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((Hi, would like to maybe join))

Forum Username:LeopardDragon


Character Name: Kirn ( or Kirin Ashwood)

Using a Color?: Red

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Category:Werewolf, Rogue, Doesn't Know about the Packs or their Plans ( Status May change in the Future...)

Word of Claw:Halcyon

Pack (if applicable):NA

Background and Reason for Category: Kirn is a new Werewolf, and though she keeps the circumstances surrounding her "condition", as she calls it, a secret, she is believed to have been turned by a rogue. Her relative ignorance of the packs and the conflict in werewolf society makes her a target of the others as they attempt to sway her thinking to their cause. In fact, all she really knows about werewolves comes from the general lore that humans have on them, some of which may well be quite a bit of nonsense; that and what she has already learned herself by experience.


In human form, her full name is Kirin Ashwood; a top rank international chessplayer. Her relatively high proflie, once again, would tend to make her a valuable asset to the cause of either the rogues or the packs. Her recently predatory tendancies in her chess style are but one "symptom" of the above mentioned condition. For her, chess and the hunt have much in common and she has become nearly as skilled in the latter as the former.

In wolf form she is known only as Kirn. As a newly changed werewolf, she is unknown to the other werewolves as well; though it is only a matter of time before this changes and she is forced into the ultimate game of chess, one where the stakes may be her life if she makes the wrong move. One thing is certain, she will eventually be forced to choose between the packs and the humans that form her past.


She is usually cautious to keep the truth about her self a secret, and changes only when she absolutely must and spends much of her time in human form.


Appearance (as human [and wolf, if applicable]):

As Human- A petite young woman of about 5' with long brown hair and fierce blue eyes. She is usually well dressed in her human form. A bit like this: http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%2...52a7d.jpg?o=222

As Wolf- See the pic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mexican_wolf_lounging.jpg

Introduction:At the large convention center at the heart of town at that very moment, a grand chess tournament was going on. Quite a large crowd had gathered around the first chessboard;it seemed that Kirin Ashwood, chess grandmaster, was one of the competitors in the tournament, and the crowd of assembled chess fans was loving it.

Had you seen Kirin walking down the street, she would have looked harmless enough... one never would have guessed that this petite, attractive young woman with brown hair that came to the middle of her back and intelligent blue eyes was a international chessplayer, much less that she was in fact a werewolf. This was a fact that she was careful not to share with anyone. Since her "dissappearance" a few weeks back at that tournament in Germany, she had learned to accustom herself to exersizing far more caution than she had done before. The chess world had assumed that that had just been nothing more than a stunt to gain publicity when she turned up out in the German countryside a few days later...

"Ha, if only they knew...", Kirin reflected to herself as she considered the pieces on the chessboard.

Then she noticed two things at once. First her nose detected something, the unmistakeable scent of human fear... one of many new smells she had learned to recognize since her transformation.

"I have him and he knows it", she thought as her eyes scanned the board carefully and spotted where her opponant, a russian master, had blundered a pawn. She flashed a slightly unnerving, almost wolfish smile as she moved to take full advantage of the mistake; she would have her prey.

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((LeoprardDragon: if you could just do the introduction and the age, I think it's good. You could just do the introduction as your first post if you want. smile.gif And earwig, thanks. I try, I really do. JK. biggrin.gif ))


Tioga looked at the man. No respectable soldier would let him, a werewolf, go. He looked after Ziva, his eyes watching her form make its way through the trees. He turned his head toward Ziva, and started to silently move in her direction, his eyes locked on the man, unwavering. He stopped, his side paining him again. He needed medical attention, but felt uncomfortable walking amongst many humans. And he really didn't want to be dragged with this man to whatever doctor/scientist he wanted to heal/test him.


He walked right up to the man and thought about socking him, right in the face. He decided against it. He couldn't imagine the man's reaction would be a pleasant one. he settled on asking him a few questions.


"Who are you? Why are you here? Are you trying to get rid of us? Us werewolves? What are you going to do with me? I assume you won't just let me go? Are you going to take me somewhere? I don't care what you do to me. Just leave her out of this 'kay? Or I will try to fight, and I promise you I'd hope to get in at least one punch," he said, probably annoying the heck out of the Nyko.



