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Im obsessed with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Bleach: Soul Ressureccion, drawing, snakes, Ulquiorra, Claude and so many other things I can't name right now.

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I also love foreign coins! Whenever I see a random one in the register at work I replace it with a normal Canadian coin of my own (since a lot of them look like quarters, pennies, etc. at first glance and get mixed in by mistake) and take the foreign coin.


I have a Malaysian 50-cent piece that I think is pretty sweet.

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Wicked, Making Fiends, Avenue Q, 9 to 5, fashion, Pikmin, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kristin Chenoweth, BitF, Jpmetz, and Dshban.


Wheee, obsessions left and right!~

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Third that on the foreign money.


When I'm handing out change and there's a random Canadian quarter in there (it doesn't happen often cause I'm waaaaaayyy south of the border but their quarters look like our quarters) I'll leave it in the drawer and then later replace it with one of my own 'Merican ones.

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I've recently became re-obsessed with Pokemon cards.

Just got over my re-obsession with Zoids.

And I'm also currently obsessed with Minecraft...chunks, chunks everywhere. ._.

Now, every time I look at a building I think to myself "hey, I bet I could build that." *facepalm*

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Now, every time I look at a building I think to myself "hey, I bet I could build that."  *facepalm*

Oh, man, I do that, too. XD I even think up the individual blocks I could use to make something.

"I could make that with fenceposts, that with some half-blocks and signs... the floor would probably be white wool..."


Minecraft has basically become literally the ONLY game I play. <3

Definitely an obsession. x3

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Minecraft is definitely an addiction right now.


As soon as I get off work today I'm going to build an awesome fortress to live in.

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Band wise I've been obsessing with My Chemical Romance... for like... a year... o.o


But I've also been obsessing with Soul Eater. And My Little Pony!

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Top Gear! Not really an obsession, but I've been really into it for years.

Also LOTR, well, Tolkien in general, I guess.

I don't get obsessed with bands that easily. But I really like Porcelain and the Tramps (Porcelain Black now, ugh) at the moment. Green Day and Nirvana have always been love love love. Celebs... Jared Leto (his acting mostly), Joaquin Phoenix, Richard Hammond. Video games... Soul Calibur, Assassin's Creed, and Sims Medieval.

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Dunno if I'd really call it an obsession but I absolutely LOVE the songs 'Wasteland' by 10 Years and 'Insomnia' by Craig David. If there's one thing I'm obsessed with its Bleach! You just ask anyone I know. Once they mention Bleach I just go on and on and on! And Grimmjow! *sighs* that man is drop dead SEXY!! *drools* I'm saving up for the Grimmjow pillow that just came out so I can snuggle with it! happy.gif BACK OFF!! GRIMMJOW IS MINE!!

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BMX! I love the bikes, I love the tricks, i love the the.. the everything about it :D i want to build the biggest skate park/dirt track in my backyard, it would be like a heaven on earth. ahhh I could dream about this all day.. but obsessed? ofcourse not :P

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I tend to get obsessed with things pretty often. Sometimes the obsessions only last for a little bit, sometimes they last forever, sometimes they come and go.


For example, I've been obsessed with My Chemical for years, and I doubt that will change any time soon.


I was obsessed with Dragon Ball Z a few years ago and then after a while it got old. Then a few months ago I became obsessed with it again to the point where I spent hours watching it every night, and now that I've watched every episode, I haven't watched it in a while.


Then there's other random things like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the new one) and Fedora hats that I become slightly obsessed with for no apparent reason.


And guys. I tend to obsess over guys pretty often. tongue.gif



Edit:: @Bunnyo22: Yay, a fellow Killjoy! biggrin.gif

Have you seen them live yet, if you haven't, you definitely should. It will only make your obsession 10x worse, but it's a good thing. ;D

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Obsession with shadows. Ya I know kinda a weird one but they look cool. Like if they could make a movie about shadow monsters, it would be my favorite movie EVER. dry.gif

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Monk (the TV show)




D.R.U.G.S. (band, stands for destroy rebuild until God shows. Not a Christian band however xd.png)

Craig Owens (singer of aforementioned band)

Tattoos (designing my own for when I turn 18)





I'll think of more.

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L, Near and Beyond Birthday from Death Note~

your awesome!


my current obsession is FERRETS

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I am obsessed with....





Cirque Du Freak

The Mortal Instruments

Death Note

Pirates of the Carribean

Soul Eater

The Mortal Instruments

Mello from Death Note

Matt from Death Note

L From Death Note

Near from Death Note


THE CLEVELAND BROWNS!!! (who won today! WOOT)

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Michigan vs Michigan State Football Games




Dues Ex: Human Revolution

Mario Kart

Food of many sorts


Peter Pan play

Powderpuff Football

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... pretty obvious. I also like Cirno a lot too. And...



This forum

Dragon Cave




Sims 3

Touhou stuff in general

Betta fish



Being strange and random



I used to be very obsessed with Nyan Cat not too long ago. I have weird obsessions.

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