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You may or may not be familiar with Compulsive Posters' Anonymous. It's the chat thread in the Games Forum. Over the several volumes of its life, several Dragon Cave members have written stories, done artwork, and made videos about the people they've met in this thread. Due to the length of the various posts, it was decided that it should be moved to Original Works and here it is! If you're a regular poster in CPA, or even a visitor, we'd love it if you added one or more to the collection.


P.S. SockPuppet Strangler has approved this thread.

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The Linkage Post!


CPA Story by Icepelt ~ September 2010 - Gone... (July 2016)


CPA Brownies Adoptables Site by wonton55912 - Gone... (July 2016)


CPA as The Magic School Bus by Kandycat - Also gone... (July 2016)


CPA'ers love music. Here's a compilation of links posted by us!


And YouTube only allows 200 videos in a playlist, so here's the second one!



The CPA Banners thread is here: https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=115433

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A Brief History of the World, CPA-Style

Lagie is by far the most powerful creature in the whole universe. Before the dinosaurs, there was Lagie. The Lagie (also called Earth Mother) although powerful, is not tyrannical. She is sweet and caring and always looks after her descendants, the CPAers. She is the one that invented the ambrosia (more commonly called “brownies”) and she is the one that makes sure the Earth is in perfect balance, free of drama, free of anger. At her best, Lagie is thought to make everything around her flourish. At her worst, she is known to have made the world implode multiple times… consecutively. When her inner rage comes out, stuff goes down… like really down. Many people died after the rare conflicts that sometimes came up. Thanks to Lagie’s time-altering capacities, everything is alright now, though…


Hope she doesn't think I called her old with that second sentence.


So, in summary...


The Lagie caused the Big Bang. Lagie-like organisms lived in harsh conditions and eventually evolved into dogfish on a planet she created, which in turn evolved into reptiles and eventually into Lag-osaurs. Out of some of the Lag-osaurs, dragons were bestowed onto the land. The Lagie, being the loving mother of all living creatures, took a special interest in these.

Eventually, Lagie raged (or ragequit; it's hard to say) and ranted in her own special place, thus causing a humongous meteor to plummet into the early planet's Lago-spheres and cause extinction to the Lag-osaurs. The primitive dragons (most likely ancestors of the Mint dragon), along with the world's first dog-like mammals among the gigantic creatures, managed to hide and snack on food the Lagie supplied them with, mostly consisting of ambrosia and other early pastries. As time passed, the dragons became quite skittish and went into hiding, while the mammals kept evolving into a large amount of animals we know of today. Oh, no, the dragons did not stop evolving, and the Lagie saw to this, as she kept the early planet in balance and check. But some animals evolved into the first humans: CPA members. They soon found out about the Lagie and became more advanced. Growing their own food (mostly ambrosia; which was renamed as the brownie), building their own inventions, making friends, and getting to know each other, the CPA members coaxed the dragons out of their hiding places after accepting that the Lagie was the mother of their planet. They had mixed feelings about her, for sometimes her random feelings of rage would decimate and cause destruction to the land. But in truth, they all love the Lagie, and support her to this very day.



And that, kids, is why all of CPA was made.


Yet another chapter to the legacy of the Hitchhikers Guide to CPA (And all of its history):

Current time; present. Lovely weather. CPA is in utter peace, exhaustively separated from the creatures named humans.

The Lagie still is the Mother of Earth, and will be for perhaps all of eternity, or at least until she rants hard enough to make the world explodey. All of the humans, some having slightly mutated overtime into anime creatures from Lag-Japan and creatures from simply the imagination, in CPA still believe in The Lagie. As omniscient as she is, she still finds the time to frequently chat with the beings in their own happy places. After the first humans (AKA CPA members) took their first steps, more came to life on The Lagie's planet, and the populace of everywhere multiplied. As each eon of generations lived, her ragequitting and ranting sometimes didn't cause destruction. Most humans began to do the works. Wars began to rage, mostly consisting of awesome weapons, brownie/pie throwing, and name calling (I wish). People didn't really like each other, but still at the bottom of their hearts with invention after invention to make life easier, and as they got smarter, they eventually learned to not have so many all the time and to live somewhat peacefully with those they knew.

Throughout time, most people stopped evolving, but their inventions did not.


