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The Tribes- a weredragon/animal RP (:

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The Tribes

A weredragon RP

I know. The first post is really long. But it's all important stuff. Please read smile.gif

OOC thread


You enter a dark forest, one that you have never seen before, walking into it through a small gap in the trees. It is dark, and you almost can't see, save for the very faint light that seeps in through the heavy leaves of the trees around you. You don't know how you got here or where you are. You look behind you, but the entrance has suddenly disappeared, and has been replaced by many more trees. You are lost, and have no way out of this strange place. You walk around, but after what you're sure is a few miles, you still can't find the exit. You hear a rumble, far in the distance. Was that a... roar? You start running, however tired you are. You don't want to be eaten! Soon, you can hear thuds behind you, and assume something is coming after you. Indeed, something is, and it's not natural. It's a dragon, flapping its great wings, and gaining on you. Knowing that you don't have any chance of beating this dragon to wherever this forest ends, you stop and turn, pocketknife in hand. You will fight to the death. The dragon, instead of burning you crisp with a jet of fire, lands in front of you and seemingly looks you over. It blinks, as if deciding something, then reaches out and bites you. Confused and shocked, you watch the dragon as it flies away. You have found the forest of the weredragons, and have been marked as one.




The story/plot

The weredragons are an ancient species, and they existed when the dragons were created. They were once the rulers of all, in something called the Weredragon Kingdom. The kingdom had two tribes; the Laeas Tribe and the Sares Tribe. Each tribe had a ruling party, made of 4-5 weredragons, as at that time, weredragons were rare. However, the animals that the weredragons ruled over started to become restless. Despite the well-doing of the Weredragon Kingdom, the animals started to dislike all the rules and restrictions, and overthrew their rulers. The weredragons were banished to the Alema Forest, which all weredragons are now magnetically attracted to, due to the animals' magic. The animals cast a spell on the forest, which now won't let a weredragon get out of it once they are in it. The weredragons kept to their own tribes, and they soon had a way of living in the Alema Forest. The Laeas Tribe plotted to overthrow the spell on the forest and rule over the animals once more, by any means. Be it war, they didn't care; they had turned bitter and power hungry. The Sares Tribe wanted to do it peacefully, by negotiations, like the old times. As the tribes didn't agree, they naturally clashed. Now, with a lot more weredragons, the tribes are stronger, fiercer, and more deadly. They have established territories, and clash over the borders. The Sares Tribe has something the Laeas want, a branch that holds the utmost power. It is what can easily magnify a weredragon's strength, and was found by the Sares not long after they were banished into the forest. Rumors of the stick, called the Laedol Branch, spread like wildfire and reached the Laeas' ears. The Laeas wanted the stick, and have been plotting to get it to overthrow the spell on the Alema Forest and rule over the animals once more. The Sares defend the branch, and are thinking of ways to get the animals to lift the spell.

Both tribes have tried to get the other's secrets by spying; this usually doesn't work, as the spies get trapped in each territory's dangers (see Setting) as soon as they go hunt with a group or go patrolling.




The Laedol Branch

The Laedol Branch is a thick, wide branch with a smooth, worn surface. If someone managed to break it, its power would just move to one piece of the broken stick, but the one who broke the stick would die, as well as anything else in a 100 mile radius. If it is touched, it doubles or even triples the strength of the weredragon, thus making him/her very hard to defeat. The power in the Laedol Branch cannot be destroyed, as it will go to live on in different branches even if the Laedol Branch is destroyed. The Laedol branch is too heavily guarded day and night by the Sares Tribe to let any one loner get to it. The Laedol Branch is the only known object to hold such a great power.




What is a Weredragon?

A weredragon is quite like a werewolf, but the human changes into a dragon, not a wolf. Also, weredragons are born, not made, and they cannot go into a half-dragon form. If a weredragon bites a human, it means that the human is already a weredragon, even if the human has not realized that yet. The weredragon only bites the human hard enough to leave small marks that disappear quickly, causing about as much pain as if someone has pinched the bitten person. After being bitten, the human's body automatically starts changing into a dragon. After the change is complete, the weredragon is instinctively attracted to the closest weredragon camp. There, they can choose whether they want to be in a camp or stay a loner. A weredragon prefers to be in its dragon form, but if necessary, it can change into a human. The weird thing is, a weredragon can change into one other animal besides a human and a dragon. However, unlike a werewolf, a weredragon can change its form whenever it wants to, going from a dragon to a human to its other animal form according to its mood. Weredragons can live up to 350 years, but dying of old age at around 300 years is much more frequent, and dying in battle is the most common.

Young weredragons are born in the form of what their parent is in labor. (ex: a parent in human form would give birth to a weredragon in human form, a parent in dragon form would give birth to an egg, which would hatch in a few hours, etc.) A young weredragon is called, in proper weredragon speech, a hatchling. It is not possible to remove a weredragon's power to shapeshift except in death, as it is part of them as human limbs are a part of us.

A weredragon's scales are almost unbreakable armor, and a scale is revered as the greatest prize in the human world; it is called a diamond. However, a weredragon can be killed by other weredragons, as the teeth and claws are strong enough to break through that armor. Other ways of dying include poisoning, disease, and old age. A weredragon's color varies greatly, and in dragon form, it may be black to blue to red to white. Some weredragons have markings as well, but others have none. Markings show up when the weredragons are in their other forms as well (animal/human form). The eye colors vary as much as the scale colors.

In human form, the weredragon retains its markings, as well as its eye colors. However, it takes the natural colors of human skin, which it decides when it is a hatchling, unless its scale color is already a suitable color. The color chosen stays with them until their death. It's skin is very tough, making it harder for a weredragon in dragon form to rip through the weredragon in human form than a weredragon in dragon form. There are no weapons even in human form, as the rebel animals never let the weredragons in the Alema Forest get close to one. Miraculously, humans that go camping always seem to forget their knives or guns when going to the Alema Forest. The human hides have never been tested against human weapons, so the force of the impact they are able to take is unknown.

In animal form, the weredragon also holds its marking and eye colors. However, its coat turns into a natural coat color of that animal, unless the weredragon's color is already natural (ex: a white weredragon turns into a white snowshoe hare). The fur/scales/feathers protecting a weredragon in animal form are as hard as, if not harder, than weredragon scales, making it very difficult for a weredragon in dragon form to break through to the skin underneath.

