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dangershy's art (aka glassandeyes)

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- updated march 2019 -

hello once again, dragon cave! i haven't been here in a few years. i don't know how long it's been since i updated this...

since my inactivity here, i've gained a lot of artistic experience. at this point i've been drawing for upwards of 10 years, and now i'm in college. at the moment (march 2019) i'm majoring in game art, but i plan on switching to illustration. the closest thing i have to an art archive is my deviantART, which has things back until 2012. i try to drop newer art in it intermittently; my favorite part of art is being able to look back and see how much i've improved.


i like to keep this thread (from 2011) to be able to look back at my younger self.


if you want to hear more about myself and the things i do lately, you can check out my personal carrd. from there you can find what i like, what i do, and sites that i'm more active on. if you're interested more in my art and perhaps my commissions, check out my commissions carrd. it has examples of my art and basic pricing.


introductions aside, i do want to be more active around here, so i'll be opening requests, i guess! the fastest way to contact me is through discord at glass#0202 or on the Mastodon instance berries.space! you can find me just about anywhere under glassandeyes. without further ado, here's some examples of my work:


[ single-color sketch in dark red of a persona with long hair that swoops out at the bottom, and half-crescent shades. it is wearing a collared jacked with a star on the sleeve, and is 'talking' to the viewer with a friendly expression ] ||  [ single-color (cyan) shoulder-up sketch of alex asboth from DashBored; he is looking at the viewer with a smile. his hair is very fluffy, and his poncho is a simple crescent shape. ]  || [ single-color (dark red) sketch of alic, a man with messy hair and glasses. one eye is a cross-pupil and the other appears to be empty. he has a hoodie poncho with fuzz on the inside, and he is wearing a sign that says 'do not interact'. he is looking away (to the right). ]

- simple busts - these are the simplest and fastest for me to complete. i will either need a detailed description or an image reference (image preferable), and i appreciate requests more specific than "can you draw [x]?"


[ full-color icon of alex asboth from DashBored; the background is cyan and purple. he is wearing a gray shirt and a two-tone brown poncho. he has brown hair, cyan eyes, and is wearing gloves. he's winking at the viewer with a big smile; there are blue sparkles around him. ] || [ a square icon of a black-haired, purple-shirted figure sitting in front of multiple, multi-colored screens. ] || [ a square icon of a heavily scarred, black-haired person. they are wearing a space suit, and their eyes are wholly green, and luminescient. the background is a matching lime green. ]

- square icons -  any size so long as it is square. full color, signed, but not very large ... these may take a bit longer than a bust sketch, but they're still simple. please give a full shoulders-up description of your person, or supply an image reference. backgrounds are most likely to be abstract if not specified.


[ a two-colored sketch (red and cyan) of nic and alex from DashBored holding hands and having ice cream. alex is looking at nic, smiling and talking. nic is looking back at him with a smile. ] || [ a two-color sketch (red and green) of two people sitting together. the green one has curly hair and round glasses, as well as a bandana around his neck. he's playing music from his phone. the red figure has long hair that swoops out, and he's wearing crescent-shaped sunglasses, curiously looking at what's coming from the other one's phone. ]

- two-figure sketches - yeah, both of the examples are cute. i do like to do these in regards to affection; it's fun practice. a description of both people and what exactly you want them to be doing is required.


most requests will be sketches; between college and my own interests, i don't have much time to make things for the luxury of internet people, but it's what makes me happy. i'm not the kind for forms; you can drop a reply here, or you can add me on discord. i appreciate new friends, or maybe even old if you know me. i'm based in Colorado, timezone GMT -0600. at the moment, i have class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from ~11 AM to ~4-5 PM, including transit times.


thanks for dropping by, and i appreciate comments and criticisms! ~glass

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100% revamp

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I Want Some Artsiness!

Username: krystalsharz

I want you to draw me: tiger

Picture of it: any goolge image I guess

Colors: a White tiger please

Specefic Details: adult if you can.

Orientation: either laying down or pouncing on somehting

Other: If you can do like an adult with cubs then that'd be even cooler. If not that's ok.

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I love your pony drawings! So without further ado...


I Want Some Artsiness!

Username: rainpeltstar

I want you to draw me: A MLP.

Picture of it: Don't have one, its my own personal character.

Colors: The mane should be dark blue with lighter streaks, the body is navy-colored, and the tail is the same as the mane.

Specefic Details: I want the cutie mark to be a cloud with a blue flower (Here, if you can't draw it then just draw a normal flower.)

Orientation: Landscape

Other: None.

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I Want Some Artsiness!

Username: Mikkeh

I want you to draw me: Two Pillow Dragons with hats cuddling o3o

Male has a top hat, female has a fancy pink hat.

Picture of it: I've requested this same thing from almost everyone I can soooo here are links to their versions. o3o






UmbreWulf's (My avatar)


There's some more but I'm being too lazy to find it. wink.gif

Colors: Pink hat, black top hat with a red sash.

Specific Details: Uh, they have hats and they are adorable.

Orientation: Landscape, bro.

Other: I liek ponehs.

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I Want Some Artsiness!

Username: girlfairy76

I want you to draw me: Edme and Faolan! ((It seems you have Wolves of the Beyond?))

Picture of it: http://wolvesofthebeyond.wikia.com/wiki/Faolan Faolan, http://wolvesofthebeyond.wikia.com/wiki/Edme Edme,

Colors: there colors?

Specefic Details: a heart :3 inbetween them

Orientation: Err... Doing some kind of luff thing :3

Other: I might request one of my special-super-cats-i-be-on-Moshi

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I Want Some Artsiness!


I want you to draw me:a black cat like ones on your photobucket

Picture of it: http://s1120.photobucket.com/albums/l493/d...ggingKanaye.png

Colors:black and yellow

Specefic Details:front fur like kanaye's, but with long hair in the back, and yellow eyes and markings


Other: nothing else

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I drew some new stuff- I managed to get SAI on my mac!


Lys [Click-and-Drag OC]

Lys [startled]


And a friendly reminder that I'm doing requests. You can also choose whether you want it done in RITA or SAI!



I updated the OP with my newer art.

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Hey, your latest picture of the Spine is pretty good! I think if you keep practicing from reference photos and studying real people, you can really improve leaps and bounds. =]

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Psssst. Hey, you should post cosplay stuff if you got it.

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I actually run an askblog for my fem!Tony. I could give the link, but there's some cursing so I'm uncertain.

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I'm old enough to drink. I think I can handle a few bad words.

Just put a warning and you should be fine.

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Awww :3

Looky you.

why did you skip the blue paint though? I always liked the way the blue made that character looked.

I also am a cosplayer and love to see other people's work.

Have you ever made it to a con?

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I skipped the blue paint both because I didn't have any on hand and because I didn't really feel like it. I felt like it was a bit too much for me. And, yes, I went to Comic Con in New Orleans this year! It was a lot of fun.

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I get it. took a makeup class a few semesters ago. The paint feels terrible but I found that oil based makeup usually feels a lot more natural. Been practicing for a troll cosplay and I'm trying to avoid spreading grey paint all over the con xd.png

aw damn. Thats awesome. I missed my state's comic con this year. I didn't have anything ready anyway.

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