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After awhile, Ziva got out from behind the trunk of the tree that she was standing behind and ran towards the direction of her house. Once she got there, she unlocked the front door, went inside, locked it again behind her, and then made her way to her room. She really was tired so she didn't lie about that. She did lie about the part about it being past her bedtime but the soldier didn't need to know that. When she got up to her room, she got dressed in her pajamas, laid on her bed shortly afterward, and fell asleep on top of it without bothering to unmake it first.

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Nyko was confused at the reaction of the girl. She just seemed to answer his question and run away. He paused for a few seconds before the boy began to talk to him again. He was bombarded with questions, a new one came before he could answer the one before.

"Shut up!" He finally snapped at him. He let out a sigh before answering him. "You are not part of the pack. I cannot draw any information from you. But I can't just let you go, no. I can't have word getting out now can I? So here's my deal. You are going to help me. I'll need you to infiltrate the Alpha pack and feed me information from the inside. If you accept, we will get to work immediately. If you don't...well..." Nyko flicked the safety latch off on his gun. "Then I guess we will see if you can get a punch in."

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(( Updated my character sheet BTW-Do I need to be OKed by AA before I can actually start?))

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((no you can be accepted by either me, Packgoater, or earwig as it says in the rules happy.gif; it looks good so accepted smile.gif))


As Ziva slept, she had a nightmare about Tioga getting shot by the soldier that she had left him with. She tossed and turned, trying to wake up but she couldn't. Finally her conscience allowed her to wake up and as soon as she did, she sat up panting and sweating. She got up and went to her window, trying to calm down. "He probably won't want to see me again if something terrible did happen to him as a result of me leaving him there with the soldier," she said to herself as she sat on the window sill after opening the window.

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((Alright! Awsome!))


Later that evening, after the day's tournament activities, Kirin ambled through the city park on her way back to the hotel where she was staying for the duration. This wasn't her first trip to Dublin, but certainly her first since the "incident"; oh, how her second had berated her for missing nearly two rounds of that ill-fated tournament and finishing well out of the top five in consequence. That was one of the reasons she was here, after all, to repair the damage that had done to her standing. Still, a trip to Ireland was always interesting, if nothing else; and the tournament she was currently competing in was going incredibly well. She stopped for a moment under an old oak tree planted near the path.


As she enjoyed the sights and sounds of night in the park, Kirn observed that the full moon was rapidly approaching... her first full moon as a werewolf. As little as she knew about the creature she had become, Kirn HAD heard that werewolves were at their most active... and their most dangerous, at that time. Some even claimed that werewolves went stark, raving mad for the duration of the full moon and that it positively drove them to kill; Kirin suspected that this was an exageration but still... She shuddered at the thought of "turning" again; it had been horrifically painful that first night, as it had been the one or two times she had attempted it since. What was worse though, was that she had had trouble changing back, and had been stuck as a wolf for a good two or three days the first time.


"Although, a wolf wandering the city park would create quite a stir", she chuckled to herself at the thought, and then sighed. It was a beautiful night, certainly too lovely for such gloomy thoughts. She turned her steps towards the hotel; she had a tournament to finish and she would need her rest.

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Tioga stiffened at the thought of the Alpha pack. They could practically do anything to him. They could even send him out as a soldier. Not to mention being a spy would be extremely risky. But, at the same time, taking his chances with this guy would be even worse.


"Fine. What exactly do you want me to do? I don't even know where they are. And the full-moon is in a few days. I've got 'bout four, at best. I don't like this. Not one bit," Tioga growled, his voice deep and troubled.


((I'd like another character if you guys didn't mind. Oh, and could one of you create another too? I need someone in the main pack if Tioga is gonna do this. smile.gif ))


Forum Username: Packgoater

Character Name: Tessa (also called Tess)

Using a Color?: Yup, aqua


Age: 17

Category:Werewolf, Pack, knows of werewolf plans

Word of Claw:Halcyon

Pack (if applicable): Alpha

Background and Reason for Category: When she was sixteen she dated a werewolf. When she was more interested and serious with him, he told her that he was a werewolf. She asked him to bite her. She was bitten, though much later, and thinks of it as a gift rather than a curse. He was later killed by a soldier and she decided she would do whatever it took to take revenge on the organization that was responsible for his death.