A weredragon also has an element it prefers (ex: water, fire, certain plants, etc.), and it is stronger when the element is closer. However, it can't control that element, other than using that element in it's breath power (ex: breathing fire). No weredragon has been known to have a favored element that is everywhere, such as earth or air. It is impossible to harm a weredragon with its favored element.

A weredragon can go hungry for a month, but to be healthy, small amounts every day is best (a couple of rabbits would do).

Weredragons are old enough to mate at around 20-30 years of age, when it is also considered a young adult. A weredragon also stops growing at around that time. A weredragon grows depending on the weredragon (For example, Athena is only around 4 feet tall at full grown height and 9 feet long at length). However, it is rare that a weredragon exceeds 40 feet. It cannot alter its size, and it continues growing until it has reached its maximum size. After it has done so, it stops growing and stays at that size.





The Alema Forest is a dark forest, but that doesn't matter for the weredragons, as they have exceptional eyesight and are able to see very well in the darkness. It is about the size of the United States. Weredragons are also allowed to fly in the airspace above the forest, as long as it doesn't exceed the boundary of the forest itself. The boundary is seemingly invisible, as all anyone sees from the inside is a great stretch of more forest and sky. However, when a weredragon tries to escape, they feel as if a giant cushion is pushing them back, not letting them make any progress in the air. This is the same on the ground as well. If the weredragon tried to escape by way of a foreign object, then the object will make it out of the forest, but the weredragon will still be pushed back. The barrier is around ten yards wide, and if a weredragon manages to get into the boundary space from the inside, it will be crushed by the pressure.The forest is cut in half by a gorge with a thundering river. No one has been killed by the river, as a dragon can fly out of it easily.


One side of the gorge is darker, which is the side of the Laeas Tribe. The Laeas' side is plentiful in thorns and undergrowth, concealed by the darknes. The thorns, surprisingly, don't hurt any weredragon from the Laeas Tribe, as well as any prey. It can and will, however, kill any Sares dragon that wanders in. This is because of spells cast a long time ago by the spellworkers of the Laeas, who have, since then, disappeared or died. However, for the thorns and undergrowth to be able to kill anything, the object has to be in reach. If a Sares weredragon is flying, then the thorns can't fly up and kill the offending dragon in midair. The Laeas' side is the southern side of the gorge, and contains mostly pine trees. It has a stream cutting through it, which is the main water source. There is a clearing in the middle of the forest on this side, which is their camp. The camp is maybe a mile in diameter, and there are many caves that serve as dens. There is a rock in the center, which is where the Laeas gather for meetings, not that there are many meetings. Next to the rock is the prey pile, where hunters deposit their kills for others to eat.


The Sares' side is brighter, with lots of maple trees. There are strange vines that seem lifeless, but they can easily trap a trespassing thing, like a Laeas dragon, or a strange human. The vines do not attack Sares weredragons. However, the vines can only trap something when it is passing under them. If a weredragon is flying, the vines can't shoot up and grab the trespasser. Their water source is a large pond near the middle of the forest. In the actual middle of the forest, there is a dome-like structure of vines, with many gaps. Inside that dome, which is also about a mile wide, is the camp of the Sares weredragons. They have holes in the ground that serve as dens, and a mound of dirt in the center that the meetings are held at. Near the mound is a dip in the ground, where the prey is stored.


There are many landscapes in the Alema Forest. There is a mountain range, around 5,000 meters high, to the far east, which harbors almost nothing except the toughest animals. This is due to the freezing climate and the elevation, as well as the rocky terrain. These mountains contain almost no vegetation. The only things that live here are mountain sheep, a few species of birds, and tiny plants that can withstand the climate.

In the middle west, there is a desert with temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The desert contains cacti and desert animals like the kangaroo mouse. A large oasis is the only source of water in the desert, and mirages are often spotted.

Far north contains a boggy, swampy area. The marsh is perfect for harboring crocodiles, as well as anacondas and other creatures that are suited for wetlands. There also is a tar pit here, and many animals, including weredragons, have been sucked in and killed here. The Alema forest stretches around all these landmarks, and most of the land is covered by forest.





Over the many years that the weredragons have been trapped in their forest prison, many animals have forgotten what exactly lives on in the forest. They wander in, looking for a new home, but end up as prey for the weredragon tribes. These are just a few examples of the prey that reside in the Alema forest.

The southern side of the gorge, the Laeas' side, is scarce in prey. The Laeas has a few rabbits, deer, and the occasional moose. A carnivore is rare, but once found, makes a very good meal. There are many birds like chickens, pheasants, and geese.

The northern side, the Sares' side, is a bit more plentiful in prey. There are some elk and deer, but moose are rare. Carnivores are delicacy, but not as rare as on the Laeas' side. There are many small animals like rabbits and squirrels to be caught.




Rebel Animal Raids

The rebel animals used to raid the forest very often when weredragon numbers were few. As the tribes got stronger, the attacks lessened in number, but the magnitude was much greater. Only the fittest animals went on raids, usually carnivores. The point of these raids were to try to keep the weredragon population from becoming too numerous and limiting the prey, as the rebels didn't want their prisoners escaping anytime soon. It worked to an extent, but as the weredragons' numbers grew, the raids were more often viewed as a growth in prey, not threats. Now, raids are rare and almost never happen. However, the rebel animals have set up spies in the forest (such as the crocodiles in the swamps and the mountain sheep) that tell them what is going on in the tribes. The weredragons are unaware of this, and live on, plotting to rid the forest of the spell and get out of their green prison.


Humans are almost never a problem, as they, having hunted plain dragons to extinction, have forgotten about the weredragons. If any humans luckily find the forest, they never think to bring a weapon with them. No humans go in the forest in large groups, as they are usually hiking, hunting or camping. This is lucky for the weredragons, who eat humans as food as well.





The Kay(s)- The leaders of the tribes. They are usually over 100, but there have been instances when weredragons of 50 years have taken the Kay position. There are 3-4 of each gender, depending on the number of dragons in the tribe, and they are usually mates. They command the whole tribe. They are chosen when a Ran steps up to take a dead Kay's place. Also, Kays can be voted out of leadership if they are deemed a bad/unjust ruler.