Nowadays, they are so technology advanced that they don't even have to use a microwave oven to bake ambrosia or something like that!

The Lagie was pleased with some inventions, although others displeased her greatly. Like the things humans used to cause wars, and the things they use to cause destruction on Earth. Although she did happen to like the newest pastries of human creation, and some of teh randomness goin' on in teh internetz!!!11one 


Luckily, she managed to keep the dragons hidden from those who would harm them, allowing only the CPA members as well as those who were okay with letting the dragons not get speared through the gut for one day to interact with them.

When The Lagie ragequits and rants, she can be a terror and decimate most of the planet. Humans are one-sided about that, as that can cause destruction to themselves as well as their own inventions. But most have sided with her, and are happy to yell at others just as loudly. The only questions humans have are about what happens when they die, as well as where their food goes when The Lagie gets hungry. But, only she knows, and it is classified. Very classified indeed. Patience is a virtue, after all. In short, CPA is a magical paradise that few will ever experience. As said, it is shut off from the world until the humans stop making it crumble, or at least until she decides to open it.

And when that will be, I simply have no idea.


Once upon a time in a land far away called DC on 42 Madness Way Awesometown,

31337. There was a house, mysterious, constantly gaining new occupants. If you listened carefully you could hear lots of people compulsively posting and now and then you see cuff dragons flying around. happy.gif And maybe, just maybe, if you are lucky you will see someone being cuffed.


Once upon  a time, there was a person named Lagie. Nobody knows where she came from, from the Gods, born from dragon, or human, but she has created the greatest place compulsive posters had ever laid their eyes on. There is the undead, talking animals, infinete shifters, and even vapire kitties that love blood jelly there. And now, my story.


I was lurking in the Forum games. I was playing in different games, Like "Last Post Wins" and "Mutliple Choice" games. Then I saw a sign. It read:


Complusive Posters Anonymoyous


I was posting frequently, and I was posting before others, called "Ninja'ing" by these people. I had seen them often. But now, I would meet them all. I'll list a few. Qwackie, RheaZen, Parakeet13, brokenglass, and blackdragon71. I had seen them almost everywhere in the games. Now, when I walked in, there were millions of people lurking in the shadows, shifitng from human to cat to dragon, vampires, bats, and just normal people. I saw a dog in there talking, and greeting people. I walked up to her. "Hello, are you the owner, here?" I asked. "Yes," she replied. "I would like to join. It seems fun here," I said. She greeted me. I am now a member, and I am constantly here.


That is the end of my story, but there are many more stories hidden out there, and in plain sight.


Once upon a time, 3 knights sat down to talk. There was Lagie, a magical knight with the power to conjure an infinite amount of brownies. Then, there was Leap, another knight who could transform herself into a dog-like shape at will. Lastly, there was Birdie, a parrot with the ability to nom seeds. The trio had decided on a policy that will revolutionise the world of Dragon Cave Forums forever. The first chat topic was essentially erected on a hill of birdseed and brownies.


Many people, dubbed 'compulsive posters' and terminally ill from the disease known as 'postage syndrome' came to seek their cure from the castle. They were treated to brownies, raised hands, raised hackles, cuff, ninjaing, Portal, Pokémon, pie, fortune cookies, peels and a series of other things that must not be named. They were cured and continued coming in, but some never got over it. The castle was torn down and rebuilt over 11 times, now in its newest coat of paint.


When you come in, don't forget the traps, offerings and banana peels.

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Quotes About CPA


In my eyes cpa is a place of freedom where you could be creative, share culture, insights, support one another and everything else in one place. This is what I love of this place *goes all warm and fuzzy inside*


A poem for CPA!! *clears voice*


Welcome to CPA!!


Welcome to our world CPA

This is where we come to play

In this little but big world

Things might look a bit absurd!!

Our members come from far and wide

To do only one thing and that is

To post with pride!!


In this little but big world

We always say more than one word

We have brownies and fuzzy cuffs

But before you know we’ll add earmuffs

Mother Lagie always brings food and stuff

So if you’re hungry grab a bite

But don’t worry there is always enough!!


The people in CPA is a bit crazy

But hey at least we’re not lazy

In CPA you can find anything

Friends, family and even the vampire thing

So even if you’re a hippopotamus

Just know you will fit right in

Here at Compulsive Posters Anonymous!!


