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Well, I'm gonna be making FH maps and objects, playing Dragon Cave a whole lot more, try to get back into playing TEF, and watching videos. And chatting with my friends. And maybe drawing, or recoloring pictures, or making Pokemon lineart. That's... All I do when you remove FH from my daily internet schedule xd.png


Here are some of my suggestions to do:

-Nyan Cat. Listen to Nyan Cat all day long. Leave it on while you're sleeping. Leave it on while you're in the bathroom. Leave it on while you're outside. Leave it on while you're shopping. Leave it on for all seven days. Verrrry crazy idea, I know, but I thought it could be a fun timer... Of some sort... You can tell when seven days is up then, anyways. And it can also be a ridiculously long test to see if you will go insane when listening to Nyan Cat for excessive amounts of time! biggrin.gif

-Go outside. If you have a camera and live near some place like a forest, a stream, a zoo, etc. Go there, and take pictures. It's a nice way to get outside, and you'll have some nice memories to share with your friends and family if you see something interesting. Who knows, you may even see a fox, a deer, or even a coyote, like we have here!

-Draw. If you have a tablet, use it. When you have lots of time on your hands, you can draw a whole lot and make some good pictures. I'm planning on using my tablet I haven't use since around Christmas. I have some unfinished pictures that need finishing, anyways. If you don't have a tablet, then get a pencil and paper and just draw. Doodles or pictures, they're all good ways to pass the time. I myself tend to draw a lot on my school books when I'm bored in the middle of a lesson xd.png

-Play other games. Be it Spore, The Endless Forest, Impressive World, or any other game you have, you can play them. They can be as good as a time-passer as FH is. I'm probably also going to be playing Pokemon a lot more.

-Play FH! Yes, that's right. Play FH while it's down. No, I don't mean online, obviously. I mean make maps! Make objects! Make presets! Those are some fun things to do with FH even when the server's offline. Like I said, I have many unfinished maps, and some other people probably do too. Now can be a good time to finish them!


Just some ideas I have to pass the time. biggrin.gif



Copied from a reply from the game Feral Heart's forums, as the game servers are down for seven days, there was a thread on suggestions on what to do xd.png

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