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Edited to add: I used the censor emoticon because what I copied to my clipboard is my password, so it is for security reasons.

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This is a WIP.


The Scientist

The Scientist is similar to the Steampunker, but based more off of chemicals and stuff than engineering.



Lesser Healing Potion

Adhesive Bandage (5 gold)

Test Tube (5 Copper)

Uranium Ore (During Solar Eclipse) (1 Silver)

WIP. Any thoughts?












New Items!

Uranium Ore- Used in Uranium Bars

Uranium Bars- Crafted with 3 Uranium Ore @ a Hardmode Furnace

Uranium Broadsword-

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var unit = p.source_unit;

var target = p.target_unit;

var tile = p.target_tile;

var skill = p.skill;

var sFlags = skill.ScriptFlags;

if (sFlags.get("summon_random")) {

var random = sFlags.get("summon_random");

// if (tile.CanHold(random))

// Mismatched function with canHold


u = shared.CreateUnit(random);

shared.Map.AddUnit(u, x, y);

// X and Y are undefined; be sure to fix that

// I have no idea on how





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(Adding this part so I can post it.)

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Неужели они переплюнули Измата?


(Translation: They really outdid Yiazmat?)

From a conversation about a very long video game boss fights.

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I, cippisweetForForums, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.


There is a Faceless Dragon concept going on, xd.png SOOOOO. Faceless Dragons don't need names when they are released RIGHT?!

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