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Names you can't believe you got.

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I managed to nab a ton of Harry Potter themed names awhile back. 


The ones I was most shocked to get

CB Harry Potter

Filius Flitwick

Professor Trelawney

Poppy Pomfrey

Headmaster Dumbledore

Gilderoy Lockhart

Mad Eye Moody

Professor Dumbledore

The Boy-Who-Lived

Augusta Longbottom

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Narcissus. Dragon turned out to be female :( but still proud of getting the name anyway :) 

it’s for a dark lumina dragon

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I got "McTree" on a Leetle Tree.

I also got a dragon named "Hirn", which (a short form) of "brain" in German.

"Head Examiner" and "Lab Assistant"

I have a pillow named "Utsubushi" which is a character from the manga "Amatsuki"


My Avatar of Creation is named "Shakura" and I am SO HAPPY about it. So many people take it as alternative spelling for Sakura, but for me it's MY name as it is "Shakura", or at least my online name and the name of my own character. I always hate when it's already taken in other games or websites.



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I got Utrecht last night which is a pretty okay-sized city in the Netherlands!


Surprising since most other bigger city names I try are taken haha.

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Feesh and Chips


If you could use 'Make Delicious' on a Geminae, this is what it would look like.


And somehow I got Social Status, too? 👀


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To my sincere surprise I've got: 


Mr Bronze

three Neglected names: Ordo Xenos, Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus 


Amarginis 2021

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