The Ran(s)- The advisers of the tribes. There are 5-6 of them in a tribe, and all Rans are 100 or older. These are experienced weredragons who help the Kays do the decision making. If a Kay dies, the most senior Ran (the oldest) takes the place of the Kay. Rans are all elected by the weredragons of the tribe. Their mates do not become a Ran unless likewise elected. There are as many Rans as the Kays, and like the Kays, the Rans can also be voted out of leadership.

The Sar(s)- The fighters of the tribes. These fight against the other tribe, do patrols, and if they have the chance to, will fight the rebel animals.

The Mak(s)- The hunters of the tribes. These hunt prey for the whole tribe.

The Hatchlings(s)- The babies of the tribes. They usually get into mischief, but if they don't, then they're either eating or sleeping, or learning. The Hatchlings, once they are a year of age, get a mentor who teaches them whether to be a Sar or a Mak, depending on their choice of path. When they complete their training at around the age of five, Hatchlings become Sars or Maks and are ready to serve their tribe.

Oxet(s)- These weredragons are the lowest rank in the tribes. They are newly joined Loners or Rouges. Oxets, to be able to help out, must receive training from a higher ranked weredragon (not Hatchlings). Once they complete their training, they either become a Sar or a Mak and start helping the tribe.

Loner(s)- These weredragons are solitary, and have never been part of a tribe. These are usually the newest weredragons that have just found the forest, but may be weredragons who have decided not to join a tribe and are living by themselves. If a Loner decides to join a tribe, they will become an Oxet.

Rogue(s)- These are solitary weredragons who have been banished from the tribes. They have a choice of living by themselves and foraging off of prey from the tribe lands, in risk of being caught and punished, or joining the other tribe. If they join the other tribe, they get the same treatment as a Loner, if not a bit worse. Rogues are often distrusted and mistreated even if they join a tribe, and may take longer to rank up to a Mak or a Sar than a former loner or a hatchling.





A Disagreement is when the Kays are unable to agree on a decision. At this point, the Kays take a vote by Casting Lines. Casting Lines is when each Kay votes on one choice. A Kay, or more often, a Ran, draws out the lines in tally marks according to their decision. The side with more lines is the winning choice.

If there is a tie, it is broken by the most senior Ran, who will draw out one line on his/her side of choice. The Kays have never split the tribe into two, as the weredragons are wise in choosing the Rans, who become the Kays. However, if there is ever an instance like this, the other tribe would most likely take advantage of this tribe, unless a rebellion rose from the Maks and Sars and stopped it in time.





There have not been very many murders or assassinations. The weredragons are honest, and they care about the well-doing of their tribes. However, there is occasionally the weredragon that manages to sneak in from the other tribe and kill a Kay or a Ran, but that is very rare, as it is very difficult to sneak in to a tribe's territory.

Once in a blue moon, there may be a very ambitious, evil weredragon that is born. There have been in-camp assassinations and murders in both tribes, and each time, the culprit was caught and banished. Of course, if the criminal isn't caught, then they have a chance of taking the place of the murdered Kay or Ran. However, they must be in the correct position to do it (ex: be the senior Ran to take a Kay's place, etc.). However, this is very, very rare, and has happened only once in the tribes' history.





Once in a very long while, the weredragons of the Alema decide to hold a rebellion. This can be of many causes, from bad rulers to unjust policies to prey matters, and even to mates and friends in different tribes. However, rebellions are costly in lives, and therefore do not happen very often. Weredragons are wise, and they know the risks. Only when problems get very serious does anyone even consider the possibility of a rebellion.





The Kays have only once betrayed their tribe, and that was in the Laeas Tribe, a little after the tribes were banished to their forest. The weredragons had a rebellion, and defeated the Kay who tried to take power.

This, however is a very rare case and almost never happens. The Kays are too well chosen, and the power hungry ones get thrown out of the leadership or never make it into a Ran or Kay position. One Kay is too weak to take over a whole tribe of dragons who is dissatisfied with his/her ruling, and will usually be thrown off quickly, even with the help of all the Rans, as there are many more Sars and Maks than Rans and Kays combined.





After a weredragon has died, its closest friends and relatives bury it in its favorite spot outside of the camp, burying deep down until they are sure that rain will not wash the dirt away over the body. The weredragons that buried their dead comrade will sit vigil for the night in the middle of the camp to honor his spirit.






Kays- Athena

Rans- None

Sars- Whiro,

Maks- Darius (Shadow), Cerise,

Hatchlings- None

Oxets- Urarius



Kays- Nanashi

Rans- Fascino

Sars- Ares, Nightstreak,

Maks- Darren

Hatchlings- None

Oxets- Mitsuko


Rogues- None

Loners- Sikara



Pairs from different tribes- Mates from different tribes are frowned upon, as they are seen as betrayal, and sometimes are thought to be spies for the other tribe. If caught, both weredragons may be banished from the tribelands to survive for themselves as rogues. Although friends from different tribes are tolerated, they are still disliked, and in many cases, distrusted. These weredragons are one of the causes of rebellions.





  • No powerplaying/godmoding, chatspeak, Leet, etc.
  • Be respectful to others.
  • PG 13 or lower content only.
  • Follow the rules of the forum as well.
  • If you break the rules, you will get a warning. If you receive three warnings, then your characters will be either killed off or deleted and you will be banned from the RP.
  • Don't kill anyone unless the character's RPer wants them dead.
  • Fighting is allowed, but don't force someone to do something while fighting (that is godmoding).
  • No weapons. Ever.
  • Try to be realistic. I mean, I know this isn't a very realistic RP, but you know, like your animal can't breathe underwater unless its a fish or water is its favored element, etc. Also, keep flaws in your characters. They can't be invincible.
  • Your weredragon can't have a favored element that is everywhere, like earth or air.
  • Higher ranked weredragons have all right to order you around. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to always follow those orders.
  • There will be times when Kay and Ran spots will be open, and it will depend on the number of weredragons being RPed in a tribe. That is the only time you may apply to be a Kay or a Ran.
  • To have a mate, both RPers have to agree, unless, of course, two of your dragons are mates with each other.
  • Oxets can't have mates or children without a Kay's permission.
  • Use the form to join, and post it in the OOC thread
  • Your character may only have ONE favored element, and can't control that element, only get physically stronger when near it in a radius of 10 yards or less.
  • No swearing.
  • Minimum of two paragraphs per post, with at least five sentences per paragraph, as this will be a literate RP. The sentences should be reasonably long.
  • In addition to the rule above, you must have proper spelling and decent grammar. If you don't try or make an effort, then you will be asked to leave.
  • This RP is in the past tense, third person. Please follow this rule.
  • You may have a very small OOC post after your IC post, but it must be in parentheses. Anything else must go in the OOC thread.
  • Character sheets should be posted in the OOC thread.
  • There is a limit of 3 characters per player. (may change)
  • You may not apply as a rebel animal (that includes humans) or a prey animal. Only weredragons are allowed as characters.
  • Magic is not allowed.
  • A dragon's breath power (ex: breathing fire) is limited to their favored element. (ex: dragon favoring water breathes water)
  • You cannot cause a rebellion without it being agreed upon in the OOC thread first.
  • You cannot cause a rebel animal raid (It is NPC anyways), unless agreed upon by everyone in the RP.
  • You cannot create a powerful object similar to the Laedol Branch.
  • Loners and rogues may not join together to form separate bands or Tribes of weredragons. This includes clans. There are also no big rebel weredragon groups, other than the Laeas and Sares, because the weredragons who want to get powerful and start forming groups are quickly crushed by either tribe.
  • You must only choose an earthly animal (dog, cat, wolf, snake, bird, fish, otter, fox, etc.) for your choice as a third animal to shapeshift into. You may not choose a fantasy/unearthly animal (ex: unicorn, Pokemon, phoenix, etc.).
  • Have fun!