CPA is the definition of random.


CPA - When life isn't random enough.


How Random Are You? Quiz by Skypool


I'm on here cause its like a second home but with loads of crazy, weird, funny and caring relatives.  xd.png


Symptoms of a compulsive poster include:

Random Nomming

Random Saying

Love of Typing

Being in the 10 ten posters


If you have 1 or more of those symptoms you have been engulfed into this crazy family which I now call my cyber-home.


Welcome to DC's CPA,

Where Dragon Keepers come to play.

With Fuzzy-Cuffs, Brownies, and Cake galore,

One visit will leave you wanting more.

Plenty of Laughs and Love to go around,

A place where you're guaranteed not to frown.

So don't be shy, pull the doors open wide,

Take a deep breath, and step inside.










































I love CPA

We have brownies and handcuffs

CPA is great


My definition of CPA:Awesomeness, Randomness, handcuffing, place to chat until get mute, awesome users and no ninjas smashing trough your skylight.


Get used to weirdness, randomness, handcuffs, cakes, celebrations, weirdness, Pokemon, Lagie, peace, drama, raised eyebrows, raised hackles, raised hands, animals, families, and weirdness.


Enjoy your time here!


hear hear, i love this place.... it has chaos =)


lol I love coming to CPA, the chance of getting Cuffed, stealing and Nomming Brownies, starting random RP's and causing havoc lol


Welcome to CPA, where we can turn the most mundane thing into a weapon of war.
The Meatball War of Volume Four!




...Yes. Madness.




I appreciate CPA. It's my home away from home, where you can eat delicious brownies with the nutrition values of water, where you can talk about anything with pillow pets, dragons, and dogs, where you can cuff without getting arrested, where you don't have to worry about what you're wearing, if you look fine, or if your breath smells. Here is a place to look for fun, for stories, for comfort, for happiness Here, you can be whoever you wanna be, without rejection or scorn. This is a second world, where you aren't physically harmed, emotionally harmed, mentally harmed (With the exception of some cruel brain teasers laugh.gif), or excluded. This is CPA.


I just had to say that, to show how much I appreciate you guys. happy.gif



DarkDamsel09's People of CPA





dracoon(and dracoon by dracoon too!)


Angel of the Inferno


Kei to Everything








Digidude and TotoroDigi



Yah i Just Love Dragons



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Thank yew, Lagalicious.


CPA's creativity always amuses me. Great job, guys. ^^


/Sock Stamp of Approval

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Thanks, Xbc! I've added it to the Banners thread. smile.gif


New CPA beginning story by dracoon has been added. biggrin.gif

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I will miss you.


Lol, I will miss

Over to Orbiter; he's awesome

V-- Is there anyone with 'V' in their name?

Everyone, I will miss you.


Cause you make me happy

Penguins have been here

Animals too.


Now go back and read the first letter of each sentence ;3

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Since Lagie asked me to, here's my story about the Fortune Says game. I'd give a link to the game as well, but it seems the game has poofed.

NOTE: I still need to write the last chapter about the final task, so the story isn't complete yet.



I bring to you the fantastic, wonderful and without any doubt TRUE story of the rise of the Super-Butler.

Drama, suspense!


Tim as the Super-Butler

Saikachan as the crazy cat lady

Door-Blocker Dorkface as the evil henchman

And Fortune as the evil mastermind




It all started on a quiet, ordinary summer’s day, when Tim was doing his usual butler tasks for his employer: opening doors, taking people’s coats, driving the car in and out of the garage, etc.

However, when he opened the outside door for his master to go through, a dragon appeared! And not just any kind of dragon, no, it had purple fins standing on its back. Never having seen a dragon before, Tim was stunned. Our hero just stood there, staring at the dragon, while Tim’s employer already had gone outside. And this was the moment the dragon struck! He grabbed our noble hero’s employer, closed the door in front of Tim and flew off, Tim’s master in his paws.


When Tim tried to open the door to go outside and help his master, he found he couldn’t open it. Somebody, or rather some dragon, had blocked the door! Tim tried to figure a way to go outside and eventually climbed out of the window, only to see the dragon was gone and a note was lying at the doorstep. He picked it up and read it:


If you are reading this, that means my dragon, Door-blocker Dorkface succeeded in capturing your master. If you want to see him back, come to the castle on the hill at night and do what Fortune Says o3o.

