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Names you can't believe you got.

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maybe i've overestimated the popularity of voltron at this point, but i'm pretty surprised "the original black paladin" was still available (for a dark lumina).

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On 6/9/2019 at 11:03 AM, scalesofgrey said:

The Chattering Order of St Beryl


Aziraphale and Crowley are of course taken, but I got the nuns!


Nicely done!


Picked up other misc. variations of Good Omens names, but did get:

Arthur Young

Deirdre Young

Mr Francis

Miss Ashtoreth

Warlock Dowling

Harriet Dowling

Thaddeus Dowling

… and Michael Sheen

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I used these for two of my Rift Wyrms: The cake is a lie and Black Mesa. XD



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I snatched Silmarils, Halfelven, Elven-king, King Feanor, and several other Middle-earth names in early 2012, before An Unexpected Journey was released. Good thing I did, because they'd be long gone by now. All my proudest name grabs can be found here.

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Posted (edited)

I named a cheese dragon 'Wookey Hole' after the caves in England where they also make cheese for some reason, which was pretty cool. I was kinda surprised it hadn't been taken already since its kinda famous

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