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Trading Subforum Rules and Guidelines

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Welcome to the Trading Subforum. This is where you'll find all those trading, transferring and gifting threads. Please read this entire post before posting a trade or a thread.


A few things for you to keep in mind for this sub-forum:


  • Please be sure that the title of your thread is very clear and gives an idea of what your thread is for. This aids users in going to the right place, in finding things using the search function, etc.
  • When posting your trades, do not use view links. Posting view links (direct egg links) is considered eggspam, you will receive a warn. Please only use lineage links on the forum.
  • If you have a problem with a thread (you think it's too similar to another, etc) please report it, and a moderator will look into it. Do not post in the thread regarding your concern. This will be considered spam and will receive a warning.
  • While topics do not necessarily require pre-approval by a moderator to be opened, please try to not exactly (or nearly) copy other threads. We will be allowing more trading/transferring/gifting threads, but we don't need five threads for the exact same thing, with the exact same requirements, etc. It never hurts to pm a mod prior to posting a new topic, It helps to avoid unnecessary duplicates.
  • Please do not post individual trading/breeding/gifting threads. This will simply clutter up the board and make it nearly impossible for anyone to find anything. Stick with the trading board(s) that most matches what you're trading and requesting.
  • If you have a highly active thread and would like a project account so multiple people can run it, please contact a Site Discussion moderator for permission. We have several reasons for doing this (like making sure the correct person is creating the account, for example). Also, these accounts are to be used only for posting in your project thread. Any posts by a project account in other threads will receive a warning.
  • Codes: We seem to be having a problem with members posting censored codes. Please remember if the word/code is censored by the forum, do not use censor evasion to get around the censor. You will receive a warn.
  • Please keep your Topics/Projects updated, and keep your records updated. Site Mods do not always have the time to pm before cleaning.
  • Don't post your offers for a trade or replies (ex. "I submitted an offer for your trade") to trades in the trade threads.
  • No IOU topics or posts are allowed. IOU's are not an option of the game, IOU's are agreements made between members. As we (DC) are not responsible for any IOU's made, allowing a topic/posts gives members the impression we condone the practice, which we don't. Therefore, these topics/posts will not be allowed. Members accept IOU's at their own risk, we at DC are not responsible for any agreements made between members. No IOUs in threads includes both asking for or offering to take them. No mention of being 'IOU friendly' is allowed in threads.
  • Due to members continued spam bumping posts/topics, in trading/gifting topics. We will allow one (1) bump every 24 hours. All other bumps/re-posts will be treated as spam, the member will receive a warn. Example: Member posts trade on the 17th, member can not re-post/bump the same trade until the 18th. Members need to edit their original post when adding details, unless it is a legal bump.  Every member needs an equal opportunity, for their trade to be seen. Changing wants is not a legal bump, only different "haves' make it legit. Deleting your post and re-posting as well as hiding your post are the same thing as bumping prior to the 24hrs. Members caught deleting and re-posting the same trade will receive a warn. No one member's trade is more important than another. If everyone follows the same rules, everyone will have an equal chance at members' seeing their trade.

  • Please don't post extremely long wish lists in your posts. These type of posts are off topic/spammy. Please use the existing topic: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=137455. You can also use your personal profile for wishlists and take discussions about wants to PM.


As a sub-forum of Site Discussions, the following rules apply.


Forum Rules:



Rules and Guidelines for Site Discussion:



Notice regarding trading Harassment:


Recently we have witnessed and heard of several instances where users were being harassed in regards to breeding and trades. A user has the right to deny any breeding or trading request; if they say no or decline your offer do not continue to pester them to accept. This behavior can be considered harassment and may lead to moderators' intervention. Please take the time to consider before requesting eggs; if the owner does not wish to breed/trade there could be consequences for continued asking.


If you feel you are being harassed by another user, it is also within your rights to contact a moderator to see to the situation. We encourage you to seek assistance if the problem should arise.


Some examples of what is viewed as harassment:


  • Continually PMing a user and begging them to breed/trade after they have clearly stated no or have made it clear they are not accepting requests.
  • Making attempts to forcefully demand a certain breeding or trade from a user.
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Updated 1/11/2024

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