Appearance (as human [and wolf, if applicable]): She has dark skin (She is African-American [well I guess really African-Irish]) and black, wavy hair. She has startling blue eyes and prettier-than-average features. She used to be a child-model and is usually stuck-up about this. She almost-always straightens her hair which is long and frames her face. She holds herself very straight and always wears nice clothes in human form. As a wolf she has dark-brown fur with jet-black markings. She has sleek features and her fur isn't fuzzy, it's more glossy. Her sleek features make for a fast runner, and though she may be a bit snotty about her good looks, she isn't afraid to kill or get her hands dirty. She makes for a quick killer and is skilled in the fighting and deception fields. Though she may look like your average girl, she has thick muscles and is very good at using them.


Introduction: [[a paragraph or two to set the scene of what your character is doing]] Tessa swiftly climbed onto the tree, getting a better view. She stared at some girl running away from what looked to be (she assumed because of the hight) two men. They looked to be conversing. She couldn't hear what was being said, or see what they looked like, but she thought that one might be a soldier. She felt the familiar feeling of her heart rate picking up.

Don't disappoint yourself, Tess. It's probably not even the soldier that killed Mike. You've killed at least a dozen soldiers. The Alpha's got them identified, and traced their biggest hits. Mike was one of the top Alphas. He would be on there. He would be a prize, no doubt. This soldier's probably not any different.


She looked at the two men, thinking about finding out what they know about her pack, and/or the human's plans. She'd have to surprise them first. Her eyes narrowed with excitement. She climbed down from the tree, her expensive shoes silent.


"Hello! Officer? Could you point me in the direction of the trail? Ugh. I used to hike here, but ever since the werewolves... I feel like I just can't be around in these woods anymore. Say, are you one of those hunters? My-my boyfriend was one of those, before the wolves killed him," her last statement wasn't completely a lie. Before she was a werewolf, she had dated plenty of them. Even as a werewolf she had dated one or two.

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((I'll make one a bit later, I'm a little short on time right now. Oh, and that blue is kind of hard to read. Just sayin'.))


Nyko was relieved at the sound of the were-boy's voice. The last thing he wanted was a fight, but as a soldier, he had to hide that.

"Doesn't matter if you like it or not. You are working for me now. But try to do anything funny and I will not hesitate." he said, waving his gun around a little. "So the first thing we need to do is--" he was cut off by a female teenager's voice. He was greatly annoyed at this, which showed as a wrinkle across his face.

"I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend...well, the trail is...uhh...that way, I think." he said, pointing toward the undergrowth. He did not know of any trail, as he had only been in Dublin a few days, but he had to het rid of what he thought was a civilian. "Now, if you don't mind, we were just about to get going, right?" he said, shooting a sharp glance at the boy.

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((Was wondering, how should Kirin be incorperated into the rest of this... also @ PG- just a thought:yeah, you might want to consider a different color for your new Charrie, the one you chose is really hard to read. Your choice, of course.

BTW- If someone wants to RP Kirin's second they can. If not I might decide to))


Back in the hotel, Kirin sat curled up on the bed in her hotel room, scribbling idly in her journal. She glanced over at the clock...10:30. Odd, she had always been more of a morning person than a night owl; though she had developed more nocturnal tendancies since the change. The silence was broken by an electronic beep from her cell phone. Kirn picked it up and glanced at it.


"Hmmm..", she thought," A text message." It was from her second ; she hit the button and blinked as the words "Nice Job Today, Keep it Up" appeared on the screen. She sighed, she was becoming so restless lately... perhaps because of the moon. She had a bye, the next round of the tournament, however, perhaps tommorrow she could get out of town for the afternoon and see a bit of the countryside... Yes, she would like that, she thought as she closed her journal, tourned off the lights and curled up to go to sleep.

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((Changed it. And as to Kirin, read the post and you'll find out smile.gif ))



Tioga glanced at the attractive girl. She wasn't his type. He looked back over at the soldier. Least he couldn't do anything in front of the civilian.


