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Signature Contest #45

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Good day everyone! Sorry if this is a bit late (I had an exam today).

This weeks theme is Stealth

Stealth - The act of moving, proceeding, or acting in a covert way. Make a signature featuring somebody sneaky whether it be a ninja, an assassin, a hitman, a rogue or just your cat sneaking in the grass. You're also free to interpret the theme in your own way if you wish.


user posted image


Entries must all be in by the 2nd of May.



• Images must be comprised of two or more images stitched, pasted, cloned, etc. together. They MAY NOT be a simple text slap.

• There is to be no flaming or drama in this thread.

• The size limit is 600 x 200 pixels, vertically or horizontally. Images larger than the required size must be asked to be sized down.

• All work is to be completely your own. Do not grab it off the Internet and say, "Oh look I made this myself!" No.

• Do not solicit votes.

• Have fun and be creative!

• If you are using a stock, texture or brushes from another artist, be sure to always give credit. Always.



The winner will receive an egg of their choice bred from one of the following donators: Gray means a donator is busy or un-active


Dk Labyrinth

Cariad Winter











* Rares are included with the exception of Alts because they are never a sure thing.

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Er, here's my entry..

user posted image



Cat & room

Edited by Sandface

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Thanks Cybele!


Ooh! Kanaye, that's really cool. Love it.

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user posted image


Mehh, coulda been better. Buuuut, this is my first time doing this, so..... xd.png

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user posted image



Mostly for lulz, but since I had it lying around...

Edited by paradoxangel

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Nice sigs everyone.


I'd like to point out that the contest ends tomorrow so if anyone still wants to enter they'd better hurry.

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