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Has anyone come up with cool pygmy names? :)

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I have a scheme for my Sea Wyrms, their names are Turquoise Wyrm of the Sea, Silver Wyrm of the Sea, and Little Wyrm of the Sea.

My Crimson is Flare of Bright Fire.

My Dark Myst is named Shadow in the Fog, when I get a female I plan to put Mysti in her her name.

My Nilia is named Cat of the Mountain, 'cause the description made me think of cats tongue.gif


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I call all my anniversary pygmies Stone or Jewel depending on gender, like Stone of the Darkness (male) or Jewel of the Mountains (female)

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Normal Pygmy M - Tom-Thumb

Normal Pygmy F - Thumbelina

Crimson - Oni Crimson Night

Nilia - Veronica Misfit

Seawyrm Pgymy - Irredessa Opal


I honestly can't believe no one has thought of Thumbelina for a pygmy... any of them.. o.o

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Galieliga yeli nigvna (m)

Aginegutsatu (f)

Usdi utsoasedi (m)

Sdasdi (f)

Udadelisdi (m)




Elaqua ama equahiehi (m)

Egwoni'uwogilv (f)

Noyaha'amayuhldi (m)

Yiga gadui ama (f)

Dagvna (m)


Dark Myst


Gvsgalv'ulesegi (m)

Danakiskanale (f)

Asvnoyi (m)

Usvi ni (f)

Tsulusguwa (m)


crimson flare


Astayosstodi (m)

Uditlega (f)

Udilegi tsuna (m)

Atanolega (m)

Tsiyu utana (f)




Utsoasedisgi (m)

Asquanigohisdi (f)

Usquanigodi (f)

Unigodi ganatlai (f)

Udatligi (m)




Dosvdali (m)

Ganotsi (f)

Usgalotsv (f)

Odanila (m)

Usdi'usgalotsv (f)

Usti'gohasgv (m)




have fun trying to pronouce them tongue.gif

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Dark Myst: Mugetsu Myst, Getsuga Myst

Pygmies: Aido Ryu, Chibi Flame, Sashou Shugyoku (Little Gem), Sashou Tenshi (Little Angel)

Crimson: Kinshou Eikoudan (Little Flare Bomb)

the rest have place holder names for the time being

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All of mine are getting the surname Firelizard from the dragons of pern, the name before it is basicaly random

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My names are a bit odd...


Regular Pygmies

Hallowed Gourd

Haunted Spice Drop

Legend of Sleepy Hallowed

Lil Ginger EggNog

Lil Pint

Lil Pint of EggNog

Mini Putt


Crimson Flares

Elemental Crimson Firestorm

Elementally Angry Firebug

Elementally Angry Sparkplug

Lady Independence 5E

Tiny Crimson Elemental Terror

Uncle Sam's Elemental Rage


Dark Mysts

Dark Element of Reflection

Dark Element of Refraction

Dark Misty Element

Dark Water Element

Elemental Aestus Midnight

Twilight of Elemental Mayhem

Twilight Of Elemental Mischief



Small Sneaking Suspicion



Elements Of Lady Liberty

Littlest Elemental Moonstone

Littlest Elemental Stalagmite

Littlest Elemental Stalagtite

One Tiny Element

Teeny Weeny Elemental Dustmite



Elemental Patriotic Sea Hydra

Elemental Sea Nymph

Theseus the Elemental Sea God

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I named one of my Nilias "5E Knight on Bare Mountain."

Named a Dark Myst "Boatload o' Fun." It was originally "Pirogue Full o' Fun" but then I remembered the Mardi Gras lineage doesn't take male Dark Mysts.

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All my pygmy's so far have 'Little' infront of there name, but I doubt it's just me doing that. I was going to name my female Dark Myst Pygmy "Little Black Swan" after the black swan film, but it was taken. I called it "Little Dark Swan" instead.

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I was saving the name Misfit Fury for a misfit pygmy (if I ever get around to hatching one xd.png).

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Cool a pygmy thread! ....erm...I have too many to simply name...would I be able to post the lineage link to the latest generation?

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