[B]I want to join![/B]
[B]Character's Name:[/B]
[B]Third Animal Form[/B]:
[B]Appearance:[/B] (in words, or a picture if you can find one, of all three forms; include colors)
[B]Favored Element/Breath Power:[/B] (only choose one, and it must be natural ((like water, fire, etc)))


The current season is: summer

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6/11/11- The OoC Thread has been approved, so feel free to start posting charrie forms in there wink.gif


6/12/11- Accepting a Kay for Laeas, a Ran for Sares, and a Ran for Laeas. Feel free to try for one of these spots.

6/12/11- we aren't posting yet, we'll wait for a few more people to join before we start RPing.


6/14/11- We can start RPing. Only thing is, I only want 1 post every 24 hours for now. Let's keep it slow until we have more members.


6/15/11- The two paragraph rule has been clarifred: "Minimum of two paragraphs per post, with at least five sentences per paragraph, as this will be a literate RP. The sentences should be reasonably long."

6/15/11- I only want 2 posts every 24 hours for now. Let's keep it slow until we have more members. please follow this. Also, the Ran place for the Laeas has been taken.


6/29/11- I'm going to be away for a while, so please don't go too far without me smile.gif

6/29/11- only the Ran spot for Sares is open now; the Kay spot for Laeas is taken ohmy.gif


7/3/11- I'm back!

7/3/11- The post limit has been changed to 4 posts every 24 hours.


7/17/11- The post limit is now erased. You may post however many times you want as long as you're not double posting.

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((Cleaned. I'll delete this post after you've seen this. Just want to make sure this doesn't get lost after the cleaning.))

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Athena stretched and looked around, surveying the surrounding camp with mild curiosity. The dawn sun shone hazily from over the horizon, scattering the dark of the night. She looked at the few dragons who were actually up and about, nodding at some as they greeted her. She yawned, then sniffed the air. It would be a sunny day, with almost no clouds. She sighed and sat up, shaking the dust from her golden scales, which had started to glow in the weak sunlight. She would have to lead the weredragons soon in a hunting party; the tribe needed food. The patrol could wait until later. After all, their vines would help, wouldn't they? Athena sighed again. So much to do... so much, yet she felt so tired. What had she done yesterday? She racked her brains for the answer, then remembered the little skirmish over the border. Athena's upper lip curled into an involuntary snarl. Those Laeas dragons should have stayed in their side of the border. They had no right to chase a bird into her land, even if it had come from theirs.


Athena looked around her surrounding once more. Almost no one was awake, and the ones that were had their own business to tend to. She stood up and started walking toward the entrance of the camp. Nothing like a little walk to clear her brain before starting the day. She hesitated at the entrance, but shook her head and stalked out of her camp. Her fellow weredragons knew how to care for themselves. She walked around the camp, breathing calmly. Athena's mind was blank, and as she took step by step, it cleared slowly. When she reached the entrance again, she was refreshed. However, she didn't want to go back inside. Not yet. Athena sat down gracefully, watching the sun peek out over the treetops. Only when it had passed the treetops a bit more was she ready to go back inside. She stood up and stalked back in, surveying the camp once more. Were there enough Maks for a hunting party?





Ares got up, stretching. Stupid dream, he thought, as he found, once again, that his muscles had become sore overnight. He growled, annoyed, and sat up. His normally gleaming dark red scales had become dusty, and he proceeded to shake himself of the little specks of dirt. He looked back at his scales. Not good enough, he thought, and started on cleaning his sales to perfection. When he was done, he admired his handiwork for a bit, then stepped out into the dawn sun. Not anyone was really outside, except for a few birds. He sighed. He didn't feel like doing anything right now, but his stomach was aching for something. Ares looked toward the kill pile, which, like he had expected, was empty.


Get up, you lazy Maks, and go catch food, Ares thought, annoyed once again. He looked toward the Mak caves. His glowing red eyes detected no movement, and he growled in impatience. If he had trained this hard, then he should at least get some food! Ares growled, angered. If the Maks were going to sleep, then let them sleep. He would wait. He watched the sun slowly rise, illuminating the dark camp bit by bit. While he was watching the glowing ball of fire, Ares' thoughts wandered quickly to that border skirmish. Oh, if only he had been there. Too bad it was the Maks and not him at the fight. He would have killed the Sares' stupid leader and taken over their land, but no. The Maks, who had no training whatsoever, just had to go and get the chance. Bored, Ares shifted into a snake and basked on a particularly large rock, welcoming the sun on his back.

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Mitsuko moved carefully along the rocky cliff, watching for weak spots ready to crumble and give her position away. She'd woken up before dawn and decided to get something nice for the hatchlings back at camp. Some nice soft sheep's wool would make it easier for them to sleep She thought And I know just where to look for the best wool. She'd noticed a fine sheep just a moment ago, and was making sure there would be nothing to give her away. She cast out her senses one last time, making sure the only living things nearby were her and the lone sheep. She had moved within striking range then pounced. She struck the sheep and broke it's neck before it even realized that it was in danger. Good. She thought Now comes the hard part, getting it back to camp without attracting scavengers


Just then a shadow passed overhead. Mitsuko looked up to see a vulture circling just above her. Well, that's not good. Mitsuko thought, frowning But I can deal with it. Vultures would attract scavengers, and scavengers ment loners or rouges. She hefted the sheep onto her back, bracing it with her wings, and moved down the trail until she came to a small stream. There she quickly and skillfully gutted the sheep. As she worked her thoughts went to an argument she'd had with her mentor just last night. She had wondered why oxets and hatchlings were only trained to fight or hunt, but never both. His response was to tell her it was the way of the tribes and always would be.


