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Lol, xd.png. I was going to post this on a relevant thread but I forgot.

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You successfully sent a Aimée and Jaguar's marriage contract to Heleni.

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I have baked a cake

I have driven more than ten minutes without a permit or license

I have gone out in public naked

I have laughed until I cried

I have been in a car accident

I have kissed someone I just met

I have ridden in a taxi

I have played The Sims


I have gotten lost in a mall

I have thought about killing myself

I have sworn at my parents in anger

I have broken something in anger

I have graduated high school

I have smoked cigarettes

I have seen a shooting star

I have bitten someone


I have gotten stitches

I have played on a playground over the age of twelve

I have smoked weed

I have been late to school

I have missed more then twenty days in a school year

I have used Myspace for more than three years

I have done ecstasy

I have done coke

I have done meth

I have been to church in the last five years

I have bought something at Hollister

I have bought something from Hot Topic

I have wanted a BMW

I have smiled at a stranger

I have hated a friend’s parents


I have cried over the opposite sex more than a week straight

I have gained weight in the past month

I have lost weight in the past month


I have played basketball on a team

I have played field hockey on a team

I have played soccer on a team

I have played softball on a team


I have cursed someone out

I have punched someone in the face


I have had no life

I have been sick of myself

I have had an abortion

I have been in love

I have been in lust

I have missed someone from my past

I have kissed a cat or dog

I have been in a club

I have been to a rave

I have beaten myself up

I have been rejected

I have cried in school

I have seen a meteor shower

I have been drunk

I have had alcohol before the age of fourteen

I have played spin the bottle

I have glued myself to something

I have had a serious surgery

I have had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back

I have been stalked (online)

I have been extremely embarrassed

I have snuck out of my house

I have shoplifted

I have been suspended

I have gotten detention

I have taken painkillers

I have wanted to be a teacher at some point

I have wanted to be a fireman



I have gone streaking

I have had sleep overs with the opposite sex

I have gotten into drugs and drinking and was able to stop

I have played strip poker

I have sat on the computer all day

I have dyed my hair

I have been mistaken for someone else

I have babysat someone else’s kids


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Gamification is the integration of game mechanics or game dynamics into a website, service, community, campaign, or application in order to drive participation and engagement.

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