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Okay, I did not have what I thought I had... Lemme find the one I thought it was >_<



There, happy songs and not FTW

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Il portait uniquement un pantalon, ses cheveux étaient encore trempés de la censorkip.gif* et de temps à autre, un goûte tombait sur la peu dorée pour aller se glisser sur les pectoraux bien formés de l'agent et allait finir sa course sur l'élastique du boxer qui était légèrement apparente. Un léger plie était formé entre les sourcils alors que celui-ci était entièrement concentré sur son journal et avait visiblement de la difficulté avec un mot, il mâchouillait le bout du crayon.



a little part of a fanfiction I'm writting

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Obgu Fgrir naq Gbal unir frk jvgu bguref orsber trggvat gbtrgure. Gbal naq Fgrir unir ybgf bs frk, whfg gur gjb bs gurz, naq n qrrc ebznagvp eryngvbafuvc, ohg svany cnvevat vf Gbal Fgnex/Fgrir Ebtref/Bevtvany punenpgre, sbe pbzcyrk ernfbaf.



I don't even remember why I'd copied that.....

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SwXAY Sensayrai Internal Adult (f) Actions 5,277 1,328 1

Pp7YS Sir Yeksoro Adult (m) Actions 7,949 1,352 5

MwK4F Sir Maoromar Adult (m) Actions 7,280 1,298 6

ILpw3 Sir Razoark Adult (m) Actions 2,662 734 2

OFBIx Obixia Internal Adult (f) Actions 2,559 745 2

42Zb3 Zelda Internal Adult (f) Actions 3,115 877 2

sF3wg Segna Internal Adult (f) Actions 3,008 855 1

PkOHQ Pokorai Internal Adult (f) Actions 8,276 1,569 5

3FMkS Mikey Internal Adult (m) Actions 2,543 744 5

Ofsw2 (Ofsw2) Adult (f) Actions 4,056 1,238 0

4Gd4v (4Gd4v) Adult (m) Actions 4,062 1,210 0 Oh yea... laugh.gif


(That was a bit much)

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Everything changed when I realized that maybe the problem wasn't the others but maybe myself, for about 1 to almost 2 years I used to blame everybody around me, then I realized that maybe I wasn't very talented, 1300 elo was probably my skill level and that I should accept it and play the game in a more friendly perspective.

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Screencast-o-matic was the only screen recorder I had in handy on my mac. I have quicktime media player now. And if you are thinking that the blurriness is from screencast-o-matic then it's not because of that. I had my launcher small so when it expanded it onto youtube it got blurry.


Oh lol I was explaining stuff on youtube xd.png

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