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What've you currently cut? Paste it in a post and post it here!


Warning! No adoptables and the like, you'll get in trouble for that o>o Trust me on this one.



As for me, I've always just got this green text tag stuff stored away.


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"...I lost my memory." Minoru started "I woke up in a forest and I was surrounded by Shadows...I had know idea what was going on. I only remembered a few things, my name, my birthday, the basic stuff. I was scared until someone came out of the shadows and told me 'It'll be alright, they won't hurt you as long as you do everything I tell you to' I nodded my head and I followed what he told me to do...I was soon granted the ability to control the Shadows, the creatures that have been following us..." Minoru said, she then got teary eyed. "What Yoru(the boss) told me to do was...to kill someone..." she said. "He said that if I did, he would help me get my memories back...I didn't agree with what I had to do, but if it was to get my memories back, I would do it." she said, "The people I had to kill...was a boy and....you" She said "When you first met me, I had just finished being lectured by the Shadows. They had yelled at me because I didn't kill the other boy, I had just stabbed him in the shoulder. It wasn't a fatal wound so the Shadows were mad at me... I was glad I didn't kill him though..." She said "I then met you. You were my second target, the other person I had to kill..." she said, tears rolling down her cheeks. "When...When you got hit by the car, I took it to my advantage and I was going to kill you...but... but I couldn't do it..." She said. "I didn't want to kill anyone, I didn't even want to hurt them, but Yoru said I had to to get my memories back..." She said, still crying "He wouldn't even tell me why, he just gave me a description of the two people I had to kill and told me to find you and kill you...." She said, she still was crying. She didn't want to look at Shirlock, ashamed because she had kept it a secret from him. "Well, at least I told my story to someone...now he'll probably hate me...." Minoru thought, tears streaming down her face. She got up and walked away from Shirlock, she then turned into her cat form and ran away, tears still streaming down her face, into a rocky area. The rocks hurt her pads, but she didn't care. She wanted to get away, she wanted to escape from what she was trapped in...


(any questions? PM me if you have any~! or you can ask up here! biggrin.gif)

(my hands hurt now...>.<)


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I just got this e-mail from the guy on eBay:


"Dear Ukyo,

I am sorry that Jian-Zi doll your father bought from me meets some shipping error of post office.

It was sent back to me today. And I ship it out today, too.

I think it will arrive about 7~10 later.

Thanks for your waiting!"

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YOU LOST joined the chat 9:09


YOU LOST: Okay. That's all. Love you. Goodbye. 9:10

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Despite your injured wings

You’re going, aren’t you?

Enveloped by the wind

You chase a dream


Sorrow rains down

If you’re going without an umbrella

Then at least for this moment

Close your eyes and give in to this warmth


I’m praying a tiny prayer

Believing I’ll see your smile again someday

Even if you’re far away

I’ll just be here

Praying with all my heart


I have only one wish

I want to see you again

Deep within my heart

A voice is calling out to you


The words we exchanged

When I repeat them one by one

I can feel it when I look back

I’ll never be alone


I’m praying a tiny prayer

For the day when I can see your smile again

I’ll always carry my love for you

Tears were shed with my devoted love song


My tiny prayer will protect

The love that will never change

Endless emotions

Transcend the distance of time

Filling me with such warmth

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Subway, eat fresh!

Burger King. Have it your way.

Ba da ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it.

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I believe, in a security manual the proper response to that sound coming from your duct is to just riddle your duct with bullets.

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