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New Dragon Raising Method Development

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Bumped to avoid auto delete.

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I plan on incubating everything I possibly can from once the new limits are in place X3


It's easy to fill up those 7 egg slots and I'll want them to become hatchlings as quickly as possible so I can fully abuse all that space. Though, now I'm not sure if I misunderstood the limits. I thought that you had (with a gold trophy) a 7 egg limit that you could not exceed and a 21 total limit. So I thought, that with 7 eggs, you could still pick up hatchlings. However, some are saying with 7 eggs you are locked.


If anyone can confirm how this works, I (and probably quite a few others) would love to know :3


Edit: I looked in the State of the Cave/Update Questions thread and found this response for anyone who was wondering the same thing that I was happy.gif


The egg-hatchie limit will no longer be interconnected. With a gold trophy, you could have 20 hatchlings, and pick up 1 egg or 1 hatchie, for 21 total. If you had 7 eggs, you'd still be able to pick up hatchlings until you reached 21 items total (ie 14 hatchlings). Or once those 7 eggs hatched you could pick up 7 more eggs and then nab hatchies whenever you saw them. :3
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Ok, so now that the egg limits are here... What are you folks doing?


I'm not using anything specific, though I do keep running out of reds! xd.png




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Just breeding and catching, with less stress when waiting for something biggrin.gif It's quite hard work getting locked - except for egg-lock !

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1. Pick up eggs

2. Use incubate for unlocking

3. Grab hatchlings and ER eggs off AP. Trade hatchlings for things if needed.

4. Always have one egg slot free for picking up ER eggs and holding out for that one really nice egg.


There's been times when I had enough hatchlings to spill into the egg slots I have.

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The way I do is different because I have no red dragons to incubate eggs with xd.png


*i have the 4 egg 8 hatchling limit right now*

what I do is


Catch 3 eggs of whatever I want/need

Leave one egg slot open

and see if I can find an ER egg or a rare


And then once I have all my eggs, just search the AP for hatchlings xd.png


pretty simple..

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