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Names you can't believe you got.

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1 hour ago, Paintra said:

Oh hey, that's one of my kids! :D Glad to see he's got a good home and an awesome name!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful lineage, Paintra.  :D

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Just going through my old names, and most of my unbreedables have names I can't believe I got, so I'll just link my group: Non-Dragons

They're just so silly, and make me happy, just want to share that. :lol: Hope they make someone else smile, too.





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Do Not Open (shocked I got this)

As Cities Burn (ditto)

Fun At The Morgue

Crusty Old Toad (super surprised)

Dragontears (I mean, I just pushed them into one word and BINGO)

Denied Heaven

Black From the Pit (for one of my Pitfires - hahahahhaha)

Enemy Soil (squee)

Dance With a Stranger I mean, given the parent names, I thought it was a good idea.

Demons Come Out At Night

Deafening Loneliness (Pretty stoked about this one, TBH)



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I got this one the other day, and I got super excited to see it was available.

Rusty Fishing Tackle


One I got a few months after Jesters released, that I couldn't believe was available:

Jest Joking wit ya


This one's parent was "the edge of the unknown" and boy I was super excited for this name:

The edge of the Known


A lot of Toast names in their lineage:

Buttered on Both Sides


These are just cool names:

Wind Whistling Through Trees

Leave It All Behind You


And my group is here

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go play a real shin megoomi tensay game :]


Yeah, it's technically misspelled but I was actually expecting someone to have taken it already since it's a pretty popular meme in the SMT community. Oh well. More memery for me.

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I grabbed some names for my Pitfires that I was really surprised weren't taken:

Dull Flames

Turtleneck Sweater

Bold Hunter

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Lord Holder


Trash Rat


I'm old school and read the Dragonriders of Pern back in the day, so I was pretty pleased to get those first three. The other two were just surprising. 

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Lately... Kohtalo, 'destiny' in Finnish. But my favourite is the name I gave to my leetle tree, Kuusi, 'spruce', or 'six', or actually also 'your moon'. What a nice word. 🎄

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Here's a bunch! I got a ton of Bungou Stray Dogs names, which I'm super surprised on because they're also real authors, too.


Check out this one's parents!

Kunino-Sagiri (Didn't get the original Ameno-Sagiri, though.)

Takuto Maruki (One of my favourite characters, hell yeah!)


Oda Sakunosuke

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa (Actually really surprised he wasn't taken)

Also the Rats and Decay of Angels both. And Fyodor to go with 'em, though his name's the wrong way around.


I've got quite a few more, but they're on the wrong dragons. 

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I just realized I hadn't named all my Halloween AP finds, so I was working on that.  Ran across a Marrow from Stripes with a parent named "Combat Engineer" and immediately started thinking of military rank/insignia names. 


Shockingly, I named him on the first try - "Sergeant At Arms" somehow wasn't taken!



Edit: I just named an Ash dragon "Burnt Cookie," and that somehow wasn't taken, either!

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Totally jealous of Burnt Cookie, it perfectly fits a Doctor Who/David Tennant meme from a few years ago. :D


Just got Lousy Dancer. How was that not taken?!? XD

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I know, it's with a dash and thing, but I was still surprised that it's not taken - most famous names are like, gone for good,  dash or space (checked sherlock holmes and donald trump and at least it's true in both cases). I guess either ff isn't famous enough or I just got lucky...

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H a n n i b a l

Considering "Hannibal" , "Hannibal Lecter" and "Eat The Rude" were all taken, I'm pretty surprised "H a n n i b a l" hadn't also been taken yet. :D

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