the book They Both Die at the End (it's basically our last day alive), some romance is fine
Other: I haven't RPed in years, so forgive me. I want to get back into it, however (:

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