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Alejandra and the others sat inside talking in the warm, cozy cabin. They continued to plan the rescue of the girls. Bryan listened with half an ear but the important points had already been covered, the rest were individual details that did not concern him. Unlike the others he found the warmth inside the cabin stifling and hot. The nuclear furnace in his gut demanded that he stay cool. Sure, he had his nano but it did not change the stifling feeling. He looked over and saw Mak staring into the fire, seeming lost in thought. Bryan thought about unfinished business and called out, "Mak, I'm stepping out if you wanna join me."


Fairly certain he knew what was coming up next, Mak nodded but remained looking into the flames for a long moment, keeping an ear on Bryan's movements. With all that was going on, the fast pace in which his personal world was moving, he was appreciating a moment to consider the choice he was about to make. Since their birth there had never been any doubt in his mind that he would do anything for his god-daughters, that he would honour his pledge to Kim until he could no longer take a breath - and beyond, given how often such things seemed to occur in their lifestyle. If joining Bryan's court was what he required to fulfill that pledge, then so be it. Heck, if he had to go up against Eshkergal herself in combat, then he would.


But as they sat in the cabin with the flames dancing before him Mak took a moment to consider the crucible in which his life was now being forged. For one who believed in the sanctity of life and that killing should be beyond the last resort, to be thrust into a war and a battle to reclaim his god-daughters was forcing him to quickly change his perceptions and his own moral stance. He was afraid, afraid that perhaps he would slip and lose something of himself - but in all he'd ever seen and heard about such battles and his own experiences thus far he knew that such change was inevitable. It was the concern

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Do not post just to say "I like this idea"

The goal of this section is to develop ideas for Breed-specific Actions. You're free to comment on how a specific BSA will affect the balance of the game or what you feel is wrong with an idea, but just posting "WANT" is spam and will earn you a warning.

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Rising to his feet Mak tore his eyes from the flames, turning to join Bryan outside.


Bryan's steps clomped across the wood of the large porch. He looked out on a clear, cold night sky and noted that the moon looked wrong. It took a moment to remember that he stood inside Alejandra's universe. He thought about mythology and how Gaea birthed the cosmos from her womb. He considered where that placed him now and shuddered.


"Gods, what a thought."


He heard Mak step onto the porch and looked over his shoulder. He noticed the foxfire glow from his chin against his nano and sighed, knowing how he must look like a night light to Mak. Some things about being Fae sucked, hard. He pushed the thought aside, studying Mak with his luminous purple eyes.


"We should talk before you go any further."


Stepping out behind Bryan under the alien sky Mak looked out into the night with Bryan, turning to face the Fae prince as he spoke. Although his years with Travis and his fellow students had slowly taught him what it really meant to accept someone for who – and what – they were, sometimes the oddity of it all came back for a moment. Staring at Bryan, illuminated by his own inner lights and the light from an unknown moon, was one of them. He only nodded in agreement, already feeling the butterflies in his stomach take flight.


"You need to know, really know, what you're letting yerself in for by joining my court. I'm not putting up with any buyer's remorse crap after it's too late." Bryan leaned against the rail. "You do this, it's forever. You stop being human."


“How so?” Mak crossed his arms, but rather than a gesture of defiance or impatience he was in fact wrapping his arms around himself, trying to draw a measure of comfort from the situation at hand.


"You'll still be yerself, look at Roxy," Bryan shrugged. "She's Roxy but she's a little more than Roxy. See her ears lately?"


Looking back over his shoulder, Mak frowned and peered at his friend as Bryan continued.


"She's as much Fae as mortal now. She's changing to reflect who and what she really is inside. Her ears are growing pointy because it's how she sees herself. She's subject to the Dreaming like I am. Meaning, she'll feel the tug of dreams and she'll feel compelled to play a part. That's what it means to be Fae. We're all part of a Neverending Story. The difference is, Fae see the story and we know our roles. We feel it when the story nudges us. We have a choice, like in a dream, to influence the outcome."


“So there’s a little less of the blind stumbling that we do in the dark? That you have an inkling as to what the right choice is, that there’s more certainty in who and what you are?” Mak turned to meet Bryan’s gaze again, and he knew better than to hide that hint of fear that came with Bryan’s typical no-bull warning. No, that didn’t seem right. Bryan was confident, but he wasn’t all-knowing. “Or is it that there’s less of a choice, that if I have to play a part in events I no longer have the option of putting my hands up and backing out?”


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The Dragons were going to launch a very large fireball at a deer grazing near this fire hydrant. "This was fun," said the cat. Then the Dragons began to eat the poor deer, he tasted like a ball of yarn. So they spit him out! Then the Hydrant started to dance the sultry dance. A dragon joined the group of dancing Hydrant dragons and saw cows who were making large cow pies. The local farmer ate his corn and eliminated the chance for rain. So the Dragons ate the farmer. After that, llamas got really annoyed, so they ran at the group, attacked them and the cat laughed. This caused the


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Bahamas Humane Society Animal Fun Day 2011


Lollipop Pull Game


- take tickets from children

- watch as children pull to see if they win

- distribute prizes and restock prizes and lollipops as needed


Three (or more) volunteers per time slot, during the event


noon to _____________________________________

1 p.m. _____________________________________




1 p.m. to _____________________________________

2 p.m. _____________________________________




3 p.m. to _____________________________________

4 p.m. _____________________________________




4 p.m. to _____________________________________

5 p.m. _____________________________________




5 p.m. to _____________________________________

6 p.m. _____________________________________




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Sorry! It appears that you have already used all of your turns for this game today. Try again later.


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