- Fortune86, your local evil mastermind



When night began to fall, Tim hurried his way to the castle on the hill to save his master from the clutches of the evil mastermind who abducted him. When he arrived there, he saw there were already some other butlers. He asked them what they were doing here and they told him their masters had been abducted as well, by the same purple-finned dragon and his evil master Fortune86.

He counted heads, 16 butlers, including himself. The dragon had been busy…


After a while a dark lady appeared, flanked by the purple-finned dragon, Door-blocker Dorkface. “Greetings, butlers! I am Fortune86, the reason you all came here.” She said. “All of your masters have been taken away today by my henchman – or should I say henchdragon – Door-blocker Dorkface. However, only one of you will see your master again. The one of you who does what Fortune Says…” The butlers started mumbling to each other. “Silence!” she yelled. “You will do exactly as I say, or you won’t see your master again. You will be given a series of tasks. With each task one or more of you will lose their chance of seeing their master again. I will now give you your first task: you each have to serve dinner to 20 people, wearing a pink dress!”


Being the manly men butlers are, protests arose, but eventually all but one swallowed their pride and got into a pink dress and started serving their assigned table, including our hero Tim. He tried to ignore the comments they made about “his nice dress” and about “whether he likes unicorns too”. Eventually all his 20 guests finished dinner and Tim finished the first task. When the others were finished as well, Fortune said to her dragon: “Dorkface, take the one who refused to do the task, Palior, and put him into a pink dress and drop him in the most crowded city you can find!” Hearing the punishment, Tim shivered, assuring himself he’d save his master.


“Your next task will start when my dragon returns. He will hide himself in the cave labyrinth. You will have to find him as quick as possible to go through to the next task!”

When the dragon returned, all of the remaining butlers got into the cave labyrinth. After hitting some dead ends and stumbling on some other dragon’s eggs, Tim finally found what he was looking for: Fortune’s dragon! And when he touched him, some kind of magic teleported him back outside the cave labyrinth, next to 2 other butlers who had already found the dragon. One by one the others appeared as well. Tough they were only 13 of them left when the dragon himself got out of the labyrinth. Nobody ever heard again from the last 2 who didn’t reappear: Dangershy and NixAyum, tough the dragon’s stomach was never heard rumbling of hunger again after that task...


“Next task! You will now have 24 hours to beat as many video games as possible! Start gaming on 1! 5, 4, 3, 1!”

Not expecting a task like that or a start like that, Tim started gaming and quickly grabbed some Fire Emblem games and a NDS and furiously started playing them, not granting himself any sleep in the process. By the end of the 24 hours, he had finished 3 different Fire Emblem games and Warcraft 1 to 3, earning him the 8th spot of the 11 people who could continue. 2 of the butlers got sucked into the game they were playing and were never seen again. Rumor has it that from that day forward, the Sarahfish89 and the LizzyTam were secret unlockable characters in some game.


“I’m getting a bit bored here and want to hear some good poetry, so your next task will be to write me a Haiku!”

A Haiku? Tim wondered. Isn’t that the 5, 7, 5 thing? He quickly started working on what he assumed to be a haiku and by some wonder of heaven; he had one finished in time. The evil mistress even liked it and Tim made it to the next task. One of them however failed to make a Haiku and faced punishment. The one named Konayuki of the Spirits got sent to permanent poetry school, forced to spend the rest of his life learning about Limericks, Haiku’s and all that.


“I’ve been wanting some more company lately, besides this dragon, so I now want you to bring me a new pet. Go to the crazy cat lady’s place and steal me one of her cats!”

Fast as lightning, all the butlers quickly ran off to Saikachan, the crazy cat lady’s place and some of them locked her up into her room, so they could all take cats easier. Two of them however, got mauled by the big cats she also kept: the lions, cheetahs, etc. She really was crazy… Even our hero Tim also got cornered by a lion and a lynx, however he decided to free the lady and hope she’d be grateful enough to let him go. (And this opening of the door by Tim for Saika, kids, is the true story behind the epic tale of Tim, the butler and Saika, the crazy cat lady.) Thankfully, the lady offered him on his cats. Tim was one of the last to arrive back at the castle, but eventually he had succeeded in bringing Fortune a cat. It came at a cost tough, two of them never left the crazy cat lady’s house, most likely serving as cat food now. Their names were Cavedragon49990 and Evangeline5432.


