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DC Photography contest #27 voting


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Fengari was having a spot of trouble so I fixed the post and remade the poll.


tikigurl91: Withered Rose

RheaZen: The timeless sun

DragonSpirit009: 6000 Years Old Bushmen Drawings

lightbird: An Ant on a weathered piece of wood

Aerouant: Temple of Apollo, Delphi

St.Jimmy: Tubingen

SickThing: Stonehenge

earthgirl: Old villa with Ivy covered gates

Caius: Old ghost old wall

WWECornSerpent: Last Year's

Lagie: 1826

Danne: Nidaros Cathedral

casprrr: The Hegman Lake Pictographs

Anniepimm: My lovely Mum age 86

Autana: Vers La Grand-Place

tyto alba: Winter Pines

Xbcdrt8741: Mom's wedding bouquet

bloodred-dragonfly: House of Pidgeons

Gamekatt101: Old Car

Nimrodel: Bryggen in Bergen

Bonjourno!: basketball hoop


Votes Open until Sunday the 13th.

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I can't see St.Jimmy's entry sad.gif the link seems to be broken - its "https" instead of "http", but even when I correct it, I still can't see it sad.gif the page is down. is it only me?

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thank you, RheaZen. it does work now smile.gif


first of all, I should say, the topic is very interesting! I loved most of the entries, but my favourite are:


Old villa with Ivy covered gate - it's very impressive! I'd die for coming to that place and seeing it by my own eyes! so mysterious, so beautiful!

Old ghost old wall - just unbelievably cool!

Last Year's - I am amazed how you could have noticed it. I guess, you have the genuine photographer's eye.

My lovely Mum age 86 - so sweet. I can feel looking at that photo that it was made with love.

Mom's wedding bouquet - a wonderful picture. very beautiful.

basketball hoop - it's awesome you have noticed it and took the picture of it! it's one of the pictures I can stare for hours at smile.gif


voted happy.gif

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Oooh my voting keeps getting harder and harder! The entries are so different, it is really difficult to make a choise...


Anyway... voted! xd.png

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Voted. All the entries were wonderful - it was hard to choose just one.

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All I can say is "Wow." I haven't voted yet, there is so much variety that it'll be a very tough choice to make. *ponders* which to choose, which to choose...


Voted smile.gif

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Voted~ Too bad I didn't get to enter this time. There's a perfect view at the place I'm staying right now. >3< It's like, this old fashioned villa.

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Voted. Ohgosh I have a chance this time <3


Edited for accidentaly hitting TAB then ENTER instead of ENTER.

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It was a hard choice this time, but now it's done and I've voted. ^^

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O,M,G..... so many wonderful pics to choose from....OK made my vote biggrin.gif

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Whoooo 3 votes! biggrin.gif Beats my previous record of....ermm....one tongue.gif LAWL thanks everybody! Voted wink.gif

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Thanks RheaZen for fixing my mess biggrin.gif


And thanks everybody for a nice variety of 'old' pictures, I had a hard time voting and it looks like it's going to be another close call.


I especially loved Autana's, Caius', and Bonjourno!'s entries. (and after seeing the voting results at the moment, am a bit regretting not voting differently...)

Edited by Fengari

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Voted! And thanks to those who've voted for mine!


What I do when I'm voting (especially with this many) is keep the tabs open for the ones I like, then ask myself, if I were postcard shopping, which would I buy? cool.gif

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