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Names you can't believe you got.

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Whoever is out there with a bunch of Christian denomination names: I got the ones you missed.


Mennonite (but Amish and Anabaptist were taken)

Southern Baptist (just Baptist was taken)




Evangelical Lutheran (both of those words alone were taken; also, Calvinist was taken)

Eastern Orthodox

Russian Orthodox (but Greek Orthodox was taken)




Methodist (but Wesleyan was taken)

Seventh-Day Adventist

Roman Catholic Priest

Unitarian Minister

Charismatic Denomination

Baptist But Not


Also of note:

Ilvermorny Wampus

Ilvermorny Thunderbird

Ilvermorny Pukwudgie

Ilvermorny Horned Serpent

Hogwarts Gryffindor

Hogwarts Slytherin

Hogwarts Hufflepuff

Hogwarts Ravenclaw


Today I Found Out (bonus points: also got Simon Winkler, but that's not surprising)

Fainting Couch

Overly Trusting

Somewhat Cynical

Overly Empathetic

Somewhat Judgemental

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Can't spell the name of my own house

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I can't believe it's not Bauta


I-- how? HOW has this not been taken yet?!


Also just now, Requiescent.

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Nines Rodriguez, Tetra Dragon

Beckett the Scholarly, Script Dragon

Spyro Von Dorkface, Sunset Dragon

Bonnie Burnham, Duotone Dragon

UnBRIElievable, Cheese Dragon

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With season 4 of Black Mirror coming along the line, I was surprised to see Charlie Brooker was still available. :) 

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Every major character from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood of Make-Believe... except X the Owl. WHY can't I have X the Owl???

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So TJ's purple dorsal is named Ekxoh Tehjuc Vad Thuwed for Other Dorsal Fin Dragon.  I got a third gen purple, and I can't believe I got Muad Tehjuc Vad Thuwed for Main Dorsal Fin Thuwed!  Very cool!


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Got Akka Dakka for an ND. No Australians here? No AC/DC fans? Am I the only one who still uses that nickname? :C

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Bootleg Yoshi was taken but apparently The Bootleg Yoshi wasnt Taken XD

WE GOTTA GET SPONGEBOB BACK is apparently not taken so i Stole It OwO

200 orbs is also Now Stolen by me 

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Loki Agent of Asgard, Unworthy Thor, Walter Padick and Red Pyramid Thing. Honestly was super surprised when I got those. :wub:

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