“Very good, now you’ve given me company, those of you who are still left will have to be creative again and write me a story. But not just any story! No, you’ll have to write one starring your noble master you’re trying to save.”

Tim felt a surge of inspiration and started writing a humorous, yet dramatic story filled with suspense about his great employer who had to do a series of tasks to become Door-stopper Dorkface’s new master. Tim was sure to put the tasks he already had to do in there somehow and hoped Fortune would like it. When he was done and went to present his story to the evil mistress, he saw her smiling at first while reading it and when she was a bit further in the story, she even started laughing out loud! “I like your story, Tim. Here, have a cookie. You’ve passed the challenge with excellence.” Our hero happily accepted the cookie and nommed it, realizing he hadn’t eaten anything since that dragon first showed up at his master’s place. One of them failed to finish his story tough, because he said he had other duties. So that one, Kestra15, had left, presumably to serve a new master, abandoning his old one and leaving him in the hands of Fortune. When they heard one of them left, the other butlers feared they would be punished in his stead, but instead Fortune punished nobody after that one task, because she was in a good mood after reading such great stories.


And so the story of the butlers continues... The evil Fortune had outdone herself with this task. "Go back to town and send 10 people from there to this place to declare your name to me. They have to make a chain and each time somebody misspeaks or says another name, the chain resets."

At first Tim though it wouldn't be that bad, until chaos ensued at the castle, with people he'd never seen before coming and going, shouting different names and constantly breaking each other's chain. Eventually, when some of the other butlers, who seemed to know lots of different people completed their chain and things quieted down a bit in the castle on the hill, Tim went for a second try. And against all odds, he actually made it. After him, two more chains were completed and it was time for Fortune to get rid of one of the butlers again.

The one named Chiaki, who barely even tried this task because she thought she'd never make it anyway was forced to retire her battle armor, now forever unprotected against any possible sudden attacks from angry butlers in pink dresses, hungry dragons, video game characters come to live, mad haiku poets, crazy cats or drunken storm dragons.


“Ok, now there are six of you left, so you probably got to know each other a bit and made some friends, worked together a bit… But I can’t have that, because after all, this IS a competition and you’re supposed be rivals. So, your next task is to vote one of the others out. And no playing a hero and sacrificing yourself, because if you do, you’ll be eliminated and the others will still have to vote.”

It was the most cruel task Fortune had given them so far and Tim waited out for a bit to see how everyone would vote. When there was a three-way tie between him and two others tough, he flipped a coin and voted on one of them, Saikachan. But it did not help, in the end there still was a three-way tie between him, Saikachan and the one named Sinsdaemn. When nobody was found willing to change their votes, Fortune decided to put those three into what she called ‘the Google Coliseum’ where they had to ‘fight’ each other by being the least known in order to pass. It seemed as tough almost nobody knew the one named Sinsdaemn, so it was between Tim and Saikachan. Luckily for Tim, the butler Saikachan appeared to be the same Saikachan as the crazy cat lady from an earlier task. How nobody ever noticed that before remains a mystery, but because the crazy cat lady was pretty well known around town, she was out and Tim could continue his quest.

As with every task, Fortune punished the butler that didn’t make it, and this time her punishment was fitting for the crazy cat lady: Fortune gave her a cat allergy, so Saikachan would never again be able to get close to the animals she so loved.


“I could use some slav…, sorry helpers here, so your next task will now be to head back into town again, carrying 15 handcuffs, and to cuff 15 people and drag them back here.”

It looked as though the evil mistress was preparing them to become their evil henchmen as her tasks got more evil every time. But still, Tim gave in and headed into town, accompanied by the four others who were left and they started cuffing people and dragging them back to the castle, eventually granting Fortune 70 cuffed helpers, as the one named Dreamgirl5 only made it to ten cuffed people before the other butlers had dragged away all the townsfolk that hadn’t fled yet, leaving her as the only one who couldn’t complete the task. Punishment would most likely be harsh this time.