"Yeah, I suppose. C'mon, follow me. Oh, and the trail is that way," he said, pointing in the rough direction of the way Ziva left. He started walking in the other direction, where he came to this place from. He turned his head to make sure Nyko was following.


Tessa rolled her eyes as the man with gold eyes went the other way. She flashed a smile at the soldier and walked the direction the other man had pointed at. As soon as she was out of sight, she glared moodily. She wanted to know what they had been talking about. The one man had looked very uncomfortable.


Oh well. Guess its better anyway. I need to keep my mind on the mission. I need to find the chess-player. What was her name? Oh yeah, Kirin Ashwood. Kirin... who bit her anyway? Lew I think?


Back on the road, she turned to the hotels. She knew that this girl had a bit of money, and was in Dublin. Alpha was thorough. The first hotel she looked at was nice, but someone with money would've stayed at a different one. She assumed that she wouldn't be here. There were two other hotels, and both were expensive ones. Of course, there were other hotels, but these hotels were the most famous and the nicest. She walked to one called "Foxwood." She pulled a slip of paper from her pocket and looked at it. She nodded as the address she was at was right and opened the door.


A man with dark, rheumy eyes stared at her. His hair was slicked back and his mouth reminded her of a fish. He was a totally boring person, someone who could easily get lost in a crowd.


"Hello I'm looking for Kirin Ashwood? I've heard she's here. I'm a friend of hers, and I need to talk to her," she said, smiling at him. He glared at her, clearly meaning he would give out no such information. She slipped two bills, both hundreds, onto the table. He narrowed his eyes and smiled, sealing the deal.


"Room 108, ma'dam," he said, his rheumy eyes indicating the left hallway. She thanked him and bought a room for the night, the room right across from Kirin's. She walked to the room, opened the door, set her alarm clock and lay on the bed.


I'll be glad to have another girl in the Alpha. All of the others can be SO obnoxious.


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When the clock on the little bedside table in the hotel room read 6:00 AM, Kirn sat bolt upright in bed. She had slept decently for most of the night, but just now she had been awakened by one of those... uneasy dreams she had been having lately. The kind in which rival wolves and wolf hunters loomed all too large. She yawned then stretched herself. Thank heavens it had only been a dream, she thought shaking her head... still, a VERY good reason to keep her"condition": a secret. Kirn yawned again. "Man, I really need my coffee this morning", she thought.


Once she had gotten herself ready for the day, Kirn walked to the dining room of the hotel, where coffee and tea was being served for the early risers. She grabbed herself a cup of the stuff, and a magazine off the table and curled up in one of the confortable charis in the lobby to read both that and the chess book she had brought down from her room for a little study... and to watch the goings on. She smiled, she had always been something of a people watcher; and she especially liked to see if she could figure out anything about them just by observation.

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The alarm clock blared. Tessa, a light sleeper, bolted upright as it did so. She got ready for her day and creaked open the door, lightly walking outside. To her surprise, Kirin must've already been up. She made an annoyed sound and then walked to the dining room.


When she was in there, her eyes searched the room. She finally recognized the brunette in the chair as her target. She walked over, smiled and sat down opposite her.


"So, Kirin Ashwood, is it? The chess player? I need to talk to you. And it can't be here. Somewhere.... private. Let's just say... I know something about you that no one else in this room knows," she said.

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OOH! Now it gets interesting! biggrin.gif

Kirn looked at the other woman who had approached her curiously.


"Yes, I'm Kirin...," she said with a little hesitation and hoping to whatever gods might take an interest in her that she wasn't about to ask her opinion on some new variation on whatever opening; she had already answered five of those the last day or two. She closed her book putting her index finger on her page to mark her place as she did. It was at this point that her nose detected something...even under the expensive cologne the stranger wore this woman didn't smell like any of the normal humans she had met. It couldn't possibly be... ANOTHER WEREWOLF? she thought to her self; this could be intersting... and WHAT exactly did this stranger know about her...


"OK, where would you like to talk?" she asked attempting to give her friendliest smile even though she did NOT entirely trust this woman or her intentions. With this thought in mind, she picked herself up leaving the magazine on the seat and prepared to follow the other were-woman

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Forum Username: Arya_the_elven_lady

Character Name: Song-wise

Using a Color?: Yes (blue)

Gender: female

Age: 13 yrs.

