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On 7/9/2020 at 12:22 PM, dragon_mando said:

Uhhhhh I can try? I doubt I'll make sense tbh. I've never tried to teach anyone else anything crochet related.


I did this with worsted weight yarn and a 3.25mm hook. A slightly bigger hook should work too but I'd avoid going smaller.


For the cap/main body you'll start by making a ball.

  • Chain 4 and join into a loop, then going through the center of the loop make 5 single stitches. Chain 1, make another single stitch in the same loop as your chain, then do two single stitches in each of the remaining stitches. You'll end this row with 10 stitches.
  • Chain one to start the next row, and make two single crochets in the following loop, one single in the next, two in the next, one in the next, and following that pattern until you finish the row with 15.
  • Chain one again for a 4th row. This time it'll be your chain, one single, two single, single, single, two single, etc, and you'll finish this row with 20.
  • Chain one and do one single crochet in each for the whole row. Do this step a second time for two total rows of single crochet in all 20 stitches.
  • Contratulations, you've halfway through the cap. Now to start decreasing. Chain 1, then put your hook through two loops per single crochet, pull through, go through the next two loops, etc. Once you finish the row, stuff with polyfill or scrap fabric. Continue decreasing until it's getting too fiddly, tie it off, and sew in your ends.

Now for the "skirt."

  • Pick a spot about 2/3s of the way down your ball. Put your slipknot on your hook and stitch through your spot as if doing a single crochet so it's attached.
  • Do a single crochet in the next stitch. In the third, you're going to to into the same loop 4 times. The pattern will be a double crochet, a triple, and another double.
  • Single crochet the next two stitches. Go into the next loop 4x with the same pattern as before.
  • Continue this all the way around, join, and sew in your ends.

And the tentacles.

  • Roughly 9 tentacles seems to look best. Actual number and Length is up to you. Generally I like it better if the thicker tentacles are longer than the shorter ones.
  • For skinny tentacles: chain as tight as you can so it curls up.
  • For medium tentacles: chain about 1/3rd longer than looks right, hook through the bottom middle of your cap, and single crochet about 3/4s of the way down your chain. For a straight portion hook through every loop. For a curly portion, go through every-other loop. Slip stitch your last stitch, again, about 3/4s of the way down.
  • For an extra thicc boi tentacle: chain about 1/3 longer than looks right, hook through the bottom middle of your cap, and double crochet about 1/2 way down, skipping every other loop so it's curly. Go about 3/4s of the remaining way down with single crochet. Slip stitch one and tie off.
  • Sew in all your ends.

TBH Reading this I hardly know what's going on even though I've done it five times now in the last couple days. Good luck making sense of my brain, this is not sarcasm. EDIT: I don't know how to read or write patterns. I just winged it.


I started it a while ago, then stopped for a bit, now there's only some tentacles left to be added!


I don't know how to read or write patterns either - I'm to such an extent self-taught that I didn't even know what a slipknot was, although I guessed correctly from the context and also looked it up to make sure. (I should have looked up how to do single crochets too, I've usually used double crochets up until now, and what I assumed was a single one is about half of a single, which made the cap very tight and difficult to do.) I also chose a very fluffy yarn, which at one point made me mess up the number of stitches in the cap. And makes the skirt barely visible. :P None of these are the fault of your instructions though, just my own mistakes - I'm sure my second jellyfish will work out much easier. :)


There was just one line in your instructions that I couldn't really quite figure out.


[...] you're going to to into the same loop 4 times. The pattern will be a double crochet, a triple, and another double.

A double, a triple, and a double add up to only 3 times, and I'm not sure what I'm missing, there.


But that was the only bit of your instructions that isn't clear, so I'd say it is pretty well-written! :)

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