When they all got back to the castle on the hill, it was time for Fortune to exert her terrible punishment once more. This time she ordered her dragon, Door-Blocker Dorkface (yes, him again, you hadn’t forgotten about him yet, have you?) to uncuff everybody and to take all those seventy cuffs and put them on Dreamgirl5, she could barely move after they were all put on.


“Only four of you left right now, so we’re going to slow down a bit with Solitaire! Or with Don’t Shoot the Puppy. Your pick. Last one to complete 4 games of Solitaire or Don’t Shoot the Puppy is out.”

This is easy… Tim thought, as he had already played Don’t Shoot the Puppy before. It was all about remaining perfectly still… And so he did, as did the one named Lagie. But before they even got started, DragonSpirit009 had already grabbed herself a stack of cards and had completed four games of Solitaire. In the end, the one whose name is Sinsdaemn was too late to complete this task and was the one who got punished by Fortune.

Rumor has it that from that day forward, a new puppy featured in the game Don’t Shoot the Puppy, and that the new puppy’s name was Sinsdaemn. Rumor also says that the evil Fortune enjoyed playing the game even more from then on, only to move around as much as possible. She was most certainly the most evil person Tim had ever met.

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Tim, I love that story! Please add in the rest when it's finished! biggrin.gif


Continuing in the clean up of the CPA first posts, the family post is being moved here.


The Compulsives Family


CPA has its own in-thread family. We don’t really fit the Forum Family format because we don’t mind if people belong to multiple families. So, if you’d like to become a member of the Compulsives, the best thing to do is to either post it in the thread, or PM me (Lagie). If you are in another family, do not neglect your role in that family!


At the moment, the Compulsives family consists of:

Lagie – mother

Mr. Kestra - pseudo-dad

AlicornsPrayer – sister

Dashidragon – sister and crazy horse lady

shric debar – brother

superguy16 - brother

Sorrowgrave - sibling

Kanaye - aunt by proxy to all the children, not blood related

DragonSpirit009 is a long-lost refound relative

Fortune86, Chicogal and Spirit are orphaned sisters, orphaned but adopted by Lagie who also seems to be their mother due to some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff - (the evil one and the bonkers one, says Spirit)


Lagie’s children:








Angel of the Inferno ~ divorced from deathly_danny




Skypool ~ married to ShatteringGlass


Fazzle ~ married to DragonNeko


AlicornsPrayer’s children:





Kei to Everything (Kei is also CPA's Kira.) ~ and DJ, too! cool.gif

Duat Anpu


dragonpelt is grandmother to BG and hence also to all of Ali's kids.


dragoon1234 is the evil but lazy cousin, and Sith Lord.

wonton55912 is a rabid adopted child whose real father is Cave Johnson.

roobot is the mutable-personality kid.

ShatteringGlass is the Headbanging Teenage Furry.

rainpeltstar is an orphan trump card taken in by CPA.

tn44 is the self-proclaimed king and father of Qwackie.


Lady Nightfox is the maid.

Kestra15 is obsessed with the maid.

timpieh is the butler that's studying to be an engineer.


-platinum-draco- is the cat. A small black cat with a poofy tail, green eyes, and a silver splotch on her chest.

Dark Moon is the visiting cat (who actually spends more time here than with her forum family).

GoingUnder71 is the slightly crazed family cat.

seacatsmew is the other family cat.

Anniepimm is the dog.

satyr76 is the turtle.

urge101 is the other turtle.

DragonMyst is the pet hamster.

Ryuu2 is the pet owl.

EpicFroggy is the pet frog.


WildClawCat is the werecat, silver jaguar with grey or blue rosettas. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3906845

serce2 is the Atramentum Wolf/ Scribe Wolf.

DragonRider13 is the guard dragon.

twin card is the pet split hatchling.

dragonhatchling (DH) is the random dragon (occasionally a hatchling) who owns a hollow rock.

kiffren is the werewolf.

arabian sparkle is the ninja lemur.

sealfan054 is the pet seal.


dangershy is the pet/guard wolf that glows at night with orange marks.

Tatrina is a dead family member reincarnated as a tetra.

SoraBbb is the neighbour with the plantations.

xFlame990 is the crazy dog lady next door.

Qwackie is the Compulsives’ Ninja Assassin.

cocoaloco is the Jedi Master.

kiyye is the Queen of silly pillow pets.


shric debar (brother to Lagie) is also the official law enforcement.