Category: doesn`t know all Alpha`s plans, but is content

Word of Claw: (what does this mean?)

Pack (if applicable): UK

Background and Reason for Category: Was found on a full moon by a rogue in league with the pack and joined. Doesn`t know her parents, or where she was born.

Appearance (as human [and wolf, if applicable]): (wolf) sky blue eyes, all-black fur, thin, lanky legs and strong muscles. (human) same sky blue eyes, jet-black hair, slim yet strong build.

Introduction: [[a paragraph or two to set the scene of what your character is doing]] Song-wise was laughing. She raced through the forest, bounding between the trees. Enjoying the feeling of the wind in her fur and the smell of the trees and leaves.


A buck, disturbed by her scent, bounded away. She turned on a dime and chased it half-heartedly, because she wasn`t that hungry and the pack didn`t need any food. Slowing to a stop, she panted breifly before stopping and sitting to rest.

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((It looks pretty good, but one of my characters, Tioga, is already blue. You can use a color not really mentioned in the color list like so: [ color=darkgreen] (except for no space between the c and the bracket) and you just have to end it with [/color] once you're done with your paragraph. (which I'm pretty sure you already know.) And if you read through the whole first section, you'll find out what the Word of Claw means. It's basically the password. And if you haven't already, read through all posts leading up to this point. Some colors for your thing I might suggest are the obvious, pink, orange, and the less obvious ones, like darkgreen (yes you have to do it without spaces and caps in the code otherwise it doesn't work), navy, aqua (which is really hard to read, also why I didn't suggest yellow), and many more. Oh, and I don't know if you didn't just because this is your first intro in this RP, but you might want to be more descriptive in the future. Just some ideas. smile.gif ))


Tessa smiled at Kirin's cooperation. She liked it when people cooperated. It made things so much easier.


"In my hotel room. If that makes you uncomfortable, we can go in yours. Just not where there are other... people," she said in an undertone. As she sensed the woman as prepared to follow her, she walked to the hallway their rooms were in. No one was here, so she decided they could just talk in the hall, where she could be sure no stupid human was listening in. She turned to Kirin, her startling blue eyes alert.


"You're no normal human are you Kirin? In fact, you're not human at all. You're a werewolf, like me. And don't you dare tell me you're not. Look, I know from experience that starting out as a werewolf all alone is stressful and hard. Especially if you're famous.


"You know, I was a child model. They wondered about me when I went missing. Especially my parents. Not like they're alive anymore. No, they were killed shortly after I was turned, they were killed by soldiers who thought I was in the house at the time. So I went into hiding, with the help of friends. Werewolf friends. I was in a pack. Accepted. Loved. Treated like I belong.


"You're lucky. You can keep who you are. Who you were. I can't. I will never be able to tell people who I was. Who I am. I-we- are here to make you safe, to make sure that your identity is not discovered. We are here to make sure that you have someone to trust. We are here to protect you and all the other werewolves out there are not taken or killed by a soldier. We are Alpha. You need us. And we need you," she said, her voice silk and her eyes pleading.


She was good at this. Very good. After all, this is what she did for a living. Recruit, kill, spy, train, pretend, create. Recruit for your cause. Kill for your rights. Spy for your needs. Train for your future. Pretend for your life. Create the facade for your cause, your rights, your needs, your future, your life. Build that facade strong and hard, for if it breaks, so do you.

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((I'll post another char later that's in the pack if earwig doesn't happy.gif; i might use navy for her but we'll see if i make a form at all smile.gif))


After sitting there for awhile longer, Ziva jumped out of the open window, landed on her feet, and then walked towards the park that was on the edge of the woods. Once she got there, she went over to the swing set, got on a swing and started to swing a bit. She was still a bit worried about Tioga and if he was mad at her for what she did but she didn't want to dwell on that too much. It made her depressed and she didn't like feeling that way. With a sigh, she continued to swing and hoped that he was okay.