I still don't get it She thought as she gave the organ meats a quick rinse before placing them back in the corpse It's not as though we don't live long enough to learn both. She left the guts and offal as a decoy for any scavengers. Her grisly chore done, she firmly gripped the sheep's fore and back legs in such a way so the belly of the sheep faced upwards. As Mitsuko took off from the cliff, the rising sun began to heat the rocks and send updrafts her way. She winged her way skyward, following an air current that would take her back to camp.

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Nightstreak stirred and grumbled over the sudden lack of darkness. The sun was rising in a high arc already; it must be midmorning, he concluded.

He stood and stretched, his lean and knotted muscles rippling in the sunlight.

"Where's Mitsuko?" he muttered to himself, peering left and right. He'd expected the oxet to still be asleep, but apparently she had woken up earlier than he did. "Mitsuko?" he raised his voice to a tone above muttering, but still soft, as to not wake up the other sleeping Rans and Sars.

He shifted into a wolf to make navigating easier. The slow, lumbering breaths of the sleeping dragons around him created a rhythm that he kept in time to, so he wouldn't make any extra noise. Once free of the den, he shifted back into dragon form, and took off into the sky, casting his gaze far and wide for Mitsuko. He finally caught sight of a form drifting in the sky, as well, and made a beeline straight for her.

"Mitsuko!" He thundered.




Cerise stirred and looked around for her oxet. "Urarius?" she asked softly, turning into her fox form.

The morning light cast a pleasant glow around the camp, as if it had its own halo. Cerise could already see that some of the dragons were stirring, as well. She kept quiet so she wouldn't disturb the wise Rans, but she still continued to search for her own Oxet so they could go hunting.

"Bother," she muttered. "I might as well just go myself and let him sleep."

Stepping clear of the cave, she transformed back into her crimson dragon form with a great rippling of scaled flesh and took to the sky, her form causing a slight afterglow of scarlet.


((Too short? Sorry.))

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There really is nothing quite like flying. thought Mitsuko The feeling of endless freedom; seeing the world stretched out below. The sun's coming up too. Those colors are ast- "Mitsuko!" came the thunderous roar, cutting rudely into her thoughts. Aaand it's gone. she thought, closing her eyes. If she hadn't been carrying the sheep she would have rubbed at her forehead. She turned to watch Nightstreak as he came closer. Of all the dragons in the tribe, Mitsuko thought, frustrated Why was he made my mentor? Is it really so hard to have an ounce of patience? I've been in the tribe barely a week.


Likely one of the Kays had thought it would make for good entertainment. Was it Kays? All these ranks were starting to blur together. She hovered in the air, letting him approach her. Yes I left without telling him, but I was getting food. Surely he's not going to shout at me for that. Oh. . . yeah I was hunting outside the territory wasn't I? "Good morning Nightstreak." She said as he came close enough to speak without having to shout "I'm surprised you managed to get yourself up here. I thought for sure your poor, abused wings would have given out long before."


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Sikara had lost track how many times she'd asked her mother about the past, about her father, and about why they were living in the horrible town. Usually her mother would just pat her on the head and tell her she'd find out when she's older. The truth was, Elaine was worried that if anyone found out the truth then Sikara would come to more harm then she already was. Yes keeping the secrets meant living in squalor and being an outcast, but the truth could make things worse. So as Sikara's questions became more frequent, Elaine grew more worried.


Elaine was careful about what she told her daughter, fearing that her barely 5 year old daughter would not understand or that more harm would come to them. 5 years ago Elaine was the daughter of a prosperous Lord several dozen miles away from the Alema forest. One day her father decided a camping excursion would be just the thing for his family. With his 2 sons, only daughter, and wife, the Lord and his family left for the closest forest. Alema was a day's ride away, and it interested the Lord. Rumors had spread about people vanishing, how strange the animals behaved, and about large scaled beasts hidden in the depths. Rumors didn't interest the Lord, but he was interested in what his children would think.


The Lord and his family arrived in the closest town to the forest and the towns people welcomed them. When the Lord told them where they were headed, the people tried to turn them back, but the Lord was determined. He believed that dragons were just myths and that the people were to simple minded. So onward the family went. The first night in the forest was calm and uneventful. The two brothers felled a deer and dinner was an entertaining affair. It was the second night that things went horribly wrong.


The family had bedded down for the night. Elaine woke up partway through the night and went to the bushes for some privacy. While she was gone, she heard a scream and then a feral roar. Frightened, she turned and ran back to her families campsite. She hadn't realized how far she'd gone until she became lost. She was crying and helpless when she was approached by a very tall thin man in red and white robes. His hair was a deep red and his eyes were a piercing blue. Elaine must have been in shock or something, because she barely remembered what happened between the time she met the stranger and the time she came stumbling out of the forest.


At first Elaine went back to her families home. When she found out she was pregnant though, she left. Elaine knew who the father had to be, though she couldn't remember any event where she may have become pregnant. Something compelled her to go back to that town near Alema forest, and to live in the closest shack to the forest. When Sikara was born, the villagers became hostile towards her. The strange shiny scars on Sikara's body made the rumors fly. Elaine and her small daughter, became outcasts. Elaine had always supposed that Sikara's father lived in the forest.


Sikara learned all this as her mother lay dying from an unknown illness. "Mamma...don't go..." Sikara felt tears in her eyes as her mother weakly touched her cheek. With her dying breath Elaine had told Sikara everything, at least everything that Elaine had thought important. Elaine smiled softly and her hand dropped to hang off the side of the bed. Sikara sobbed and clung to her mother's cooling body. She stayed like that for hours until she heard a crash from outside and loud voices.