TheEpicBurrito is shric's deputy chief and also cpa's official meatball turret expert.

DragonSpirit009 is the Secret Agent.

Evangeline5432 is also a Secret Agent.

PenguinOfPwn is the sniper.

~Royal King~ is CPA's official bodyguard.


DarkDamsel09 is the poet.

Icepelt is the Chancellor of Luuuuuuuv.

zeranoa is the official huggle monster.

LightningRip is the Chancellor of Randomness.

deathly_danny is the official Magic Healer.

darkangel787 is The Cuffer.

jumonjiforum is the cellist.

Fancypants is the family burrito (Please do not eat him.).

CowlRaven is the Muffin Wolf/Muffin Maker.

freddyness is the Queen of Procrastination.

Dragonpelt is the Queen of Multitasking and Chocolate.

Stunningfire is the official pineapple expert.

jumonjiforum is the Coffee and Tea expert.

Chicogal is the Nordic patriot.

Fortune86 is the Mistress of all Evil and Stealer of Brownies.

ktav13 is the crazy, bazooka-carrying, purple-obsessed artist.

azila is the the resident shapeshifter and master of randomness.

superguy16 is the Official First Counter.

dangershy is the official random party starter and party supply collector.

Choco566 is the slightly insane, dessert throwing obsessed, Toothless loving member of the family.

Ashes The Second is the official Seal of Approval girl.

XLaurentX is the angel.

Bluemango 64 is the Ghost Buster.

Alanna-Lena is the Random Mage.

Digidude123 is the Forest Spirit.

dracoon is the Banana-Soul.

Dreamgirl5 is the Banana King.

Kandycat is the brownie-loving summoner. With a mustache.

Drako_tamer is the outcast Irken.

BMW2606 is the Volkswagon Vampire.

DarkMark3 is the demon.

dovercat99 is the official professor of Gallifreyan history.

OrbiterSpore is the official Demotivator Maker.

Dr. Paine is the main owner of the pet Dalek. (I'm not a Dalek. Never will be. But making them serve tea for CPA/guard the library, that's all possible.)

Compulsives Family Banner with many thanks to blackdragon71!

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Compulsives Family Banner with many thanks to RedWolfen!

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Immortal Blood Family


We also have our own undead family.

In order to join this one, a current Immortal member has to convert you. You are able to belong to both families.

deathly_danny - father

XLaurentX - girlfriend of Danny

Angel of the Inferno - daughter

fazzle - grandson

sarahfish89 - daughter

Ryuu2 - daughter

dreamgirl5 - daughter

bmw2606 - son of Angel

satyr76 - son of Angel

wonton55612 - daughter of Angel?

Alanna-Lena - witch cousin and Graveyard Watcher

Eringil1 - maid http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%2...nime/maid-1.jpg

Emerald in the Night (Sairi) - vampire kitty - http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa42/pr...hite_Kitten.jpg - non-kitty - http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a126/qui...ntitledhbdh.jpg

Banners are now here. Edited by Lagie

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The latest round of DragonSpirit Says had the players writing descriptions of each other (the way we write them for our dragons). Several of the players are regular CPA posters so I thought I'd add the descriptions here.


~Royal King~ described by Vang:

Royal king Is a curious creature. Most people call him Brandon but more recently he has adopted the name Alex. He will be active for a few moments then he will start lurking. You never know he will disapear without a trace. When he does come on he likes to lurk around the game forum posting here and there. He is part of CPA though he is not the most compulsive creature. This creature loves to play Assassins, whether he is bodyguarding his sister or lurking out of sight waiting for his target to make a move. There is a game that he can't believe he joined called FillInYourEvilNameHereSAYS but he was roped in by his sister to join.


Timpieh described by Fortune:

Timpieh, a mystical magical ninja butler from the land of excellent chocolates, is a well known and popular poster in the games forums. Determined to prove his worth and ability Timpieh has joined a variety of games which has led to him taking on several roles, such as assassin, artist and puzzle solver.


Easily identifiable by his avatar, a recording of his feats from his younger days, Timpieh has many friends in his not so exclusive club The CPA, including but not limited to DragonSpirit the Maker of Adverts, Lagie the Baker of Brownies and Fortune the Bringer of Evil.