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((It looks pretty good, but one of my characters, Tioga, is already blue. You can use a color not really mentioned in the color list like so: you just have to capitalize the color and end it with once you're done with your paragraph. (which I'm pretty sure you already know.) And if you read through the whole first section, you'll find out what the Word of Claw means. It's basically the password. And if you haven't already, read through all posts leading up to this point. Some colors for your thing I might suggest are the obvious, pink, orange, and the less obvious ones, like darkgreen (yes you have to do it without spaces and caps in the code otherwise it doesn't work), navy, aqua (which is really hard to read, also why I didn't suggest yellow), and many more. Oh, and I don't know if you didn't just because this is your first intro in this RP, but you might want to be more descriptive in the future. Just some ideas. smile.gif ))

((Thanks for the advice. I`ll try to post an updated form later.))

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((This is proving to be a whole lot of fun! Thanks for letting me join!))


Kirn blinked in surprise, then considered what the other woman was telling her. It was true, she reflected, that there was so much about her new self that she had no idea about... The idea of having others who understood, COULD understand what she was going through was tempting... very tempting, in fact. It would be nice to have freinds who I could actually talk about this with, rather than have to live in secrecy all the time, she thought to herself. And, there was the disturbing fact that if one group she had no idea had existed, the werewolf packs, knew her secret; who else might know of it.


"You are right about me; I'm not human, at least, not anymore..." she paused, wondering how on earth a stranger had found out so much about her. "What you say is tempting," she said at last, after considering. "But I am sure your pack must expect something from ME in return... what could I possibly have that could interest them? I mean, as it is, I know next to nothing about my own kind, other than what the humans say... and it may well be that they are mistaken on a great many things... " She had to choose her words carefully because Kirin could tell to look at her that this woman was not someone you wanted as an enemy; a trained fighter and one who had killed before and definitely could again. " As far as the humans go, as far as I know they have no quarrel with me, and I none with them..."


As she said this last bit, though, a twinge of doubt crossed her face; how accepting would people really be if they knew what she really was. The way this stranger spoke of humans, as if they were cruel killers who would treat her as a monster to be destroyed bothered her a bit. Still, the were-woman's persuasive words wrang in her ears; she would need to think about this...

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((We can both make one, Dragonpelt!))


Forum Username: earwig

Character Name: Skry

Using a Color?: Has green been taken?

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Category: Werewolf – Pack, knows and is happy with all of the Alpha’s plans.

Word of Claw: Halcyon ((well there it is Arya >.<))

Pack (if applicable): Alpha.

Background and Reason for Category: Skry had been born as a werewolf in the pack and had always been a savage, blood-thirsty killing machine ever since he had been trained. He is extremely agressive and he has a short temper. He is loyal to the Alpha pack and he would rather die then betray them. His current mission is to discover any sources that could endanger the Alpha's plans, and eliminate them.

Appearance (as human [and wolf, if applicable]): Human: Very large, muscular, intimidating, has short black hair and sinister orange eyes. Wolf: A very dark black and grey coated wolf with a very muscular build. His eyes are an even brighter orange and he is larger than most other wolves.

Introduction: [[a paragraph or two to set the scene of what your character is doing]]


Skry sprinted through the woods. Had I just seen a human soldier? he thought to himself. He had to get on the human's trail. He was no doubt going to try to get information about the Alpha pack. Skry could not let that happen. Skry thought about changing into a wolf, but there were too many civilians around. He was under strict orders to keep "collateral damage" to a minimum, even though he usually did so anyway. He hated being seen by other people. They looked too innocent to him, and he feels like their eyes can see straight through him. He reminded himself of the mission he was on, and he was determined to not let himself become distracted again. He kept sprinting through the woods, his legs burning with fatigue. He gritted his teeth and endured it. He eventually came to a clearing, where his eyes were drawn to what he came for. A soldier carrying a gun and a silver knife. He seemed to be engaging with another human, who did not seem to like the gun being pointed at him. Skry waited in the bushes for them to move. He had to seperate the soldier from the other man, which would not be an easy task. He waited and waited, watching them, waiting for them to move.


"All right, now where did that other one go?" Nyko said in a low tone. "Is her house around here? I-" he stopped. "We need to go find her. If she leaks any information about us..." Nyko looked up and caught the boy's eye. "Well, that could be the end of us." Nyko flicked the saftey switch back to the on position on his rifle. He trusted the boy a little more than earlier, but he was still uneasy about being with a werewolf. He felt as though the boy was more afraid of him than Nyko was afraid of the boy, but he never knew. He just hoped that he could follow orders.