Sikara stood and hid in a corner as the men began banging on the door. She whimpered softly and covered her eyes. "Let us in brat!" the men yelled and laughed as the pounded on the poorly made door. They crashed in and Sikara curled up tighter. "Look at that. Mommy dearest is no more!" Sikara could smell the beer from where she was curled up in the corner. "And there's the dirty brat." Sikara looked up sharply and her instincts told her to run. She got up and ran for the door, but one man grabbed her hair. They landed a few punches before she struggled free.


Sikara ran blindly into the night, her little malnourished legs going as fast as they could. The men chased after her. She could hear them, they weren't chasing that hard, they were just playing with her. Tears burned down her cheeks so she failed to notice the increase of trees. The men were still chasing her. Sikara stumbled and fell into a clearing, her legs were bruised and bleeding, her bare feet cut from running. She crawled as far as she could before the men arrived. Sikara looked up at the sky, which was lightening with morning. She felt her hair grabbed again and she cried out in pain. She wanted her mommy.

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Nightstreak narrowed his eyes viciously. "Where have you been?" he growled. "You're always supposed to wait for your mentor to wake up, or at least wake him yourself! You can't just go flying off on your own!"

He glanced at the sheep she was carrying. "You went hunting?" he looked surprised. He was training her to be a Sar, not a Mak!

At the comment about his wings, he bared his teeth. Sometimes, this pesky little oxet could really try his patience. He unfurled his wings to their entire 25(?) feet of jet black and scaly glory.

"These wings," he proclaimed, flapping them and sending a jet of harsh wind onto Mitsuko, "Can serve me any day, as well as needed."

Glaring at her to challenge, he continued. "We should begin a patrol. We'll go along the perimeter of the Sares border, then continue along the outer fringes of our own. Got it?" He glanced at her sheep again. "Well, you might as well bring those back to camp for whatever you were going to use them for. Then we go. Understood?"


EDIT: ((Sorry it's kind of short. Can't really do anything with Cerise.


EDIT2: fixed what Mitsuko told me to))

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Mitsuko refused to flinch at the blast of wind from Nightstreak. I won't give him the satisfaction She thought. Instead she rolled her eyes in exasperation and chose to only answer his second question. "Yes Nightstreak, I went hunting. Either that or you're still dreaming and this sheep is a figment of your imagination." She matched his glare with her own. "I can fight and hunt, and I'll prove it to you one way or another." Without giving him the chance to respond, she angled into a dive and sped away to camp.


Mitsuko landed carefully, trying not to get too much dust into the sheep. She nodded towards Ares on his rock. She might not like him, but she respected his strength. She quickly skinned the sheep and found a place out of the way for the skin to dry. She noticed the empty kill pile, and, after taking a quick bite, placed what was left of the sheep there. She heard an impatient roar from above. Fine she thought You want me to be quick? Be careful what you wish for. Mitsuko shifted to falcon form and shot upwards. She made a quick loop around Nightstreak "Do try to keep up." she taunted, and flew at top speed towards the Sares border.

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Nightstreak snarled angrily and took off, his form making him slower than the light and agile falcon. Halting right before the border, he bellowed after Mitsuko, "You're going too far, imbecile!"

The sun shined directly on his back, causing a large black shadow to be cast over a good section of the forest because of how high they were. Not bothering to let his duty be hampered by some stupid oxet, he dived low to the ground and landed, shaking the leaves off of him that had gotten caught by the oak trees. He shifted quickly into wolf form and began to snuff along the border, looking for irregularities.

He looked up once, annoyed, at the sky, wondering what was taking Mitsuko too long. He hoped that none of the Sares would catch them; they weren't on friendly terms, and he would have a hard time explaining why his oxet could be so stupid sometimes...

He noticed a patch of what the Laeas called "Danger vines" near the border, and he steered clear; he would have to tell Mitsuko about the danger.

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Sikara whimpered and bit her lip, trying to keep from screaming. She was being lifted by her hair and now her feet were dangling in the air. The men, who were only teenage boys, laughed and one grabbed her neck. "No one would miss you if you died." The boy told her as he gripped her neck harder. Sikara coughed and clawed at his hand. He cursed and let go of her throat. Her hands went to her head to try and claw at the hand holding her hair. "Stupid brat!" the man yelled and he slapped her hard across the face.


Sikara squeaked and sobbed in pain. She could feel her skin sting strongly and by now her lip was swelling. "We could have a little fun. No one would care." The second boy said with a chuckle. "Disgusting! She's filthy!" Her eyes were so watery Sikara barely saw as the arm was pulled back and then the fist slammed into her stomach. "Hey! I know, let's break her legs so she can't follow us back!" The third boy, who was holding her hair, said.


They were slow about it, the boy grabbed her leg and started pulling. Sikara couldn't stop the scream this time. She closed her eyes tightly and sobbed harder. "S-stop it!" She begged loudly. "Please!" She screamed again, whimpering loudly.

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As Mitsuko flew along the border she was confronted by a sound she never thought she would hear again. A child was screaming. She quickly looked around, seeking the source of the sound. "S-stop it!" I'm coming! She thought desperatly. "Please!" Just then she saw them, all of them, three young humans torturing a little girl. That's it thought Mitsuko, seeing red No mercy. She dove for the humans, not making a sound until she was practically on top of them, then she screached.


The humans looked up, just in time for one to get his eyes gouged out. She moved past them and morphed to dragon form. Flicking her tail to one side snapped the neck of the now blind human; the others began to scream in desperation. The second man had his head removed by a swift strike. She turned, gripped the last man by his front, and slammed him into a tree, not hard enough to kill but hard enough to break a few ribs. "No one" she snarled "Hurts a child in front of me." And with that the crushed the life from the man.


A soft breeze went through the clearing, bringing a strange smell to Mitsuko. Wait, but that smells like She turned to the child, who was sitting as still as possible, likely scared out of her mind. Mitsuko shifted to human. "Please don't be afraid" she spoke as softly as she could, putting as much gentleness into her words as she could manage. "I promise I will protect you. What's your name?"

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Ares sighed. There went the quiet morning. He looked up, his forked tongue flicking in and out of his mouth. Nightstreak was flying to meet his apprentice, who had evidently sneaked off to hunt. At least there's food, Ares thought with a tiny twinge of satisfaction. He basked a bit more in the sun, waiting for the two dragons to come back. Lifting his head a bit higher, Ares could see that the sheep was gutted. Nightstreak better tell his apprentice that we don't gut our food, Ares thought, annoyed. Carrying on like this, we're all going to be hungry as hell and the only things satisfied will be the vultures. He looked at the sheep hungrily, hissing quietly. Whatever. As long as it's food, I'm all fine with it... But later, it might be a problem.

