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Funniest Dragon Name on the Scroll Above You

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There were many that caught my eye, but one that stood out was: WHERE'S THE BLACKSMlTH.

As a fellow Markiplier fan, that will never not be funny.

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.... Mistress Nipple-Twister SG



what..even.. xd.png


as jacksepticeye would say... TWISTYY FFREEESSHHH o.O

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the pairing, Face Meet Palm and Head Meet Desk.

Let's not forget their child, Foot Meet Mouth.

-bows- thank you, thank you! laugh.gif


B.O.T. @scroll above:


I Made Synonym Rolls

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Rock Music of OZ


For some reason I imagined a really emo rock/metal version of Wizard Of Oz... o.o xd.png

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