Devious_Bookworm described by Sins:

Devious_Bookworm is not someone you'd like to meet in a dark alley. Primarily because by then, it will have been too late and you will find yourself wondering how the heck you stumbled into the Roleplay in the first place. And the expiration date of your character's written life, depending. But seriously, I think it safe to say that she lives for making characters and puzzling over replies to those she participates in. Indeed, if a person actually holds the title of Moderating a forum based on that subject then surely they must have some degree of affection or skill in it, but I digress. Devious_Bookworm does not solely exist for the many joys of writing however, for she takes time to watch the occasional anime. And well, read manga but I figured that was implied for the two go hand in hand. Of the many many series there are, I believe those written by CLAMP (more specifically, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles) and perhaps Death Note are among her key favorites. And perhaps Kenshin, but then that's a classic so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Love of language aside she takes time to draw, is quite gifted at playing the violin and bass, is probably good enough at archery to put an arrow through you (not that it's something she's contemplated before, really) and has made me quite jealous of her awesomeness. And so, there you have it~


Evangeline5432 described by Brandon:

Evangeline5432 is a very intriguing creature. She likes being called Vang though she likes the name Vanguard even more. Being a creature of habit she like to spend her time on the forums posting compulsively and usually ending up on the top ten poster list. She likes to hangout with friends in Compulsive Posters Anonymous and talk about random stuff, Role Playing now and then, and play a evil maddening game called [insert Your Name Here]Says. She is quite good at Assassins though she keeps being killed by another creature called Tim. She is a very lucky creature that owns 500 dragons.


Sinsdaemn described by DB:

Sinsdaemn is a wondrous inhabitant of the Dragon Cave Forums.  Often seen in the Forum Games section, Sinsdaemn, also known as 'Wanyuudo', finds themself inspired by the mentality of the franchise known as 'Pokemon'.  They have proclaimed an interest in crafting an army of dragons - all hail the great general and may they have mercy on us when their coup succeeds; they hold their friends close, but pragmatically keep their enemies even closer (one can only assume they are thus bonded at the hip with said foes, if that is the case).  I know I would want them on my side, and I'm a fangirl [1].  They partake in numerous breeding projects, helping others to craft a myriad of beautiful lineages.  If you know the secret word, you're in luck.  If you know how to pronounce it, count yourself in the minority that will survive the impending zombie apocalypse of hungry carrots, seeds, and bananas.  NOTE: Sinsadaemn is a self-proclaimed stalker.  You have been warned.  Since when is being a stalker a bad thing, again?  Kodiak told me I was obligated to write that.    


[1] Insane, delusional person prone to emitting loud, high-frequency sounds when in the presence of an attractive male... or Kodiak.


Fortune86 described by Tim:

The Fortune86, more commonly known as the mistress of all things evil is one of the many visitors the Dragon Cave forums knows. Besides being the mistress of all things evil, she is also known as the mistress of brownie stealing, earwig stamping and last but not least, turning CPA into an OOC thread for her roleplay.

She also enjoys playing video games, especially the RPG kind, as she's a total Persona geek FAN. Rumor also has it she likes mystical creatures called pokémon, or more specifically the shiny kind, even having the Great Lagie perform a 'shiny chant' for her eggs.



CPA skin requested by OrbiterSpore - Gone... (July 2016)

Edited by Lagie

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*Blows dust off of thread.* Okay then... well I'm just going to set up a writing station.


Welcome to CPA! (Chapter one)

Clove pushed open the door of the castle and took a seat at a elongated table, taking her mini laptop out of her purse. She tapped the laptop and placed it carefully on the table, taking great care not to knock over anything or anyone. Clove opened the laptop, and it grew into a normal sized computer. Clove was set on working on a story, but her stomach grumbled, and she realized that she hadn't eaten a thing since she had returned to Dragon Cave. She could smell brownies, and soon enough, she was following the smell. Clove finally found the plate of brownies, and took the whole thing. Realizing that someone else might want something, she rummaged around in her purse to find something edible. She came up with two jumbo packs of M&Ms. Ripping them open, she dumped the M&MS on a plate, and placed them in the exact spot where the brownies were. "NOOOOOOOO! NOT THE BROWNIES!" A red haired girl shouted. The redhead jumped at Clove, and tackled her. "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR!?"

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