Ares lowered his head back onto the smooth surface of the rock. Quickly, quickly, he thought, as his stomach grumbled. Mentor and apprentice were probably bickering. Why, oh why did the Kay have to make those two a pair? Couldn't it be some other weredragon that's not as likely to delay with arguments? Ares watched the two, his tail tip flicking impatiently.

Mitsuko finally brought the sheep down and took a bite herself. Arrogant little Oxet, Ares thought, glaring at the dragon. She should know that she eats last. He looked at the sheep, his mouth watering. He slithered forward, then shifted into his dragon form. He took a large chunk of the sheep and went back to his resting place, his mouth watering at the aroma. After eating his fill, Ares basked once more, his hunger now satisfied.




Athena's head swung back toward the outside of the camp. Was that a scream that she had just heard? She strained her ears. There. A shout, too far to discern the words, but definitely there. Athena galloped through the entrance and spread her wings as soon as she was out of the camp. It had sounded like a hatchling, no more than 6 or 7. She strained her ears for more screams. She heard another scream, a bit closer. Athena strained her wings, flapping hard. The screams ceased, followed by some dull thuds and some angry roars. She sniffed, and snarled at the stench of Laeas that carried on the wind. Were those power-hungry freaks on her land again?

Athena sped up, then saw a scene that made her blood boil with rage. It was yet another Laeas dragon, so close to the border that she was practically on top of it, talking to a little girl that looked to be about five. There were dead bodies strewn around the girl, and the Laeas weredragon wasn't helping matters; the girl was scared to the core. Athena dived down, landing a few feet away from them. Finally getting the smell of the child, she hesitated. This girl was a hatchling for sure! What was she doing in the forest by herself? She hadn't been bitten either! Since the hatchling was on the border, Athena reached over and bit her gently. The girl was probably shocked, but Athena didn't pay any attention... for now, that was. The Kay swung her head over to glare at the Laeas weredragon. "What's going on?" she growled. "What are all these?" Athena indicated the bodies.

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At Athena's words Mitsuko found herself drowning in memory. She was so little then, barely seven. She had a little brother and they were the children of a successful businessman. A man, down on his luck, had decided to kidnap them in an attempt to get some quick cash, but he messed up. He was seen when he was leaving the note behind and had to go into hiding. He took the two children with him. All of the fear and stress he'd been feeling turned to violence at the two children. This was where Mitsuko learned to fight verbally, trying to get the man to target her instead of her brother. It worked and it didn't. It worked in that Mitsuko bore the brunt of the violence. And it didn't in that whenever she spoke up in defense of her brother, they both received fewer rations. The authorities eventually found him and had him hung for his crimes, but it was far too late for Mitsuko's brother.


Mitsuko snapped herself out of her memory and stood slowly, turning to face Athena. She had no idea who this weredragon was, but she wasn't about to fight for no reason. Before she spoke a thought came to her. She glanced back at the child She may well be better off in Sares she thought. She looked back at Athena and spoke "They were torturing her. No one ever torments a child when I'm around. Though somehow I doubt you would have let them get away with it either."

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Damien glared up at the night sky which was illuminated with bright stars above the canopy of the forest, it was truly a sight to behold. It was just barely an hour before sun rise but Darius always make it a point to wake up early. His main reason was the smell of morning dew before dawn, the scent of it always made him refreshed and ready to start yet another day.


Stretching himself, he quickly shifted into his blackbird form as he flutter up and perched on tree branch. Observing around for any suspicious activity which could mean danger for the tribe. His eyes served as a light source of him as well, without them everything would just look pitch-black to him. The chirping of crickets and the croaking of frogs depicted a ambiance of serenity, it was as though it was a calm before the storm. He gazed around for any disturbances another time before flying to another area, repeating the same routine. In the middle of his early morning patrol, he caught sight of a large dragon-like figure in the distance, which was just at the edge of the border dividing between the two tribes. Curious, he made his way closer to the dragon, whom he identified one of them as Athena, one of his leaders of the tribe facing an unfamiliar dragon standing at the other side of the border. Darius flapped his wings even faster as he dived downwards, changing into his dragon form in midair as he landed just a metre behind Athena, glaring at the human across the border with anger for a brief moment before turning back to his leader.


"Athena, what on earth happened?" Shadow asked concernedly as he noticed a little human girl whom expression showed fear. He felt a slippery sensation as he moved his right fore-foot, he looked down and noticed that he was stepping on a corpse of a decapitated human. Instinctively, Darius quickly kicked the body away in disgust as he blew a vapour of mist to his right foot in an attempt to remove the bloodstains. "What... in the world of blue dominoes happened here?" He asked again, his tone being less aggressive than his previous question.

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Urarius stretched and felt the soft earth beneath her. The dirt clung to her scales, but it felt so good! Her eyes flickered open and she cautiously walked

outside. Many of the dragons were sleeping, but a few had woken. "Cerise?” she called. Cerise was Urarius' mentor; a person who advises another, most

likely of a lower status. Cerise was about the only dragon in the tribe that she trusted. She wondered if perhaps her teacher had already gotten up and

begun hunting. "Cerise, are you up?" Urarius called, louder. It was unlike her to leave without her. Urarius approached upon her teachers den. "Cerise, what

are we doing today?" she asked. "The sun is already most of the way up!"


Indeed, the sun was steadily rising. Giving a curious glow to the trees and outlining everything below. Sunlight had intruded most of the caves and one could

see the faint figures of dragons deep within. The vines overhead glistened with what dew was left. It was truly a beautiful day to be part of. Soon, Urarius

saw that the den was abandoned. There was nothing to do with no instructions to follow.


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Nightstreak snorted in agitation as he looked at the sky, waiting for Mitsuko.

"Something must be wrong," he concluded to himself as he launched up into the air, flapping his wings and flying in a low arc above the forest. "Stupid oxet," he muttered, "You're probably over the Sares' border!" He dove over the trees, and finally sighted the clearing where dragons were already gathering. He landed in a furious flurry of dust and dirt. "Mitsuko!" he thundered for the umpteenth time since they had been made mentor and oxet. "What the devil is going on here?!"

He gazed around, and immediatelly bobbed his head at Athena in respect. They were from different tribes, but diplomacy was key when needed to get out of a sticky situation.