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((No problem Leopard. We need/ed more people anyway. We're glad to have you smile.gif ))

Tioga bared his teeth as if he were still a wolf. Was this man ever intending to shoot him? Tioga didn't know. Most soldiers would've shot first, asked questions later. But hey, this one wanted information. Tioga was glad that was all he wanted and not Tioga's life. Tioga had a confused expression on his face. He could've sworn he had smelt wolf as the breeze rushed past his nose, but the probability of another werewolf... well, it was unlikely. He decided not to tell the soldier. The soldier was not his friend. But all the same, he wanted to get out of here.


"Okay, you go check out the hotels and houses, I'll check out the playgrounds and forest," he said, thinking she could NOT be at a playground or still in the forest. Before the soldier could argue, he dashed off, very painfully. He hoped the guy would not follow him. They needed to talk somewhere not in the woods where someone could be spying on them. The smell of wolf still bothered him.


Why was it in there? Was the werewolf spying on us? This soldier has no idea what he's getting me into! He's crazy! I'll die! Wait... that's kind of his (organization's at least) goal isn't it? I'm gonna die. This stupid.... this... soldier is going to kill me, but in an even more painful way. And Ziva. I thought.... I thought.... I certainly didn't think she would abandon me like that. Does she not like me any more? Why? What did I do?


Tioga sat on one of the far swings, his head in his hands. He was tired, so tired. All he wanted was to go to bed, and live for awhile. He wasn't ready to die, he really wasn't. He wanted to escape, and he wanted to find somewhere where people accepted him, and liked him. He was so alone. Even in this city. He had been a lone wolf before all alone, not much civilization, but somehow now, in this city, he was more alone than he had ever been before.


Tessa bit her lip. She needed Kirin to come with her, but it had to be voluntary. Otherwise she wouldn't help them. And she wouldn't talk her. Tessa wanted Kirin to be her friend, someone new to talk to. She had to convince her anyway. This would get her up a rank, only two away from Beta, three away from Alpha. Those last three ranks were so hard to get to though.


"If the humans knew who you REALLY are, they would send soldiers to capture or kill you. Of course Alpha wants you. You are a chess player, no? Strategy is your life. We won't ask you to do the dirty work. What we want from you is to advise us in strategic movements, like who would be best to recruit and so forth. And if it comes to it, we'd need you for strategy defending our base. You can still travel the world doing tournaments, but you'd have the best protection. And tell me you wouldn't want someone there for the full moons. The most painful times. The change is more painful than any other, and sometimes inexperienced wolves go mad from the pain if they don't have an experienced wolf to help them stay sane. That's how it went for me. They found me in time, but that was sheer luck. Please come with us. This is beneficial for both sides, you and us," she said, hoping an entirely truthful route would help convince her. She hoped Kirin would come, she really did. And not just because she wanted up a rank. Because she craved friendship and had been stuck for the past few months in Africa recruiting, all alone, and had just come back, to be isolated again on another solo mission. She got sour whenever someone mentioned that.



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(( Here is what I am thinking of, PG- supposing that Kirin joins the Pack, but decides later that she doesn't agree with all the stuff they are doing... might be interesting...))


Kirin could see the dissapointment on the other were-woman's face, and having the full-moon fast approaching had been making her feel alone as she had never felt before. She had to admit, the idea of helping her fellow were-wolves appealed to her; though she still wasn't certain how she felt about considering humans her enemies... True it was, though, that there had been a couple of the Russians on the chess circuit that had been giving her odd looks ever since the transformation. Wolf hunting in Russia had a very, very long history... could it be possible that a few of them might actually be able to tell. Whether or not to trust humans... this was something she intended to decide for herself; whatever the Pack or anyone else might try to tell her.


