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Uh. Elorian. My keyboard lol'd and I called him Eloooooooorian.

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Alakazam!!! It's the Shop Wizard! The Shop Wizard is your friendly guide to online comparison shopping. Type in what you want to buy and he will search through all the shops in the market to find you the best prices. (He searches a different section of the market each time to get more results!)



...I was on neopets and coppied that by mistake xd.png

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((Insert MagiStream pet links here... that's what's on my clipboard right now but it's clickspam so... you get the idea.))

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The black wolf stood on a rock, watching the distant caribou herd. The Frostbite pack has been surviving off hares and other small animals. It was time they hunt again. She jumped off the rock and turned towards the wolf pack. "It is time we hunt again! Who wishes to join the hunt?!" she called.


I was role playing on neopets.

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1. It is neither an animal nor a plant.

2. It is not a mineral.

3. It is not multicolored, however individual ?s do vary in color.

4. It is found in an office only if a human is there.

5. It is generally small.

6. It does not have a hard outer shell.

7. It does not have a brain.

8. It is generally round.

9. It does not erase things, nor can it erase things.

10. Most creatures use this daily.

11. It is not an article of clothing.

12. It does not break when dropped.

13. It is mostly warm, though it can be cold.

14. You cannot drink from it.

15. It has specific sizes.

16. It can be walked on.

17. It does not weigh more than a duck.

18. You can't exactly dress it up.

19. You cannot make sounds with it.

20. It is a body part.

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1 medium live catfish (4 lbs)

1 T oyster sauce

1 whole egg

1 egg white

1/2 T honey

1/2 T melted butter

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 T vegetable oil, salt, pepper

2 T green onion oil

1 T crisp fried shallot

1 T toasted peanut, crushed


Have the butcher clean you fish and remove all guts and gills. Clean off the black mud by pouring boiling water and scrubbing the fish's skin with the blade of a sharp knife. Clean under running water.

On a flat surface, hold the fish by the head and insert the blade point of a knife into the gill hole (where they cut to remove guts abd gills). Make a cut all the way to the belly along the length of the back bone, close but not into the rib case, run to the tail. Open the fish like a butterfly, skin side up. Make 2-3 slits each side of the fish wing (the filet parts). Rub oil, garlic, salt and pepper evenly on the fish. Put in oven, cover and broil under 500 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Mix oyster sauce + honey + egg + egg white + butter into a bowl. Use a brush to brush the mixture on the fish skin and put back in the broil, wait until dry, continue to brush until a thick golden surface is built. Brush on more butter if needed. Transfer the fish to an ovel dish, top with green onion oil, crisp-fried shallot, and toasted peanut.

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Clark "Plazmataz" Powell and Robert J! Lake

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Dreamy soared through the sky, staring at the golden waves of swaying grain. It's like her first flight all over again. The lake just looked like a single blue splotched dot of paint, which fell onto a blank canvas.



Hehe, I was making a story. smile.gif

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[color:BLACK]~*From deep within, the pool of water shone with a brilliant bright light*~


ஐ ooc;;



ஐ ic;;



~The pen is truly mightier than the sword~[/color]


My warrior forums headers.

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Avatar: 4/10. I guess you can have points because I'm going to assume that you drew it yourself.

Name: 2/10. I'm sort of tired of all the Warriors names. Yes, I am very aware of how hypocritical this is coming from me.

Signature: 3/10. The descriptions are getting old...

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