He saw two other dragons besides Mitsuko, and he immediately shifted into human form when he saw the other human. He still glared daggers at Mitsuko. The silly apprentice always got into trouble.

"Well, what's this, then?" he asked impatiently.


((EDIT: Archios, Cerise already took to the sky to hunt while her oxet slept))

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Sikara screamed again as she felt a pop and her leg began hurting even worse. Pain seared its way across her body. Suddenly though, she was dropped to the ground roughly and there were other screams in the clearing. Sikara curled up into a ball as best she could and covered her head with her arms, preparing herself for more abuse. She shook and shivered as a voice filtered into her panic filled mind. "No one, hurts a child in front of me." Then there was a sickening crunch and then silence. Sikara slowly looked out from her shielding arms. For a moment she thought she was hallucinating. Standing over the bodies of Sikara's tormentors, was a dragon.


With a blink, the dragon was gone and standing in its place was a woman with black hair. Her voice was gentle and slowly Sikara uncurled. The woman didn't seem like a person that would beat on her. "S-Sikara," Sikara said just as there was another thump from behind her. She turned her head and her eyes went wide with shock and fright. Standing there was another dragon, and this time it didn't become a human. Sikara squeaked as the gold dragon leaned forward and then bit her. Sikara would have scrambled away, except her leg wouldn't cooperate. Sikara whimpered and looked around in fright and desperation. She had to get away and hide before the dragon decided to do more then bite.


After years of being abused, Sikara had developed a little bit of a pain tolerance. So when another dragon appeared and turned into a human, Sikara began to crawl away. She was good at moving silently and not attracting attention, you had to be when avoiding nearly a dozen angry and disdainful people. Every time her leg moved, she winced, but bit her lip. Silence was what she needed. Before she made it to a tree she stopped and looked at her arm in surprise. The horizontal scars on her upper arms had darkened and didn't look like scars anymore. They looked almost gold. She finished crawling to the tree and the hid behind it. "Don't eat me, please don't eat me." Sikara started whispering over and over. She really wanted her mommy.


~~~~*~~~~ Fascino


Fascino had woken up hours ago, his mind refusing to allow him more sleep. Fascino was careful as he adjusted his strings of gold disks. He didn't want to break the strings with his claws. As a Ran of his tribe, he had to set a good impression. Sure several of the younger members of the tribe had called him frugal, but then he'd shown them there was more to him then his looks. He used to be one of the strongest Sars in the tribe, until he'd been promoted to a Ran. Now he was busy studying the spell surrounding the forest and searching for ways to break it.


Over the years, his method of impregnating human females had shown promise. The shield was stretching farther and farther each year. It was still strong, but at least now he was starting to sense a difference. A few days ago, he'd even come across a human female. She wasn't in her fertile cycle yet, but with his power he was able to...encourage her to return in a week. Fascino flicked his tail back and forth. Out of the unknown amount of children he had born to human women, only 2 had returned. One was a Loner and the other was a Mak for the tribe. Both were white with colored markings. It would seem that, based on the two, all his children might have inherited his white body and blue eyes.


Fascino felt his stomach complain and he headed for the Mak cave to waken his child and the other Maks. Once awake they would hunt and he could get back to work. Not only did he have to study the spell, he had to review reports made from the Sars. Fascino, impatient for food, went to what was left of the sheep and then finished it off. He was a large dragon, and was hungry. The Maks would get more soon. Fascino noticed a red dragon basking in the growing light. "Good morrow Ares. Sleep well?" Fascino asked, letting just the barest amounts of pollen into his breath. He found that small amounts of his power helped keep everyone relaxed and companionable.

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Nightstreak watched with a mixture of revulsion and curiosity as he watched the human crawl away.

"We aren't going to eat you," he muttered, turning away. It was one thing to dine on a strong human male, it was another to dine on a defenseless child. He kept his human form, walking forward. "Hello." he said shortly. "How did you get here?"

He was never good with warm moments, and he hoped he didn't come across as too blunt. But still, he hated how fragile humans could be. They took feelings and emotion way too seriously, even as a child.

He gazed at the bodies of the other boys. They had obviously ill intent with the little girl, and his gaze softened and he flashed her a rare, comforting smile.




Cerise soared above the treetops and sighted a wild deer. She dived low, her fangs and claws flashing in the sunlight, and landed right on top of it. She ripped its throat out and grabbed it with her claws, gouging holes into its flank. A quick, merciful death.

Grabbing it by its barrel-chested body, she brought it back to camp. Hopefully Urarius would be awake now. She landed and put it in the pile, only taking a small leg for herself for nourishment. She knew that she would eat close to last, after the Kay and the Rans, but she was hungry.

"Urarius?" she muttered, as she finally found her oxet, awake. "There you are," she said happily. Agreeable at the time of day, she smiled. "I hope you rested well. Are you ready to go hunting?" she wondered whether she should offer her the leg, but she resolved that she would find enough food to suit himself when they went hunting themselves.

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Urarius turned around once she heard Cerise's voice. "I was worried that you had forgotten me. Sure I would join you in a hunt!"

She flapped her wings and shook the dirt off herself. The warmth of the sun spread across her membranes as she held them up.

"What type of game should we hunt for?" Urarius could hear virtually every animal within a mile of where she was standing. There

were plenty of squirrels, rabbits, and rodents but not big prey. This was to be expected, there was never anything much bigger

than a deer; and even those were scarce!


Urarius thought that she heard something off in the distance. No, wait... There were two sounds, coming from different directions.

She swiveled her ears around, instinctively, as she tried to determine what it was. A border skirmish? Not likely. It was perplexing

to hear the sounds and not know what they were.

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Cerise frowned at her oxet in confusion. "You okay?" she asked gently. "Well, a hunt will make you feel better. C'mon!"

She took to the sky for the second day that glorious morning, going to the opposite side of where the human girl was. There was a small cliff of stone there, where some mountain goats and sheep could sometimes be found. There was also the smaller prey, like ferrets and weasels.

She outstretched her claws for a landing. They would proceed in animal form over the tougher part of the terrain, as to not scare away any of the larger prey for a better chance of a full belly.

Skidding to a halt in a flurry of rocks and gravel, she shook the dust off of her body and grinned apologetically to Urarius. "More slippery than I reckoned."

With that, she changed into fox form.


((Shortish, sorry.))

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