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“Oh how wrong we were to think immortality meant never dying”

― Gerard Way

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That intense scene between two people who really care for each other,

When you can see the one person's eyes dart back and forth rapidly while looking at the other person's eyes.

That my dear friend, is true beauty.

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Sing Noel

Sing Noel, Sing Noel

Sing Noel for Christ our Savior

Sing Noel

Shepherds on the hillside

Wise men from afar

Celebrate the coming of our Lord

What a tiny stable, what a wondrous star

Unto us a Child is given, unto us a Savior's born


Sing Noel to all in heaven

Sing Noel to all the earth

Sing Noel for Christ our Savior

Sing Noel!

Sing Noel, all of creation

Newsong Sing Noel lyrics found on http://www.lyricsoncall.com/lyrics/newsong...oel-lyrics.html

Sing Noel, celebrate His birth

Sing Noel for Christ our Savior

Sing Noel!

See the little Baby

In the manger low

Joyful, we adore the newborn King

Hosanna in the highest

Kneel before His throne

Join us in a mighty chorus

Hark, the herald angels sing

Rejoice for God is with us

Rejoice, Immanuel!

Rejoice and sound those trumpets

Rejoice and ring those bells

Rejoice to the King of Glory

And again we say rejoice

He is the Wonderful Counselor

The Prince of Peace

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“I can’t make that decision for you. You’re no puppet in my book. You’re my best friend. Mine and Roxas’s. Got it memorized?”


Axel being awesome and extremely loyal as usual. <3

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Hi-Get 1 post

This place ain't bad-Get 100 posts

Normal OTer-Get 1000 posts

Lifeless-Get 10000 posts

Are you forced to play Roblox?-Get 100000 posts

Wait, what?-Have more posts then Fastlane



Maybe...-Get 100 views on a troll thread

So-so-Get 1000 views on a troll thread

TROLOLOLOL-Get 10000 views on a troll thread

Foolish attempts-Get your troll thread to page 3

Pathetic kids-Get your troll thread to page 10

WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONS!-Get your troll thread to page 20



Learn2notbreakrules-Get a warning

Screw off-Get banned

Download MC instead-Get deleted [Main]

1 less sALT-Get deleted [Alt]

NEVER!-Get IP banned



Future 100 page thread-Make your first thread

Stay-Get your thread to stay on the first page for a week

Aging-Get to page 50 on one of your threads

cOLD mOLD-Get to page 100 on one of your threads

Died a tropper-Have one of your threads die but it has 10+ pages before death



Bros4life-Become a brony

BURN THE PIE!-Become a anti-brony

REFLECTED SUCKER!-During a raid, get one of the raiders banned

Memebase-Use a meme

Wannabe-Mini Mod for a day

Clans? so 2009-Raid Clans & Guides

NBC GEWTS RAWBUX!-Raid Suggestions & Ideas

WWIII-Raid another website

The games aren't working, WAH!-Raid RT

Internet flames-Start a flame war that lasts for 5+ pages

Escaped the flame-Win a flame war

You have guts!-Annoy a mod or a famous OTer

Higuiseisuck-Make fun of CoD and cause a flame war, and have Higuiseitschaos be in it

Reanimation-Bump a dead thread

Arrows-Spam arrow to the knee all over the place

So long losers-Leave OT for another forum

What I miss?-Come back to OT after 2 months or more

Outside? it's the thing with trees and stuff-Earn every achievement

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Hello ladies. Look at your man, now back to Wrath, now back to your man, now back to Wrath. Sadly, he isn't Wrath. But if he trained for 18 hours a day he could kick @$$ like Wrath. Look down, now back up, what do you see? A blade sticking out of your guy. Your man is being killed by the man your man could be like. The eyepatch is coming off. His blindspot is now his biggest advantage.


Anything is possible when you're Wrath.


He killed a tank with a sword


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Everyone, whether they be man, woman, child, or goat, are always incorrect in many ways.


That made me laugh, Flame. tongue.gif I can't remember all the only things about your story that made me laugh, but I do remember that one~

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