Yes, she thought to herself, I do need the pack, especially at first...but if ,at any point, I become uncomfortable with the Pack's aims... well where better to put a stop to them. She was careful not to let the sly smile that tried to flit accross her face show; there was a good reason that the dreaded Ashwood Gambit chess opening was so-called. As much as she wanted to believe that this woman was telling her the whole truth... she very much doubted it; in life, as in chess, things were often not what they seemed to be. Kirin was determined to learn more about herself, werewolves, the Packs, and their relationship with humans, and if her fellow were-wolves were willing to help her with that process who was she to complain. Yes, indeed, this could be interesting... she wasn't sure where this game might end, but she had in mind to both survive and to win it.


"May I have til the full-moon to think about it?" She asked, though she had mostly already decided what her answer would be, "By the way, you seem to be familiar with my name, but I don't believe I know yours."

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((okie dokie happy.gif; I'll come up with a char form later smile.gif))


Ziva looked over at the far swings and saw Tioga there. She sighed, coming to a stop and then getting up and going over to him. "I'm sorry that I abandoned you like I did earlier," she said with a small sigh as she looked down at the ground. "I just didn't want to be around that stupid soldier anymore. If he found out that I was a werewolf too, he'd probably kill me." She then looked up again and over at him saying again, "I'm sorry. If you don't want to see me anymore because of what I did, I understand but I do like you."

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((That sounds good. smile.gif Oh, and DP, I fixed this one smile.gif Your post makes it much more interesting... ))

Tessa smiled broadly. She hoped that she had won the girl over. She handed her a map of the park, which had a big "X" on a mountain range. It was crisp and new, made of fairly expensive paper.


"This is the map to a meeting point where we'll meet you and take you to our base. I hope you'll come. It seems like all the Alphas are guys. Meet us on the day before the full moon at midnight. I guess that's technically the day OF the full moon, but never mind. I hope you come," She said and walked out of the hotel. It was time to go to Alpha.


She walked down the road till she got to the wooded park. She walked through the playground and stopped when she noticed the man with dark hair and gold eyes sitting on a swing with his head in his hands and a girl talking to him. As she talked the teenage boy froze and slowly lifted his head up to stare at her with an odd expression in his eyes.


Tioga froze. It was the first time anyone had cared a lick about him and here he had been, thinking she hated him. He stood up, barely four inches between them. He pulled her close, his strong arms holding her to him, and kissed her.


Did she just say? Did I just...? What kinds of trouble am I getting myself into? What if? Just stop, Tioga. You have her. Does anything else really matter right now?


Tessa was furious. Guys usually drooled on the floor for her, yet, this one hadn't. He had seen her earlier today and he hadn't given her a second thought! Yet he gave HER one? Tessa was the pretties girl she knew. And HE and chosen HER over TESSA! Tessa wasn't about to forget this.




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((um pack did you see my post as Ziva? i had her talk to him and confess her feelings for him in the post above yours unsure.gif


here's my form; it's not as detailed as my last one but i couldn't think of anything else to put in the category section))


Forum Username: DP

Character Name: Destiny (Des for short)

Using a Color?: yes

Gender: female

Age: 21

Category: Werewolf – Pack, does not know the full extent of the Alpha’s plans, and under what they know of the plans they are happy with them.

Word of Claw: Halcyon

Pack: Alpha

Background and Reason for Category: Destiny grew up in the pack and was born a werewolf. She was told by a few others of what the plans were but didn't hear all of what the plans were. She's still happy with the plans but is unsure of how far the alpha will go with them. She hopes that no innocent werewolves either in other packs or rogues that aren't in the packs won't get hurt if and when the plans get set in motion.

Appearance: As a human, she has long jet black hair with purple and red highlights throughout it and she's a stocky 5'2" tall. Her eyes are blue-green in color. She wears short sleeve shirts, tank-tops, shorts, long pants, boots, and sneakers when she feels like it. She mainly wears black and mostly skirts instead of shorts. As a wolf, her fur is jet black in color with purple and red throughout it just like her hair and she's 10 feet long in length with a bushy tail with blue-gray eyes.



Destiny was in the clearing of where the pack resided, walking around. She wondered where Tessa and Skry were but figured that they would come back later after they were done doing what they were doing. She sighed, sitting underneath a nearby tree and closing her eyes to get some rest. For some odd reason, she was tired and wasn't sure why. She shrugged a bit and just rested her head against the trunk of the tree that was behind her.

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